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  1. Moderator's note: If you don't back up these claims pretty darn quick, it will be demoted from even Strange Claims.... Welcome to Hypography! But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are, :phones: Buffy
  2. This reminds me of the story about the guy who was disturbed about the fact that telegraphs delivered news so quickly. "Think of the disruption to commerce and mental disturbance caused by so many learning of the assassination of President Lincoln!" he proclaimed. "We should force telegraph offices to be placed only far outside of cities so that such catastrophic news is disseminated gradually." Seriously, the described cell phone does nothing about it's main problem: that the boss thinks you're available 24x7 and also on vacation. I've also noticed that families or couples who spend din
  3. At the request of the original poster, this topic has been locked. If you would like to discuss it further, please open a new thread.
  4. Buffy

    The World Cup

    For the first half, a bunch of us were sure that Croatia was throwing the match to Russia, and we were all wondering how big Putin's bribe was. Guess they got a guilty conscience or really couldn't abide losing to their former overlords. Yay! :cheer: Ding dong the witch is dead, :phones: Buffy
  5. Buffy

    The World Cup

    That's what the quote in my previous post is aaaaaalllllll about... ;) Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical, :phones: Buffy
  6. Buffy

    The World Cup

    Only ex-pats, world travelers (e.g. me), and the Latino community are watching much here, but at least every game is on teevee (although those of us on the West Coast have to get up at 3AM for the early rounds). Futbol is actually very big here across all cultural and ethnic groups except for the rural midwest, but it makes for lousy teevee, so it's not a popular *spectator* sport. The pro teams here can barely survive in urban areas (again, where the Latino community making it happen), but "youth soccer" is huge in the white suburbs: it's virtually a rite of passage for both boys and girls
  7. Well, many of them will "learn" so if you correct "he'll" back to "hell" enough, it will leave it as "hell" all the time, and you'll have to be sure to put that apostrophe in manually when you *do* want it. Note that it's embedded in iOS, whereas on your Windows or Mac system, it's usually the app/browser that's doing the correcting. I've gotten my iPhone pretty well trained into letting me swear all the time. Do what I mean, not what I say, :phones: Buffy
  8. Administrator's Note: The other copies of this post have been deleted. Reminder: Please do not cross-post the same item to multiple forums.
  9. For a guy who's so wrapped up in insisting that all the assumptions about Special Relativity are wrong, it's pretty amazing that you have no clue as to the fact that what Dick is talking about here (and has discussed in detail in several dozen other threads in this forum), is precisely about disempowering assumptions, thus giving you the methodology to question the most persistent ones (an issue that Dick isn't concerned with, and I don't blame him: it's the theory itself that's interesting). If you'd bother to listen--and drop your assumptions--you might learn something from his work, and f
  10. Only if you don't allow feedback after training, and almost no one does this anymore. That means these systems are inherently NON-deterministic, because each run through a neural network path may cause a change in connections, and those changes are driven by insertion of a random number to pick the changes. Now the goal of using AI is to produce "generally convergent" behavior, but the problems that most people are trying to solve with AI include far more permutations of cases than initial training. That means that any particular input may throw the current state of the network into a state
  11. "AI" does not have any generally accepted definition, in fact much work in "AI" is going on where the participants are actually actively avoiding using the term, most notably autonomous weapons systems. People are scared to death of that (given our popular culture/movies), so the projects avoid anything that sounds like "AI Killer Robot." I mention that, because there is some "AI" that does just "follow its program," but this is getting rarer as those of us who work with the technology realize that learning systems utilizing feedback loops are far more effective in practice. With a neural ne
  12. Your link was removed. Whether it was spam or a phishing link or a legitimate scientific paper, you aren't allowed to post links without relevant discussion. Quite frankly, no one will ever click on them because they'll assume you're trying to infect them. Thank you for your cooperation. Dark is dark in the darkness, :phones: Buffy
  13. We do! :cheer: It's called "Feedback to Hypography" and it's the very last thing in the Forums list: Ask and ye shall find, :phones: Buffy
  14. If you deleted the original post, there's not much we can do. We don't have an undo function for that. Sorry. Perhaps - I want the old days back again and they'll never come back, and I am haunted by the memory of them and of the world falling about my ears, :phones: Buffy
  15. As i noted in the thread that prompted this, the forum software enforces "Title Case" in topic titles. Spaces, periods, dots, dashes, will all work. Why, then I will do what your grace commands, :phones: Buffy
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