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  1. http://whitneymusicbox.org/ Case closed. This is a different page than the original link, but with exactly identical content. Or maybe that was the original page and my memory is serving me very poorly.. stranger things have happened. Anyway, I managed to find this after doing several very carefully worded google searches. Enjoy! (variation 16 is my favorite, and may have just broken my brain. :eek_big: )
  2. Culture whispers in my ear And guides me through the day. Though words I seldom know I hear, They're all I've got to say.
  3. I apologize in advance for how vague and useless this request seems. I'm trying to find a specific post which my phone won't allow me to track down, as my mobile search function (at least as I'm using it?) won't allow me back past 2013. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So, there was a thread from.. '09? '10?.. that I *think* was started by user Orbsycli/Queso.. it may have been one about frequencies and oscillations relating between humans and our environment or maybe not.. I remember a thread like this coming up in past searches for the link but I don't remember if that was where I ev
  4. Pentameter does fool me so And I'll not even try, But once a spout begins to flow It simply cannot die.
  5. pockets full of first world problems; running low on cash, checked facebook 19 times today with backseats full of trash.
  6. lurking in the stairways are flesh covered ghosts. their cardboard mattresses tell jokes without punchlines. beer soaked beards cough and pucker, around mumbleberry lips. the pot-bellied bullyfarts stalk the city streets tonight.
  7. haven't you guys ever seen the fifth element? sheesh.
  8. quatrain corner had a post, its imagery grotesque. everywhere the poem went it put nerves to the test.
  9. let me slip into something more comfortable.. like your skin.. let me in, and let's really start sharing.
  10. i'm floating, ever so gently- the light, it grows heavier.
  11. snaggletoothed and scatterbrained, breath of chocolate ******* fire. naptime, death of consistency.. that damn clock's a liar.
  12. this is all your fault, for not existing. this is all my fault, for not resisting.
  13. "There are times when we can feel destiny close around us like a fist around a doorknob. Sure, we can resist. But a knob that won't turn, a door that sticks and never budges, is a nuisance to the gods. The gods may kick in the jamb. Worse, they may walk away in disgust, leaving us to hang dumbly from our tight hinges, deprived of any other chance in life to swing open into unnecessary risk and thus into enchantment." -Tom Robbins "To breathe the air the angels breathe.. you must go to tahoe." -Mark Twain
  14. nevermind, my poem is only two lines. so where do i post it? haha
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