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  2. Btw tie the knot is a euphemism for living rent free in her head Such things should come naturally to me, and if it were up to anybody it would be the same so lasers
  3. Explain to me why I can figure out how to tie scattered light into a sustained knot using polarized light filters yet I can't figure out how the the hell to tie different types of rope efficiently These areas of the brain should be under the control of me, regardless. If it better suited my needs to tie rope than figure out how lasers work, then I should not be figuring out how lasers work! And who controls the development of the molecules in my cells that controls these parts of the brain? Dark matter organisms. And they give you sheeple shortcuts, but they let your DNA copy wrong so you
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  6. As some of you may remember, I did investigate the Dirac spinors in the style of torsion, but I realised, I hadn't actually spoke about the Dirac equation itself and how gravity and then torsion would enter this brilliant and beautiful equation. The four equations which summed up the previous investigation was ∇x Γ = - 1/2c² ⋅ ∂Ω/∂t Ω = 1/2mc² ⋅(dU/dt) B x v = 1/2emc² ⋅ 1/r ⋅ dU(r)/dt ⋅ Jv e(B x v) = 1/2mc² ⋅ 1/r ⋅ dU(r)/dr ⋅ Jv The first equation is my take on how the gravitational field is related to the torsion, remember... torsion should be taken as important, sinc
  7. I was thinking about the prospects for human civilization with the idea that democracy along with Chinese Communism doesn't really work as a mode of government that is not corrupt with people constantly fighting for leadership. I consider that a global dictatorship would be the best mode of government as to keep control over the entire planet, one strong leader, that can rule the entire planet with a powerful yet graceful position. This form of government would allow executive decisions to be made by one person with control over the planet for life suppressing rebellion and the other political
  8. Noticing this small blunder, did have one upside, it shows the wiki article has failed also to plug in the Coulomb constant. This is either an oversight, or a ack of information based on the constant being set to the natural unit of 1. So its a bit educational from that viewpoint.
  9. And now, at least, I've been able to work out why the dimensions where coming out wrong, because the torsion was identified appropriately, but in an admittedly lazy way, because the link to the spin orbit equation clearly specifies the radius term, where I lazily carried on the definition of torsion, without corrected the inverse length, so yes, it was an error, thankfully, one able to be corrected. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spin–orbit_interaction
  10. With these tweaks in mind, I will carefully show you now the full equation, which would feature the Coulomb constant. It simply is k = 1/4πε of course, plugging it in I childsplay, since the charge squared ratio with inverse length squared returns on the RHS, we get now e(B x v) = 1/8πε ⋅ 1/mc² ⋅ 1/r ⋅ (dU/dr) Jv = k/mc² ⋅ 1/r ⋅ (dU/dr) Jv The factor of eight appears, because the already existing factor of 2 is multiplied through accordingly.
  11. The technical issue i came across, is fixable, which is a good thing, but I need to weed out the exact problem itself, which appeared when I was analysing the dimensions of an equation from further work I was intending for thi lin of investigation. I can't work out whether the spin orbit equation, which is quite standard has its units from (which was extracted from wiki) or whether its something I've done wrong and its continued on through the work. Let's recall I had came to an equation from a quasi static solution for the gravimahnetic field: ∇x Γ = - 1/2c² ⋅∂Ω/∂t B = 1/2mc² ⋅ 1/r
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  13. Funny you say 2 You can rapidly jump fr 2 to any other level, you skip 1 to get to 2, and once you get to 2 it's just kinda broke And it's not really a 2, because you only need 15-22% of the sunlight We'll say a 1.15 will suit our needs. That can be a type V ya know
  14. Jakes gonna claw Todd's dick off is what I got from reading this
  15. I can't remember who aided me in constructing this amalgamated mesh of a "language" I speak but some "professor" somewhere taught me it's proper Grammer to put "I" last, whelp, I say nay. It is proper grammar, if said individual is myself, to put I before you.
  16. Honestly society and I (notice I put myself last) don't seem to really be capable of seeing eye to eye so I'll just say this. There's line, if you're not with me on this line in the sand, then youre against me
  17. So I was playing Endless Space 2 and I was able to extinct the Unfallen Civilization that was a Kardashev Scale 2 civilization at Turn 268 by using my fleet of 3 planet destroying Carriers using the "Core Cracker" weapon. I was wondering is it actually possible to extinct a many planet civilization around dozens of stars in real life or is this just fantasy put forward by Endless Space 2's mechanics? Turn 218, my Civilization Blowing up a colony of the Unfallen. Turn 218, A Warning from my Allies Turn 268, The Extinction of the Unfallen being a Kardashev Scale
  18. As u can tell I didn't really read more than a letter of your post what you were on about. I think I may have overlooked it because it's been intentionally placed by those in softcore PC power here, or hacked into mod accounts whichever
  19. V2 = ? V3 = ? Looking forward to your experimental data.
  20. To JeffreysTubes8. 1) Well, as if there is some misunderstanding here. Our so called "X effect" has nothing to do with the strong molecular X-structure, that you mentioned in your last posts. 2) But your last two posts are really very interesting. Need some time to consider them carefully.
  21. X is a strong structure in general We hear Neil Tyson say it, a-symmetric advantage, before going off on how strong wood made boats more hollow so there was more space and they could be heavier, then the transition from wood to steel increased that exponentially
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