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A Feynman diagram, without the pretty wavy line...






begin{picture}(0, 0)


put(10, 20){ makebox(3,0)[cc]{$gamma$} vector(1,0){10} }


put(24, 20){ vector(2,1){10} }


put(24, 20){ vector(2,-1){10} }


put(35, 25){ makebox(3,0)[cc]{$e^-$} vector(2,-1){10} }


put(35, 15){ makebox(3,0)[cc]{$e^+$} vector(2,1){10} }


put(50, 20){ makebox(3,0)[cc]{$gamma$} vector(1,0){10} }





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please use the the math tags....


instead of [math]-1=e^{\Pi i}[/math]

[math]-1=e^{\pi i}[/math]


use [math]-1=e^{\Pi i}[/math]

[math]-1=e^{\pi i}[/math]


distinct advantages of the second over the first are:

you can now click on the expression to see the code

you can notice better rendering and space management

you can now do a load more with this then you were able to with latex... you can do stuff like this:

[math]I(z) = \sin( \frac{\pi}{2} z^2 ) \sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{ (-1)^n \pi^{2n} }{1 \cdot 3\cdots (4n + 1) } z^{4n + 1}-\cos( \frac{\pi}{2} z^2 ) \sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{ (-1)^n \pi^{2n + 1} }{1 \cdot 3\cdots (4n + 3) } z^{4n + 3}





\begin{picture}(60, 40)

{\put(30, 20){\vector(1, 0){30}}}

{\put(30, 20){\vector(4, 1){20}}}

{\put(30, 20){\vector(3, 1){25}}}

{\put(30, 20){\vector(2, 1){30}}}

{\put(30, 20){\vector(1, 2){10}}}


\put(30, 20){\vector(-4, 1){30}}

\put(30, 20){\vector(-1, 4){5}}


\put(30, 20){\vector(-1, -1){5}}

\put(30, 20){\vector(-1, -4){5}}




i gotta go find if i can enable the pst-plot module.... that would be interesting

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[math]\frac{dy}{dy} = \fract {9}{32} (x^2 -4x)[/math]


doesn't parse correctly due to the unrecognized element "fract":

[math]\frac{dy}{dy} = \fract {9}{32} (x^2 -4x)[/math]


[math]\frac{dy}{dy} = \frac{9}{32} (x^2 -4x)[/math]


renders as:

[math]\frac{dy}{dy} = \frac{9}{32} (x^2 -4x)[/math]


There's also an older tag, [math], but it renders less nicely, and supports less LaTeX than the [math] tag.


Using LaTeX in your posts shows attention to detail, which will win the admiration of your peers! :)

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