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  1. Tormod


    Apparently it takes nothing to survive an apocalypse.
  2. Tormod


    I thought the world was going to end today. But nothing happened.
  3. I have done some cleanup at server level and hopefully we have been able to remove most of the source issue. If problems arise again I'll do my best to dig even further.
  4. It is reply #9, above. Everyone should be getting alerts from their browsers. The alerts are caused by our site getting blacklisted due to malware. I have been unable to clean out the server yet, but scans are being run and I hope we are closing in on the problem. Bear with us. Please keep reporting reports and anything else which might help us track down the problem.
  5. That has always been the purpose of this site. But how will it reduce spam? Most spam we see are automatic, but we know that people register accounts in person, only to have them injected automatically later through scripts.
  6. The immediate problem has been removed. The underlying problem may still exist, so we're investigating further. The site may need to be seriously updated, it has been a while now.
  7. Thanks. This seems to be the same type of attack we had a while back. We're investigating.
  8. While approving every single post is always an option, I'd say it makes forums like these impossible to run. Nobody wants to have to do it. Spam has been a problem since we launched the forums back in 2002. It's not going away. I think it's fantastic that people like C1ay and CraigD take upon them to keep the site as clean as possible.
  9. I will not argue that the dual thumbsticks on the PS Vita are perfect, but they are a vast improvement over the PSP. I do miss a lot of shots in Uncharted. But with other games they feel surprisingly natural and smooth. I highly recommend trying out the PSV! I look forward to a "real" FPS showing up for the PSV. Uncharted is mostly a tour-de-force when it comes to visuals and interactive story. But for that it's fantastic. BTW, Bioshock has been announced, but no ETA as of yet.
  10. So what you're saying is that 1) there is no weight and 2) weight is a definition? I also don't see the purpose of your gravitons. What role do they play, apart from being fundamental particles?
  11. OK, I admit it...I bought my first handheld gaming device when I got the Playstation Vita two weeks ago. And I'm pretty impressed by it. Anyone else get it? What games did you get? I am currently playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It's incredible how they manage to retain the "feel" of the game when moving from the big-screen PS3 to the PS Vita's 5" screen.
  12. Tormod


    Welcome to Hypography!
  13. Cheer up guys, the team is doing a great job. Everyone here is doing volunteer work. Spammers are a PITA and while we can blame the software security for part of it, lots of forums are seeing massive spam attacks. As Pam says, they often come in waves through registered, passive accounts. Hang in there, friends.
  14. I suggest turning off status comments, at least.
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