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  1. hold on tight I am not exactly sure what's going to happen faster, faster...if we don't pick up enough speed then we'll never get through hold on everybody...here it comes!!!
  2. quibble magnetic strips from the gorge tinker with river floor stones of emerald clay made from the mouth pearls made from the sea.
  3. blinded by maiming eyes thoughts shoot daggers as I take a stroll to the convenance store quite frankly I get very tired of constantly needing to send transmissions so screw it, I am walking downhill anyways, so you should be able to see it in my stride
  4. was looking through the old poems of any length thread man I used to be a terrible speller, it's rather embarrassing to look back on it actually lucky for me I have the presence of mind of glean what I can over time and store it all in my travel log that I call a mind.
  5. we are the unending reverberations of "is" everything has become an acoustic instrument and now we play in life/time at 120/70 bpm north points the guitar as it rises from frozen ground
  6. rampent negativity in the streets and camels burping on bended knees running honeycomb water in the streams and a burp of proper nouns to ease the tension
  7. curio grasped me from a sig and now doors open not previously seen creativity is such a touchy thing perhaps I will smash my head on these halls
  8. this staircase is breathing! maybe I can become myself an aerialist to tip-top alone this waiving line but I certainly will never look at stairs the same way again.
  9. the metallurgist waits stooped like a falling shrub on his artist's chair a man sold me a gun and said this town just a'int the same no more
  10. Done cloud clout brings badgering backlash thine eyes venture upwards towards true blue turned to black when the allusions have passed oh **** I just got hit by a car.
  11. fungal stuttering across space-time and dimensions fo(u)r will settle the score the ticker tape is running out, soon I explore the infinite space between dreams and reality.
  12. bring forth the light that guides our stumbling feet towards the obelisk of remaining light liquid color shines obsidian walls north now we ride towards a technicolor sunset
  13. digging through sand an ancient architecture found crossing the bridge with four crossed lines proceeding
  14. let's make thousands of dollars let's sift through the beach any man is a rich man who might have the time to find
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