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  1. I'm not surprised. You're not even the only one I've heard saying he actually likes the idea. The cherry on the cake was how the guy at the end got so moved, saying the last words of his line.
  2. It's the next big future in communication! This month starts straight away, on its very first day, with this great novelty for mobile! I just can't wait to try it out!
  3. This thread is so full of yada yada, it's impossible to make a point. Who cares about Wisconsin, anyway? If some person worships crow droppings and collects them whenever they fall within their reach, keeping them all in reliquiaries, then it is that person's religion. Dirac hasn't been the only one who's religion was atheism, but this doesn't make all atheists religious. No doubt some of them are though, and both Dawkins and Hitchens, put together, have plenty of followers. Fortunately, many other atheists simply disbelieve but don't give a damn. Actually he and I did something more subt
  4. Exactly, just like M. René Djam Afame. A. K. A. Chant du Ralliment
  5. Some movies are a work of art and they can include music too. In some cases though, the book a movie is based on remains far better. There are cases where the movie is at least as excellent as the book, take for instance Truffaut's movie version of Bradbury's Farenheit 451. Ironically, that story is about authorities destroying culture by burning books and, in Truffaut's film, one sees no text except the incriminated books; lawful things only have numbers, icons and photos. Great idea, why do computers still have a keyboard? It would be redundant if all software totally replaced text with v
  6. Ordinarily, you don't run against gravity unless you run up a gradient. So, what exactly do you mean by 10% more? It isn't trivial to compute the effort of running on flat ground. That said, it depends on how much resistance the wheel offers to being turned at a rate corresponding to a reasonable running pace. If its bearings are too free it only offers resistance while increasing velocity. Whatever resistance there is, it implies you need to run at a spot shifted from the lowest point and this amounts to running uphill. The force can be computed according to body weight and the lengths invol
  7. Modest, you are missing my points again and I don't think it's worth it to keep arguing. Craig puts it quite well. You're asking me? You just posted Hitchens telling us that it's Hezbollah that has bullied the Lebanese. :rolleyes: You can take his word for all those things if you like. Notice how he is also an example of promoting a fight without being religious. Oh but of course it's all their fault and no blame on our own politicians. :doh:
  8. This one struck me as hilarious: http://www.reuters.com/video/2012/03/27/the-real-story-behind-shanghais-copper-s?videoId=232334803 but of course it isn't funny that everybody is paying so much more for copper because of it. And we were all thinking goodness, what they must be doing with it all! When will those warehouses burst open and flood the market? The ones that got a safe game are those who salvage it (or swipe it from all those foreclosed homes in the U. S.) and sell it to the Chinese.
  9. At least I strive to avoid missing peoples points. Eudoxus was placing religion as being The cause of violence and then made it especially Islam. I addressed this and the place rapidly filled up with red herrings. :shrug:
  10. Gee I didn't know you're a ***, ya coulda told me! :P I know ***s have this habit cuz it is frequent to do it in Italian and so, from the occasional ELT I have done, I know it can sometimes be an effort to change their habit. More seriously, mine was a quip due to the fact that many in English teaching prefer to talk about future forms (and for good reason) even though the word tenses is sometimes used. Still, I would never have expected you to give such a reply, I never imagined you were really convinced of that, I thought it was distraction. Get a Murphy's or an OUP New English File. When I
  11. Who, me? I don't? Did I not just do so? Trying to tell them is certainly no use, even in circumstances where they can't just shoot you for daring to say it, it is still plain no use, just like with any fanaticism that rests on shaky grounds. When have you ever had a discussion with a real live Iranian Pasdaran, before telling me that "you don't get to" and that I "can't disagree with them"? Mind, it was long before 911 so we didn't talk about that. Know what? While he was making bogus claims about the Kurds and saying the South Tyrol is the same thing, I finally got in that my ex was from the
  12. It seems there is no use reasoning here. So, religion is the actual cause of evil? Yeah, it seems like your bias is opposite to that of Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad: If the Islamic law does not mandate female genital mutilation and tolerates only the most mild form of circumcision (and that only if it produces no adverse effects in the child), then how does it come about that so many people from certain countries with large Muslim populations insist that savage acts which exceed these limits are not only permitted, but required by Islamic law? The answer becomes obvious when one realizes that Christ
  13. In the future tense? The English Language doesn't even have one! You still haven't demonstrated the theorem you stated. What came after "If we continue to..." has been true for a mighty while. When's the consequent gonna become true enough to avert disaster? It's already getting to be too late. Exactly. Despit these mighty changes in price, we do not see nearly enough of a reduction in fossil fuel consumption and even less of carbon fuels overall. We are OTOH seeing mighty changes in the climate which won't be trivially reversible.
  14. Therefore Eudoxus, what was your point in the first place? Try to avoid ignoratio elenchi. Remember that The Capital by Karl Marx is a book too, and BTW how could you expect the entire planet to be homogenous? Craig, you are missing my points at least as much as Modest did. For example: True, but nobody told Eudoxus that when he said: He was of course implying that Islam is exactly so (unlike himself). Believing this is just like believing that all soccer fans are hooligans. :shrug: Certainly. But the sadder thing is that we are always just as unable to effectively receive information fro
  15. I think you missed Aman's point Craig. If it does better than photovoltaic in proportion to cost then it's a great thing. Now that's simple, and I can say there is no true consequentiality. The antecedent has been true for quite a while and wow if only the price had become prohibitive enough to avoid what is happening. We can. We see mighty changes already, which I don't call no guess.
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