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  1. ok alexander that is just creepy looking and she has blue eyes she is a wee blonde haired blue eyed baby just dont dont give up your day job.... jeez louise.... what next ? Peace out
  2. I agree. But how do you intend to model it ? Its unclear to me how this could possibly be achieved you cant use matrices as you would inevitably end up modelling a spacetime of some sort. A grid system of coordinates also seems to be out of the question as you would end up with semi-independant dimensions of space but you would have to include time somehow even if it you only conclude its a function of matter and energy or something else like that. How do you propose to solve it... you definitely have to include time somewhere so where and how would be my question ?? Peace :shade:
  3. Its my daughter isnt she a wee angel ?? altogether now awww... Peace :shade:
  4. Time and space has to be included in any physics framework or you would not be able to make predictions about future events from past and present data events and therefore your physics would be ultimately useless as it would make no predictions. Physics is a mathematical model of the universe, to model it properly you are forced by convention to adopt a spacetime approach. Do you have another way of accurately modelling the universe without time ie can you progress the model forwards in time and make predictions ? Peace :shade:
  5. I use GIMP 2 to generate graphics I use a button editor to generate buttons retouched photo in GIMP Peace :shade:
  6. Very Interesting I enjoyed reading the axiomatization of physics. I look forward to further posts. I often wondered whether it was possible to build a spacetime with a recursive nature maybe you can answer that question sometime.. Thanks again Peace :shade:
  7. Oh well, It would have been nice to read your ideas... Have you read Roger Penrose and his take on Entropy ? I would recommend doing that if you havent... all for me to say to you is the best of luck..... I have a thing for FTL communication and time travel and I strongly believe entropy weaves itself through those things so I was genuinely interested in what you were about to say in a not saying way... sorry I watch way too much tigger and pooh these days... :shade: Peace again :hihi:
  8. Eh ? I never take anything personally but I do like to change my mind a lot never meant to type dont buy an iphone just meant to type dont buy me an iphone....buy me an orbit 2 xda instead thanks very much all donations gratefully recieved.... :naughty: he kinda wags his finger :P no teachers hat but he is kinda close Peace my education was dismal I went to a series of schools for mentally disturbed teachers woody allen
  9. Hmm yes james, I thought as I was typing my answer away to you that it would not be satisfying enough.... But I agree entropy is shadowy.... However I do think you should share your ideas who cares if some people laugh or poke you in the eye over it.... if the ideas are creative enough I wouldnt worry and it may get some thinking.. I would like to think that in Hypography such ideas would be allowed to be aired and I am pretty sure they would be... Peace :naughty: Nothing is more conducive to peace of mind than not having any opinions at all Georg Christophe Lichtenberg
  10. Hey wait a minute I said apparently because someone told me the iphone has no bluetooth apparently i was misinformed. I have never used an iphone and its not fair ok.... to rub it in to the afflicted.... I was thinking of getting one but then I saw the orbit 2 xda and fell in love its a pda its a phone it has wifi like an iphone and 32gb of memory so sue me...,, :P its all immaterial anyway as my contract does not run out till next year as I said before.... I never said dont buy one.... Just that now I wouldnt buy one... I would get the orbit 2 xda.. although I must admit by th
  11. Its really all down to man named Rudolph Claussius The law of entropy, or the Second Law of Thermodynamics, is one of the bedrocks on which modern theoretical physics is based. The Second Law states that the entropy-or disorder-of a closed system always increases. Put simply, it says that things fall apart, disorder overcomes everything -eventually. Peace out :) Entropy is the normal state of conciousness - a condition that is neither useful nor enjoyable
  12. Using Opera no popups just messages saying popup blocked dont need ad block with opera, have opera on my mobile too as I hate IE with a passion that borders on mania.... and I also like to be neat....in a tidy way I mean... There is always a well-known solution to every human problem neat, plausible and wrong HL Mencken Love the site though ta very much :) Peace :)
  13. I was gonna get an iphone but apparently there is no bluetooth and you have to use itunes to put stuff onto it. Major drawbacks if you like to tinker. I like to tinker......sigh...tinkering the joys... I have my heart set on an Orbit 2 Xda now which has windows mobile 6 pro on it comes with excell which means I can take my spreadsheets with me and acrobat so I can take my pdf drawings with me.It also has wifi and superfast mobile broadband. It supports j2me which means I can take my java progs with me.... So dont buy an iphone would be my advice there are better smartphones and Xda's
  14. Yeah plasma physics you can only do this as a docterate in the UK dont know about US. So in other words you have to get your physics degree first, Peace :)
  15. Hi everyone, I would just like to say that I believe a final theory of gravity would explain its fractal nature... why galaxies look like they do , terrain of planets and trees for example. I am not sure your theory can do this. If you are using the gravitational langrangian then you must also use the matter lagrangian with increasing powers of curvature. The couplings ci are dimensionless and in matrix elements the expansion will be of the form 1 + Gq2ci. In a theory where gravity is the only low energy interaction, a point particle would be expected to have di of order G. However f
  16. Well done to my good friend Modest, I cant think of why it took him so long to get to junior moderator his knowledge really is quite excellent. Peace :msn:
  17. Plans for cloaking devices are actually already being develpoed by the British and US military so far only radar and microwave invisibility has been achieved but they are working on visiblie light invisibility. weird huh ? BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Plan for cloaking device unveiled Peace :msn:
  18. Yeah negative spacetime would be horrific but I dont think it exists. Where would it come from ? Qfwfq says space is just space but I dont think it is as simple as that. After all space is made up of fields so it just isnt space its also interwoven explicitly with time into a 4 dimensional spacetime. So space just isnt space its spacetime. But that said I dont think negative spacetime exists. Peace
  19. usually the fm signal is given by [math]a sin(\omega t + m sin \omega t) [/math] I have never seen it expressed in imaginary numbers before but I am guessing its always -i because otherwise you wouldnt get a positive result otherwise. Sorry I couldnt be more help but its been way back to college for this one as I dont deal with transmission problems. maybe if you gave the full set of equations we could figure it out between us. Peace :)
  20. Time does not stop for the photon the photon simply experiences no time but its Energy and momentum are related by the equation E= cp where p is the magnitude of momentum and c is the speed of light. It has no 'being' in the spiritual sense of things. It has no ability to act on information. Peace :rolleyes:
  21. It depends on long 'never' is given the dynamism of the Universe every orbit must fail because the system of bodies has changed but I do believe in long lived 'fixed' orbits. I am not sure if that helps any though. Peace :)
  22. Yeah I thought about this some years ago but dismissed it as being wrong because it didnt really feel right. There is no absolute zero reference and negative spacetime cannot exist after all spacetime is created at the big bang so you have to ask where the negative stuff was created if not at the big bang. But interesting isnt it. Peace :)
  23. I have to agree with Will here they are all the same equations in a different format. But watching CC and modest going at it hammer and tongs is very entertaining. Peace :)
  24. Ok thanks for that alex will keep an eye out for it though for some reason the UK lags behind the US and Japan by approximately a year for some unknown and frustrating reason... But thanks I will keep it in mind. Peace :eek_big:
  25. Interesting are you going to discuss the Interplanetary Transport Network as well ? I find that bit fascinating... It would be good if you could give it a mention. Still not sure where exactly you are going with this but I am enjoying the ride. Peace :eek_big:
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