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  1. Golly. Thanks for infracting me for providing an honest and sincere response to Tormods question, Freeztar. You're the bestest.
  2. Because he **** all over me in a very public way, and never bothered to offer a simple apology. ... Because actions such as his are precisely the reason you need a thread in the back room to figure out ways to attract new members and keep existing members from walking away from the site. Not to mention the fact that he is a homo hating bigot, and I don't like people who are so hateful for no good reason. Not to mention that he ignores the science of global warming... The list goes on, and most of you know I'm right. You just dislike the fact that I'm not a coward, and I'm willing to stat
  3. Am I being too hard on Bill for feeling disappointed in him for not using this opportunity to apologize for his own role in this misunderstanding, and acting like his feces is without scent?
  4. HydrogenBond - That's simply not true, nor valid.
  5. Since the OP hasn't supported their claims, nor have they returned to engage in lengthier dialog about their ideas, I thought I would share this since it seems to speak to the thread title: YouTube - The World Of Religion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIIknwATn-U
  6. AFAIK, there is no mechanism by which consciousness alone can alter the DNA of the organism having those conscious thoughts. For example, merely thinking about your skin color won't change it. Merely having a conscious desire for a third arm won't cause one to grow. Merely having a conscious desire not to need to breath oxygen will not make that happen. There is no mechanism by which consciousness alone can alter the DNA of the organism having those conscious thoughts.
  7. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was really eye-opening for me. I learned a lot in that short hour, and I'm happy to share educational experiences with my friends. I understand your point, and I agree. Regardless of our approach, we need to ensure there are stipulations to mandate coverage, basic minimum benefits, bans on rescission and discrimination for those with preexisting conditions, and maximum payout limits for patients. Since you liked the "Sick Around the World" special so much, you might also enjoy the follow-up they did in March of this year called "Sick Around Amer
  8. I am not charged with representing the site, and enforcing the rules in a manner which makes the experience of contributors here more enjoyable. I am not charged with helping discussion threads move forward productively and moderating the contributions to them so threads remain positive and on-track. I am not charged with being even handed and consistent in my approach to members. I am not charged with making Hypography a place to which people wish to return. [EDIT] Not to mention the fact that I'm not the person who just offended a member, and caused a relatively bright contributor to have
  9. YouTube - Weekly Address: Myths and Morality in Health Insurance Reform http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ityPz0IML1Y
  10. Or you could just be an ******* instead of making the situation better. I suppose that's always an option available to you...
  11. This guy breaks down the costs of our existing system pretty clearly. The Burden of Private and Employer-Based Plans | Tangled Up in Blue Guy I think it essential in discussing the plans proposed in Congress for Health Care Reform to have a grasp of the current situation, so that people have a broader base of knowledge when discussing the issue. Sure, the enemies of change can talk about “death panels, Nazi care, tort reform, being forced to pay for abortions” and all of the other aspects of a single-payer or public options that fit onto a hand-drawn sign, but without a recognition of t
  12. Well, China proves your assertion wrong. Yet another argument in favor of providing care to everyone so premiums are held relatively steady. Southie... I'll be blunt. You don't want a free market health care system. To be blunt, nobody in our country would accept free market healthcare. We would never allow it, neither the religious whackjobs nor the atheist liberals. Nobody would let such a thing stand. A free market healthcare system is one in which people who cannot afford to care for themselves are allowed to get sicker and die. Bodies would pile up in the streets, childre
  13. Photoshop: Satisfying all sorts of ****ed up kink since 1988.
  14. You know, I've been an atheist for nearly two decades now, but I must say... After seeing this incontrovertible evidence and reading such a flawless argument, I have changed my stance and now believe in god without question. I cannot believe I've been so blind to something so obvious for so very long. Now, do I need to get some sort of ID card before I start hating homos and arguing against evolution, or does that just come naturally? Please let me know. I'm new to this whole "being a believer" thing. Thanks again. You've really changed my life.
  15. Free market concepts do not apply to healthcare, since our health is not a commodity which we can live without. Our health is not like a television or a car, as you can choose not to have a car or not to have a television, but you cannot choose not to get sick and need medical assistance.
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