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  1. Yeah, there's really not too much else to say here. Anti-vaxers are just about as loony as they come, in my opinion. I think that most would probably change their minds if they saw a video of a newborn with whooping cough. It's almost too much to bear.
  2. Sanctus brings up some good points in his last couple posts. English is easy compared to, say, German, when it comes to matching case and gender (as one example). What makes English extraordinarily difficult is the seemingly endless lexicon. I'm a native English speaker, and it's not uncommon in the course of reading a novel for me to come across a word I've never heard before. It may be annoying in grade school to have to learn 1000 words that mean 'happy,' each with its own very specific use, but I've come to appreciate it for its poetic quality.
  3. I use Reuters and BBC primarily, although I use google as an aggregator for all of the other sources that I frequently read.
  4. A new paper out of Nature Methods details the findings that olfactory exposure to male animals (including humans) can cause a change in baseline responses in behavioral testing. There have been numerous studies to come out in the recent past revealing some big problems with the way that animal studies are conducted, but this most recent news is, as far as I know, something that hasn't been talked about before. These findings potentially call into question decades of results of animal testing. Thoughts? More reviews from Science; Washington Post
  5. There's nothing I've missed more.
  6. I just did some quick searching through the "literature" and I can't really find anything to suggest that CaCO3 has any benefit to the skin, although it looks like it can be used to treat IBS in addition to its use as an antacid.
  7. That is definitely *not* the print of an eagle. It looks somewhat canine, but I can't identify it for sure.
  8. Exactly. We elect them because we have faith that they will act in our best interests. If that means hiding information, whose publicity has the potential to hurt us, then they should certainly have that responsibility. How would you feel if your credit card information was leaked to the public? Your medical records, revealing that you have HIV? A text conversation that shows that you're talking behind your best friend's back? Or that your significant-other is cheating on you?
  9. Even if Wikileaks isn't the one *doing* the theft, it's still publicly disclosing classified material... which is wrong. And I'm not saying that all classified material should be classified material, but that's not up for us to decide. The government has very right to classify what it wants, and we should not have any say in the matter. It's just like USPS. Anything that we put in the mail becomes federal "property." It is unlawful for anyone (but the intended recipient) to tamper with material that is sent through the postal system. In essence, this becomes "classified" material. Regardles
  10. I'm all for free speech, but that's not the issue at hand here. I am 100% against Wikileaks. The information released is *classified*. There's no question about that. If it was public record, then it wouldn't be a problem, but the fact is this information was not intended to be seen by the public. It shouldn't matter whether the release of these documents is good, bad, or inconsequential for people's lives or American politics. The fact that the government doesn't want it to be public information should be respected. If anyone in the US has a proven relationship to the release of these docum
  11. I voted "every day" because I'm a university student on a campus meal plan and never cook my own meals. When I'm home with family, I generally eat dinner out twice a week with them, and I generally dine out for lunch a couple times a week with friends.
  12. Willy Wonka, from Willy Wonka. :P
  13. So... I see the new "CP" but I still don't see a place where I can see the newly updated threads that I'm subscribed to.
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