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  1. Although the words in your posts are all valid, and can be found in any dictionary, the manner in which you string words together creates sentences without clear meaning. Often without any meaning at all. The question is: are you being obscure and muddled by intention; or by accident?
  2. Actually... not quite. time and length are NOT identical. time * c * i and length are identical, where c is the speed of light and i is the square root of -1.
  3. My personal belief is that long duration space missions should include at least two trained psychologists who are also "comfort buddies". That is to say, they would be available to the crew for the relief of said "sexual tensions". Ideally, they would be one male and one female, attractive, and both bisexual.
  4. Excellent point. In fact, recently, I made a point of reading Darwin's first book, Origin of Species. Half the book is taken up with his interviews of horse breeders, dog breeders and pigeon fanciers (breeders) to find out how humans are able to alter a species in such a variety of ways. Their technique was amazingly simple. They controlled which animals got to procreate. Those with the desired (by humans) attributes had more offspring, and those attributes got carried over and even intensified in later generations. Darwin called this, Artificial Selection. Nature also selects attribu
  5. I've often found it useful in the never-ending fight against trolls to demand that they define key terms they are using. In this case, Ryndan said that we provided no "evidence". I would have asked him, what do you mean by evidence? Or, if I were to give you evidence, what would it look like? What would I have to tell you in order for you to agree that it was evidence? Hoist them on the definition of their own petard.
  6. Well, it all boils down to what you mean by "sea dragon"? Quite a few fossils have been discovered of sea or ocean-denizens of a goodly size that had jaws full of carnivorous teeth. Like the Pliosaurus.
  7. Pyro built spaceship for Raccoon. Constructed master control unit out of 100 year old Italian espresso machine I picked up for a song in Naples. Spaceship too good for Raccoon, so I flew it myself to Titan. Titanic women LOVE coffee!
  8. Me LOVE coffee! Me chew beans. Me drink boiling water. Coffee GOOD!
  9. Evolution is a process with several steps. You have (at a minimum) the mutation, the mutation's phenotype, followed by natural selection and reproduction, then repeat. Crocodiles mutate just like all other life. But if their ENVIRONMENT does NOT change, then it is very unlikely that the mutations will improve the crocodile's chances of survival and reproduction. Evolution is in many ways DNA's attempt to "hit a moving target". The requirements for survival are often incrementally different for each generation. If so, then DNA relies upon sex and mutations to "scatter-shot" its descendan
  10. The trouble with your argument is that you are carelessly mixing the literal with the metaphorical. Saying "evolution is a scientific experiment by life itself" is not literally true. It is a metaphor. And as such, it has value only to the extent that the metaphor aids in understanding the literal. BY ITSELF, a metaphorical statement is generally useless. "Life explores reality" is another metaphor. It is a short and convenient way to refer to many aspects of evolution, including natural selection. But it could just as easily refer to debunked hypotheses, such as Lamarkian evolution or
  11. Well, it's been 3.14 Ages since I've been here. Glad to see some familiar faces. Well, avatars. Buffy says this place is half over-run with crazies. True? Sounds like you might need a Troll Slayer.
  12. Pyro love coffee. Make Pyro laugh and run in circles.
  13. HEB grocery stories in Texas now sell Ruta Maya coffee in kilogram bags (2.2 pounds). Whole bean only. Beans are shipped to Houston and roasted locally, then bagged and sent to stores same day. Organic, shade grown, Arabica, free trade. dark roast. The bag itself is the most air tight, vapor tight container I've ever seen short of a glass jar with a good screw top lid. I grind my own bean in a Krups rotary blade grinder -- I make enough for about a week at a time. I use a Krups drip coffee maker. Did you know that Krups spelled backwards is Spurk? It's the best coffee I have ever had in t
  14. Did you hear about the two cannibals that went to Prague for supper? They asked for separate Czechs.
  15. The Periodic Table orders the known elements by the number of protons in the nucleus, N. From N = 1 (Hydrogen) to N = 92 (Uranium). All the numbers in between are accounted for. There are no integers between, say, 42 and 43, waiting to be discovered. It is remotely possible that stable elements of N > 116 might exist.
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