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  1. I struggle to believe "It could be 0% excluding Earth". Simply because life exists here, so there is a non-zero probability for life. And the visible(!) universe is sooo huge, that also the tiniest probabilities are repeated.
  2. Not sure how to fix it, did not find usefull stuff in adminCP, but am no guru at this
  3. Ok you win, long time no geometry I guess. Area of circle is pi r^2 not 2pi r^2... So I also get: 22.573305919324014
  4. Mine is: Get area of side of madrass then find radius of circle with same area. so 2*200=r^2*2pi -->r=(200/pi)^(0.5) ---> >>> np.sqrt(200/3.14) #7.9808688446762215 But asked ofor diameter so: >>> np.sqrt(200/3.14)*2 15.961737689352443
  5. This asks for it: YOu show me yours I show you mine :D:D:D:D
  6. So when planning for a camping trip, I ended up wondering how one calculates the diameter of a rolled camping madrass will be when you know the length,height (and width) of the flattened madrass. What I find fun is that I had it in the back of my back a few days, never actually sat down to analyze, till I found the solution. Of course waaaay easier (and even straight forward once one properly thinks about it) than I ever thought at first 🙂 Not spoiling you the fun, but for dimension 2*200*80 answer is 15.96
  7. LOL, I guess there is alot to say against Biden,like any other canditate. But that you picked the one thing everyone agrees Trump does/did "better" as an argument against Biden is a bit funny....
  8. Stopped here, because you already make strange assumptions. I can say inhaling is minus because it removes air from my surrondings. Why is chest your frame of reference and not surrounding air?
  9. Wrt to "live in fear". There is fear and fear. 1) Be scared of any social interaction, never leave house and die lonely in anxiety. 2) Be scared of infecting someone else and become a killer of them or their grandparents just like the anti-vaxxers. You here talking about fear of type 1), which I do agree is bad for all reasons you linked. Type 2) -fear (I guess you can call it "fear"), means just to be a caring human being. It does not limit me in anyway other than I want to. I mean aren't you vaccinating yourself for same reason?
  10. Argument here is a bit far fetched, because there might be a pop-growth of 9 million. But Covid kills people with other conditions, but also mainly older people. Of these 9 millions some are immigrants, rest are kids... And THOTH101 By now it should be clear even to deniers that this is bullshit. Flu, according to WHO (but just find your own source) kills between 290k and 650k people per year. They actually say flu-related causes, so just like covid, it kills mainly older people or with other causes. Covid already killed 100k more and the year is not even over...
  11. I do not want to waste my time about the 5G -corona BS, because there is no way any argument of mine would sway your belief... But I reply to these, since you all got curious. The first post was from a spammer who I banned, the second was a reply to the spammer from a member, so no more relevant and I hid the post. So no big conspiracy here :-), removing posts for mind-control and such :D
  12. Ok was waiting for this graph to be updated, now it is with data till 29.3. It is just the number of weekly deaths independent of cause in Switzerland (from the governamental statistcs office). https://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfs/en/home/statistics/health/state-health/mortality-causes-death.html This shows the dark numbbers: according to this link:https://interactif.tdg.ch/2020/covid-19-carte-suisse/ there were 216 deaths attributed to corona that week (23.-29. March) Taking csv from first link one has: Ending Week Age upperB extrapol lowerB 29.03.2020
  13. Ok, I misread you. I read your post as "epidemics (note the s) are to blame on the Chinese", while you make it clear that you mean this specific one now. And as far as I know, it is originating from there. So yeah, corona can be blamed on the chinese as far as we know. They tried to cover it up etc., but when it got too big (still inside Wuhan) they went public. That is a bit like Trump :-): at first there was no pandemic, then all under control, then "Ialways said there is a pandemic".
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