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  1. very cool, I tried searching a bit but came up with nothing worthwhile. Do you know any more vids by the author that are semi-relevant to science?
  2. Do you mean like infinitely close to zero(infinitely small), and infinitely far from zero(infinitely large)?
  3. I just stumbled upon this, and it says the light is caused by particles going faster than light in that medium, that's faster than light, and then slowing down. ÄŒerenkov radiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. schizophrenia, possibly paranoid schizophrenia. i do think you should go to a psychiatrist.
  5. Hello Goodbye - Here DCFC - Lack of Color
  6. The Album Leaf - One Minute Ah ambiance.
  7. I don't see how anyone can possibly be "complete" in the process, as we can always be better people.
  8. Nope. Harry [********* spoiler removed ************], big surprise.
  9. With all of the stress building up it makes complete sense, although I never would've related the two.
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