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Have You Ever Been Arrested??


Have You Ever Been Arrested??  

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  1. 1. Have You Ever Been Arrested??

    • Yes - once
    • Yes - 2 or 3 times
    • Yes - many,many times! (Run Ronny Run!)
    • No - never
    • No - but I'm probably due
    • No - and they will never catch me!

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I have Once!

for something totally stupid.

I was arrested for resisting arrest! :D :D :eek: ;)

(hows that possible?)

After confronting a neighbor about his molesting his daughter, a school mate, he got extremely Irrate, and called the Cops as I stepped on his property.:D


Two hours later, as I was playing Hoops in the Cul-De-Sac with the neighbor kids, 2 police officers finally responded to the call.

This was after 9-11, so the tensions were 'elevated'

1 officer was fresh outta' Police Academy; the other was a senior training officer.


To make a long story short, the Newbie was a total Dickweed and thought his badge made him tough sh*t! I said yeah, I stepped on the "Chesters" property, and then told the Officer to get off mine! :D


He tried a Police Academy move to sweep me to the ground :D

Of course, several years of Kung-Fu has tuned my Reflexes, and his attempt was easily quelched!(split second reaction)

Soon I quickly realized what was going on, and 'let' the Officer pounce on me as he "screamed" resisting arrest!

I gave the Cop total crap on the way down to the station! :D

told him what a punk he was for doing that, and several other Unsavory remarks!! :D :D

He said I should use the right to remain silent.

I gave him more crap :D and made it difficult to move me around


Anywayz, I was out the next day...But I saw what Jail was like, so it was educational!


I really do appreciate the Jobs our PoliceMen and PoliceWomen do for us!:D

Its a damn tough job!

But I saw the Ugly side of abuse of Authority :D


So, have you ever been arrested??

DUI? DV? Drugs? whatever?

and did you learn something from it???

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yeah, twice.


shoplifting when i was little, and for buying a can of keyboard cleaner that my friends started huffing. a girl passed out, hit her head on a locker (did i mention they were doing it out in the open at school?) on the way to the ground, and i was the one who bought it, so, yep.



i've thankfully never been caught for any of the more felonious things i've done.


i actually weasled my way out of about four direct confrontations with police this year by knowing what they were after, and giving them no sign of it.


yeah, a little lying here, a little *** kissing there, but the best was when i had some, , , uh, CONTRABAND,* in a little puzzle box . . .


i told the officer there was a present inside, and my uncle had given it to me for christmas. i said i still hadn't figured the thing out (it was, after all, early january) and when he insisted he would break it if i didn't open it, i said, "if you can help me figure out what's inside, go ahead."


he fiddled with it for a few minutes and handed it back saying of all things "that's far out, guy"


good thing he didn't knock on the bottom, eh?


don't get me wrong, i respect the police. murder, rape, burglary, seriously harmful crimes are not cool, and i'm thankful that there are people in place to help prevent them everyday, but certain things just need to be a legal option for all. So, to the best of my abilities, i will continue to fool the police about my involvement in said activities.




*=used later that night, and was one of the happiest smokes of my life.

whoops, did i say "smokes?":lol:

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I was arrested in high school for stealing a girls purse.

Just something I picked up in the parking lot.


A few years ago I was arrested in Austrailia,

I swear my lawyer put LSD in my water bottle because the last thing i remember

was the tree swallowing me and i had no clothes and the police were grabbing my naked foot, there were humans everywhere watching me just because i wasn't wearing any clothes.


I awoke in Gollongong, Austrailia. Behind Bars, that were seriously UNLOCKED.


Escaping was insane, considering I was still tripping.

THAT wasn't even my fault.


Come to find out my lawyer was shot that evening, so I never confronted him about the LSD.


I was then arrested in Florida when we were flyin' down the road throwing things at peoples windshield,

my friend jeremy smashed a cops windshield

yielding a high speed pursuit

thru neighborhoods.

I tried so hard to get away,

I guess I wasn't that good of a driver.

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The jailhouse in wollongong was so small,

The guard went out on a call or something

and that's when I experimented with the bars.

When they opened I just ran-


Called my lawyer from an aussie phone,

his assistant answered, gave me the news of his Murder.

I was still tripping,

Hitch-hiked back to sydney.


I think I'm still wanted in Austrailia for indecent exposure,

and i don't know if they nabbed me for being on Acid or not :confused:

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I at first thought no but then I remembered a rather amusing incident in Hungary, too near the border with Austria, back in the days of the Iron curtain. I'm not too sure if it counts.


It was in the early '70s and I was on holiday with my family, we had spent a day in Budapest and, coming back late evening, the old ones decided to attempt going through Czekoslovakia, following a road near the meeting point of the three borders. At the checkpoint there was a lone soldier that very simply shook his head "no-no", pointed and said "Austria" very sternly. No hope at all so we drove to the crossing for Austria but there was a long line, we had our tiny trailer and we found an excellent place to spend the night, not far away. Early in the summer morning, just after dawn, there was a knock on the trailer door.


They were soldiers, they took our passports and all the documents we had done to get in and out and left a few guys with machineguns and a big German shepherd to guard us, while we were being checked up on. After quite a while it was getting well past breakfast time and we thought "surely we'll be allowed" and out came the camping table and gear. Out came a radio set to report on our activity. Eventually, back came the passports and we were told to cross the border immediately and not to come back again. I wonder if I'd get a visa today? :confused:

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Q, so you were "detained" without rights. Then the wall came down, and they stopped doing that, so then the UK and USA decided that it was too good an idea to lose...


I've never been arrested, though I have two convictions, due to the bizarre state of UK firearms laws, but that's enough about that. I break into people's houses for a living. Fun(ny) job, being a locksmith!

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Q, so you were "detained" without rights.
What do you know about the law in Hungary, at the time? We had camped too near the border, apparently it was a violation of regulations. They checked us up, saw we weren't trying to escape without authorization, but the circumstance was a reason for suspicion according to the strict laws of the Iron Curtain, we were under their jurisdiction.


Although my old ones hadn't expected it to be against local law, they knew care was necessary at the border and had warned my sister and I. The previous night we had been checked by the ordinary police too, it had been a long wait to get in and we had then camped several miles from the border, they knocked in the evening and we were surrounded but when they saw it was only a family they simply made sure and were curteous enough. I guess that wasn't as close to the border, and/or the sodliers were more zealous.


At any rate I find it an amusing thing to remember but not a reason to start a discussion about the Soviet days. :confused:

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rounded up with a group of anti-nuke protesters outside of Vegas, way back when. spent the night in a holding tank. released the next morning. met a Sheen. very nice evening, really.


of course, i didn't mention a word of it when i joined the navy. i somehow figured that 'spent night in jail after anti-nuke rally' just wasn't what they were looking for in someone wanting to get a security clearance.

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what is a sheen?


I never got arrested, but that is a bit of luck as well. When i was 13 a friend and me stole cigarettes in the supermarkets. And I smoked some other stuff as well, but only my friend got caught for selling it to other friends (I actually never sold anything, but I knew of it).


A part from that I surely risked to be arrested at the G8 in France, because Iwas always at the front line between the violent people and the police (to try to calm the situation, but i don't know if the police noticed it...)

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what is a sheen?

A family of actors, some good some bad.


West Wing



Hot Shots



Young Guns



The Dead Zone



Red Shoe Diaries




...and several others for each.

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