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  1. So imagine another alien race viewing our sun from their planet light years away. The technology not yet available to them either for such distance traveling. We assume the aliens have high-tech, but they could be in our version of the 1800's ..
  2. So Thoth.. would you take the initial and/or mandatory vaccine??
  3. I am Super skeptical anything Bill and Melinda Gates. Anything Clinton Foundation. If they promote it, I'm not ready to accept.
  4. Give me my Bill Gates Vaccine.. It must be good. .. Its Free, right? think of how many that people can help.
  5. More of a story really.. The possibility that organic and non-organic can bridge some theoretical technology gap to create a cyborg. ???
  6. And who do they plan to attack?? You're not building a nuke sub for shits and giggles. I'm deviating off a great discourse, but you build something for use, right??
  7. I've heard the way to get a promotion is to create a new acronym for some product or mission.
  8. Can you physically weigh Electricity? It is constantly moving Then you cannot weigh Bioelectricity. Chi, as the Chinese would call it.. the inner electricity that keeps us functioning.
  9. You can't legislate equal outcomes. Thats the crux of the matter of these loser protesters'.
  10. I would exempt WWII from this. Yes there were some serious suspicious banker ties and deep underlying world wide politics. I would say World War Two was fought, and won thru serious blood and treasure, valiantly by white American young men.. After that, yes the current wars seem more about about geopolitical control
  11. What has BLM done with all the charity funding?? Over a Billion. Not seeing those laptops for inner city kids who are stuck at home.....
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