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  1. Yeah, the OA part was always the sticking point for me too. I actually did a fair amount of research on this, and there were a couple of other points that made me rethink the "impossible on it's face" initial impression. Most of the rocket scientist I know were telling me that the problem was in the power to mass ratio of the OA - that there was no way you could get enough power in a light enough frame to actually transport any payload any higher than about 180,000 ft or so, and that there was no way anything like that could get up to orbital speed. If I had to guess, I suspect something
  2. Ohhh.... can we talk about my favorite crackpot space theory? Ladies and gentleman I give you the The Airship to Orbit (PDF Warning) Reasons why this is right up there with giant octopi and Trunko for my all time favorite crackpot theory. It's WAY to dumb to actually work. It's not possible that they actually think this could work, right? I must have missed something. Because it's impossible on it's face. NO. It's totally dumb. Isn't it? But, like most crackpot theories, there's the germ of a good idea in there. The rockoons are a (grossly inefficient, but romantic as hell) way to
  3. We have consecutive term-limits for state legislators and Senators in my state, and it was the worst damn mistake we've ever made I think. Eg: Corrupt state officials used to "sit" on their seats, and use those particular seats to work their nasty corruption - now, a corrupt senator from say.. the Northeast corner of the state needs to get elected to a wider office (like, say governor) to continue to receive his kickbacks. Furthermore, all of the people who used to hold lucrative state senate jobs now need to hold lucrative state bureaucracy jobs - so jobs like "Assistant Vice Administrator
  4. Battle School anybody? Who else will save us from the buggers? tfs
  5. Indeed. Well, that's pretty much completely made of awesome.
  6. Well, I'll succumb to temptation and point out that the Urantia Book falls into the "too dumb even for a religious text" category. Kinda like Timecube. I rank it slightly below Dianetics in reliability. Which is to say, if I found a revelation scrawled in feces on the bathroom wall of a Metro station, I'd go with that over the UB. So - do you have any revelatory information from scatological sources? TFS
  7. Not at all. I've written several DSLs in Python using ANTLR as a parser generator. It's not really what I'd call fun but it's not too bad. I also wrote one in Perl and generated the tokenizer and parser by hand - and THAT was my own special version of hell. tfs
  8. Seems like Smalltalk might be your thing. Squeak for instance contains a version of itself written in itself. Plus, you can do foolish things like true := false. Fun. tfs
  9. How would you see something that reflects no light? What is the sound of one hand clapping? tfs [koans]
  10. What is the practical difference between universally shared subjectivity and objectivity? This is akin to the "perfect model" question. If you can create a model, perfect down to the last atomic detail of an aircraft carrier - haven't you built an aircraft carrier? If there's a "shared subjectivity" that's universal, how is that even distinguishable from "objectivity?" Also - what is SGCS's "empirical data" that basically proves the world doesn't exist outside our mind? (In which case, there is the small problem of non-human perception. I can tell my dog to drop the bone, and he drops
  11. So. Much. Wrong. With. That. Post. Numbered by sentence. 1) Logic? 2) Evolutionary Scale? Evolution isn't a ladder. 3) Or fake time. Humans of course, react in Greenwich Mean Time. 4) Really? Pre-civilization humans didn't have gods? I'll assume you meant "culture" and point out that chimps and dolphins both show culture. 5) Neither of them can follow this post? Humans have God(s) so we have somebody to blame when things really go south. It makes us feel better. So what? The destructive part of religion isn't believing that there's a god, it's believing that everybody else needs to
  12. Surely this is a distillation of a more complex argument? Of course objectivism does not "recognize that truth and falsity are relative to conceptual frameworks" - it considers truth and falsity to be universal values. There's a problem with the extreme relativism / post-structuralism presented here though. The claim is that "true" and "false" are relative to conceptual frameworks. If we take something that is basically a binary logic gate, the only way we can make the answer ambiguous is by changing the basic rules of the games. Does Bob have an apple, right now? (The answer is either
  13. So, I've always considered the "Vaccines Cause Autism" crowd to be more than a little bit crazy. But lately I've been seeing some kind of disturbing trends that make me think that even if they're barking up the wrong tree with the thimerosal thing, that they might actually be on to something. Anyway, it turns out that my wife is likely suffering from lupus, which although a serious disorder is not (usually) life threatening. While researching lupus, we found out that Live vaccines are contraindicated for people with SLE. Whether this is because SLE sufferers are susceptible to infection fr
  14. Why not? God himself has a whole bunch of sock-puppet accounts. There's the original YHWH, then there's just "God" or "the Lord" (but that's actually three accounts, but really there's only one account... there's "the Son" you see and also the... you know what - best just to leave that one alone for now.) And, then there's Allah - and God (or is it YHWH?) does this really funny thing where he pretends to pretty much be a total ******* for like half the Quran. Also, he switches back and forth from like "mad-dog-son-of-a-*****" to "wishy-washy-hippy" several times in the New Testament. De
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