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So what is everyone reading?


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this may sound childish, but the phantom tollbooth by norton juster is one of the best books i've ever read.


plus i have personal connections with the book, but wow, what an amazing read.

i recommend it to adults, children, anyone who knows how to read, or even listen to someone read it to them!

so many meanings within the meanings of meanings


on top of that, i started the hitchiker's guide series over again, along with fugitives and refugees by chuck palanhuik (about his hometown, portland, oregon).

any other chuck fans on the forums?


oh yeah, and tom robbins. :lol: damn.

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When I'm having difficulty nodding off, I pick up Satre's "Nausea". Puts me straight to sleep!

Don't forget his other major work, Boring and Nothingness...



Whoops... that's "Being and Nothingness." :hihi:



I preferred the way Kierkegaard articulated himself, but his Fear and Trembling book was depressing. I miss my existentialism class sometimes. Had such a hard time concentrating because there was this really cute girl who would always wear these shirts showing her midriff and these itty bitty skirts and... Oh yeah, Nietze... sorry prof!

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