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  2. You are free to do whatever you please there is nothing stopping you Rasti.
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  4. Now you are starting to understand this is a science forums, Good Post!
  5. Oldest Known Drawing by Human Hands Discovered in South African Cave By Nicholas St. Fleur, Sept. 12, 2018 Nine red lines on a stone flake found in a South African cave may be the earliest known drawing made by Homo sapiens, archaeologists reported on Wednesday. The artifact, which scientists think is about 73,000 years old, predates the oldest previously known modern human abstract drawings from Europe by about 30,000 years. https://www.nytimes.com/201
  6. I understand what you are saying about expansion but that is in spite of gravity, not because of it. Air (bouyancy) is what makes a helium balloon rise . Gravity would make the balloon fall down helium was not less dense than the air. In an airless environment the helium balloon would fall down due to gravity. Expansion is due to heat. A hot air balloon is a perfect example of expansion due to heat. Forming a giant https://www.space.com/22471-red-giant-stars.html# The Helium Flash https://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~infocom/The Website/end.html#
  7. No. Gravity is the repositioning of the object to its proper place in the density order. Gravity is what makes a helium balloon get farther away from the center of the earth if you release it. The balloon is less dense so it moves away from the core until it reaches its proper density area. Gravity also causes a lifted rock to fall closer to the center of the earth when released, because the rock is more dense and it moves to the core, as the core is more dense than above the surface of the earth. It works both ways, it repositions objects to its proper place in the density order. The Sun
  8. Doesn't gravity cause objects to become more dense?
  9. Don't go away for too long! Some few of us actually really enjoy your content! PS - If I have to take the sword from the stone, do you have any tips?
  10. 1. Atoms are made of motion, not some magic basic "substance." Again, there is not a basic sustance that everything is made of. It is all made of motion. 2. Even if planets were born of the same size, they were not born at the same time, so the older planets have had more time to evolve, get farther away, and get less dense. The outer older planets are gas because that is a less dense area of the solar system. The solar system is most dense at the core and least dense at the outer regions. Like all objects, the core is most dense and as you get further away it is less dense. It's a densit
  11. matter is made up of atoms. i agree, not everything is made up of the same atoms. matter is not motion. yes it's in motion, but it's not motion itself. what does that even mean? nor did you specify why they are different. you don't understand what i'm asking. why do planets have moons? i agree things do tend to go to nothing, or space as you say, but as it does so, it generally doesn't leave behind matter that interacts with each other.
  12. I feel like I should add that the book of Job was a perfect example of the further moral and ethical dilemma surrounding the bible, it's stories, and the supposed 'blameless' imposter whom it is intended to depict. And when I say this, I do not mean Job. He was just minding his own business.... To elaborate, here Job is, this perfect and obedient servant of 'the Lord' right? Spotless record, honorable, kept his whole existence clean from 'sin' and yet, 'God' comes along anyway and sort of hovers over him. While this deity is admiring his little doggy, Satan appears and is like; "I bet you
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  14. 1. I didn't imply the planets should be the same sizes. 2. Planet-moon systems evolve to space. All objects evolve to space. 3. Rock is motion. There isn't this magic thing called substance. Mass is motion, period. The earth is "in motion" around the sun, and the earth is "made of motion", as all the elements of the object earth are in motion within earth. You are made of motion, as every element of yourself is in motion and made of motion. You seem to think there is this thing called substance, and that simply isn't the case. There is no basic element that everything is made of, ot
  15. okay that doesn't make sense at all. firstly the planets are of a wide variety of sizes. secondly most have moons. thirdly how would you get solid rock from hydrogen, what the sun is made of? fourthly how would the matter get distant enough to combine into it's own separate object?
  16. I don't understand your use of the term "options", as if there was a possible option in the direction of time. Time is an emergent phenomenon as a result of duration of present change. As such the emergence of time always lies in the future and the arrow of time cannot be anything but point toward the future. Even if we were able to travel back in time, our subjective time would lie in the next moment of our future. This of course would immediately result in a paradox. Hence "The Arrow of Time always points towards the Future", as Time emerges along with duration of change.
  17. Our solar system is the sun, getting less dense by expanding its volume in space. Mass from the core moves outward from the core, hence planets come from the core, which we call the Sun. Imagine a drop of water, being heated and turning to steam. As the process evolves, the molocules of water move away from the drop, so the drop itself loses mass, while those particles expand into a greater volume. When the process is complete the drop is gone and the "sphere" of steam is a greater volume than the drop used to be. The water drop simply evolved to a greater volume. Another way to sa
  18. I have completed my theories on technology, space, and religion. You know everything that I know which is contained on these science forums, I hope you will use it wisely. This is Goodbye for now. Remember three things Stuff is not always as it seems, Keep a open mind, and Sometimes wolves are in sheep's clothing.
  19. Nicely done and made attractive for actual implementation. There is one statement I disagree with. "Save the Planet" is identifying the wrong victim. The Earth doesn't need saving. I's doing just fine . It's been through a lot worse than mankind in its 4.5 billion years. It is "Life on Earth" that needs saving. I believe George Carlin was brutally right in this little skit. And it is topical today. Especially now that Texas has lifted mandatory covid protections. Unbelievable.
  20. I tried Japanese detox foot pads sold by a Japanese company, it is really effective! Detox pad is especially great for those who suffer gouts and swollen and painful feet.
  21. And rather than just quoting something - what are your thoughts on the subject? I'm convinced we have the technology to offer everyone on earth a convenient modern life. We just need the political will power to do that. Ecocity or New Urban planning is one of those technologies. Please watch this video, it's only 4 minutes and it rocks.
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  23. From what I understand Anti-Christ/Jesus's DNA was sent backward in time to die on a cross after being en vitro fertilized into the Virgin Mary's Womb, I think is a pretty unethical punishment for anyone no matter their crimes, to die for no reason in the past by ancient Romans then have a entire propaganda based around you from the people that killed you for indoctrination of the masses. The Bible is filled with unethical punishment for crimes, this further proves God is a Monstrous Entity. Whomever God is, is a monster beyond reckoning from the happenings of revelations all the way through t
  24. Nice post with some good analytics. But with all due respect, Human chromosome fusion of the Ape's 2a and 2b centromeres notwithstanding, I have to stay with the Notch2NL genetic mutations found in Homo being the reason for Human brain size and cognitive functions. Rather than derail this thread I would refer you back to the Humans from Apes thread that you posted on a short time back. And since chromosome one is where the Notch2NL genes are located, the fusion of chromosome 2 wouldn't appear to be the culprit. There's more to this, of course but not for here would be better. More on topi
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