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  1. One of us has done something really stupid, it must be me because surely no one on this forum could.
  2. https://aeon.co/essays/why-its-as-hard-to-escape-an-echo-chamber-as-it-is-to-flee-a-cult
  3. BTW, Einstein even said that we would have to reconsider c in a gravitational field.
  4. An expansion of space would make c slower, any change in space/time will change c. Unlike you I don't think they have ever considered it. In the first few seconds after the BB c must have been almost infinite because a change time would have been extremely slow .
  5. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/02/180222162005.htm As we look back in time with our telescopes we see the Universe as it was in a denser state, more matter per cubic meter. This would suggest that time would be slower than at present. Would this seem to make the Universe be accelerating?
  6. Can we prove beyond doubt that the quark theory is correct?
  7. It would help if we could take gravity out of the equation because it may be a function of another property of the Universe?
  8. The reason I like it is because people will sometimes create a name for something they can't explain. Example, " The electron is fundamental therefore needs no explanation."
  9. A-wal, of the quotes I love this one best. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Good post.
  10. A charged particle has an electric field. That field basically extends out to infinity. if we move(accelerate) the particle it's field obviously must move with it.From where the old field was to where the new field begins is the photon. In other words the particles own field is the aether.
  11. If I ask you how to make CO2 you would say it is a clear odorless gas?
  12. You must think you have answered my question but obviously you have not. Why does the curvature of space and time create gravity?
  13. Since no one knows what a photon is I'm not sure you can say (No. You can't have just the "top half" of a wave, fairly obviously.)
  14. I don't want to know how gravity works but why gravity works,
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