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[math]\huge \int_{a}^{b}{e^{-14x}^{e}}{dx}[/math]


Will this work?








[math]\huge \frac{1}{\int^{\delta}_{{\delta}{\pi}} {x}^{\frac{987^{\frac{X^5_G}{\int^{a}_{e^{4123}}{x^{\frac{1.24}{L}}}{dx}}}}{\int_{low}^{high}{x^{x^{2e}}dx}}}dx}[/math]


I guess some day or the other, this is going to give up on me. Lets see how much more complex I can make this, before it first shows signs of efficiency weakness.



Any human wanna solve this expression? No! don't run away!

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I guess it is my turn. Lessee...


[math]\Large f(t) = \int_{\small x=0}^{\small x=t}\frac{\sqrt{a x^3 + b x + c^2}}{e^{(c\pi x^2)}} dx\\ \normalsize\text{where a, b, c = integers >0}[/math]


Cool beans!! Hot ****!! Ultimate power!!

Tomorrow... [math]\\ \huge\text{The World!}[/math]

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Well done, Pinky!! You have mathematically proven that no matter where you are on Earth, you are no more than 4 blocks away from the nearest Starbucks! Do you realized what this means?!?!?! It means I can...


[math]\huge\text{Take Over the World!!}[/math]

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