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LaTeX update: Read this before posting!

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Just hijacking again, for a job purpose...:hihi:






[math]f_{\rm c}=-\frac{\vec{R}\cdot\Delta\vec{R}}{\mid\Delta\vec{R}\mid^2}[/math]


[math]f_{\rm c}=-\frac{\vec{R}\cdot\Delta\vec{R}}{\mid\Delta\vec{R}\mid^2}[/math]





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I have just figured out that i have forgotten to tell you how to split equations over multiple lines... oooopsie :)


ok its very simple, for that we need to define a block called split like such:

\begin{split} - start of the block

\end{split} - end of the block

yes, please put in both beginning and end bits of this and don't be lazy


after that you can split ines by using \\

you can also align lines by a symbol by using an ampersand (&) in front of it




\text{These Lines}&-\text{will be aligned}\\

\text{by the}&-\text{dash symbol}\\


\text{boogie boogie} &-



similarly you can use = sign in equations, or whatever it is your heart desires :)

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way bb works when it parses... if you do not want it to parse, use the noparse tags



this way you can post


which would render as




ooh better yet

[math]\begin{split}\Delta P &= \frac{v}{c} \times \frac{E}{2c} \\

2\Delta P &= v\frac{E}{c^2} \\

P' &= Mv - 2\Delta P = \left(M-\frac{E}{c^2}\right)v \end{split}[/math]


[math]\begin{split}\Delta P &= \frac{v}{c} \times \frac{E}{2c}\\ 2\Delta P &= v\frac{E}{c^2} \\ P' &= Mv - 2\Delta P = \left(M-\frac{E}{c^2}\right)v \end{split}[/math]

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Well actually lower case m denotes mass, thus the equivalence is not really valid, and even negating that, its a special case...


[math]\begin{split}E^2-(pc)^2&=(m_0c^2)^2\\E^2&=(m_0c^2)^2+(pc)^2\\E&=\sqrt{(m_0c^2)^2+(pc)^2}\\E&=c\times\sqrt{(m_0c)^2+p^2}\\\text{where } p=\gamma m_0v\\E&=c\times\sqrt{m_0^2c^2+\gamma ^2m_0^2v^2}\\E&=m_0c\times\sqrt{c^2+\gamma v^2}\end{split}[/math]

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