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  1. So yeah... best network topology diagram i have produced yet... as you can see it's for a load balancer...
  2. Craig, its just a voxel engine, uses voxels instead of polygons, there are a few in existence. It's not, however, entirely unlimited detail, though the name sounds cool, its only limited to the data you have provided it. To build even a simple drop of water on atomic level would require immense amount of data, and ofcourse since it's me, i'll show you just how much data we're talking about: lets consider that a molecule of water weigs 0.05g, molecular weight of water is 18.015g/mol, so [math]\frac{0.05g}{18.05 g/mol} = 0.00277546489mol[/math] and now using this, and the Avogardo's constan
  3. Having been involved in IT first and more general CS over the past few years. Neither relates to just software or hardware, neither is just about one or the other, they approach it at different levels. IT deals with management of a wide variety of technology, main factor for which is data, so anything that manages data, is part of information technology field. Any media, any form of data, visual or not, all of that is encompassed within IT. This may be anything from software installation to hardware, to networking, to software design, to hardware design, to database administration to manag
  4. It wouldn't speed up anything any more than normal light would. Of anything direct sunlight would have more affect on the tape and paper then the scanning head...
  5. So recently, i've been toying a bit with MySQL, and it is amazing how a proper setup, and a proper server configuration can affect the performance of MySQL. So to give some ideas about how i am going about and setting this up and how it affected throughput, here is a brief tear-down. Server: Every time its a VM, 4 physical cores (no ht atm), 8GB ram, 80GB hard drive capacity. Setup 1 (one i'm trying to show is not very optimal): RHEL 5.6 stock MySQL 5.0 (latest release, whatever it is, 92 i think) installed from rpm originally stock config Setup 2 (one i'm working with): CentOS 5.6 3 par
  6. So if i haven't been active, it's been in part because i have been readying something for a first release. It's an open-source light-weight PHP framework. It's based on a reflection API, and it does some magic stuff, like it will automatically generate a WSDL (SOAP) and JSON APIs to your code, using your comments for documentation. It's neat, it's light and it will be beta released shortly (within a couple of weeks). If you are interested, and have time, i have some neat ideas about the framework, and it would be nice to see other people using it (though atm i dont have available examples of
  7. You know you are talking to a geek when they tell you that they have upgraded their liveware to version 2.0 and are no longer compatible with sleep. You know you are talking to a geek when they run an odd number of monitors that are no smaller than 22" across. You know you are talking to a geek when phrases like "I find your lack of faith disturbing." and "These aren't the droids you're looking for", constantly appear in your conversation.
  8. Yeah i don't work in the IT dep-t, however because I do things that on IT level equate to multiple different "[blank] engineers", i have request that touch things that are dear to the IT, and so they are not too keen to answer. Also they might hate us because we have a sign that says something along the lines of "Lab not subject to IT lab policy"...
  9. Nobody biting yet? Hmm ok here come more ways to identify geeks. You know you are talking to a geek when you realize that the carry a roll of CAD drawings and a mechanical pencil just to pretend to be an engineer. A tell-tale sign is the CAD drawing actually being covered with XKCD cartoon-type doodles... You know you are talking to a geek when every story that they tell starts with "So this one time, i was having coffee with [blank]". You know you are talking to a geek when the topic of robotic arms is met with a reaction of someone who has built a few...
  10. I would hope there would be no difference in speed, it is the magnitude of velocity and i would hope that it wouldn't differ between operating systems. And i have this one major question, and it comes to me every time i see that commercial about some bloatware that is supposed to "speed up" your pc. What is "fast" (or rather "speed") and how is it measured for these "tests". I can speed up my computer by taking it in the car with me, relativistic of the planet surface, but that doesnt apparently make my computer fast, so what is a "fast computer"? People often have these weird notions, infa
  11. So we have had a similar discussion a while back titled "you know you are a geek when", but how do you know for sure if you are talking to a geek. I'll start off: You know you are talking to a geek when they have a nerdgasm when you tell them that all you are trying to do is setup an ipsec tunnel over mpls on an ospf network between two nssa asbr routers such that this traffic falls into your cs5 qos domain in the 4th queue at 3% max... You know you are talking to a geek when the term "double D" is met with a perplexing look pondering how one can have a two-sided die... You know you ar
  12. So wondering what kind of a relationship you have with your company's IT. If you are IT, i know how you feel about people, but if you have other nerdy groups in your organization, how do you feel about their requests for access to stuff you manage? Do they get access?
  13. you can create a map of the internet, well sort of, it depends on what this "map" is? firstly not all links are static, so not all routes go all the places, and if you talk about ajax, that goes out of the window entirely, or you would have to write a very complicated crawler to make that work. But why reinvent the wheel there are always places to find maps done by other people, for example, here is networks map, i.e. large hosts and their interconnects (something that would be a lot easier to map precisely then what you are asking ofcourse) peer map and then there is always this map here
  14. and don't forget space... lots and lots of space :) on the creepy crawlies: Google bots actually run on clusters of machines with stupendous amounts of memory, they gather the data to memory, where it is then further analyzed by other programs and algorithms, and then eventually stored into the Google. It has been said that Google data-centers actually have enough ram to take a snapshot of the internet, which is very impressive, and no information ever gets deleted. Now, here are some scary thoughts (warned ya), any website you put up, will be crawled within minutes, indexed, cached and out of
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