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  1. This is supposed to represent the logic involved in the expression of the 'Standard Model' in subatomic particle physics. It is all possibilities of the types of interactions that can occur with just two object (particles).
  2. *Edited Update* My appologies for going off topic with my other posts added to the original topic post. This topic was meant to share a theoretical engineering concept that in-line pumps spaced throughout a pipeline with specific distances could reduce pressure fluctuations of the moving product within a pipeline housing based on the principle that friction of a product moving through a pipeline increases with distance it is moved while in-line pumps both pull and push a liquid to nullify the pressure loads on the pipeline housing.
  3. Months after this book project was launched it was soon discontinued after further review. The book was never published since it was only in the theoretical stage and shared for reviews for getting feedback for further development however, the result of that was that the book required to be rewritten to be publishable, yet as said it was discontinued and hasn't been pursued as of this date.
  4. How do you go faster than light? Here is an idea of how it could happen. Let's say that our galaxy is moving through space. Well it is but relative to what? So we add another galaxy. This 2nd galaxy is very far away, billions of light years in distance from our galaxy. Now we add a 3rd galaxy that is located at the precise middle point of the distance between our galaxy and the very distant galaxy. Scientists take measurements of the very distant galaxy and find that it is moving at 75% the speed of light away from the middle point galaxy. Yet, when the scientists measure the speed of our ow
  5. I understand my system I included seems like a needless complication, but like I mentioned, I wanted to explore something I haven't really explored before and that was adding up the number of options that are available for each choice involved at each step of the particular system and process of performing that counting. Because all of this relates to account and password security factors, I am interested in exploring not only the number of permutations, but also the techniques and systems hackers use to try and crack passwords, which is one of the motivators for the type of "total options co
  6. Yes, I can agree now that he did give the correct answer/solution. What I did was work with a 2 by 2 grid to simplify the problem and experiment with different methods of counting the total possible unique patterns of number arrangements. I started with filling in the 2 by 2 grid with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 and then started writing down all the possible unique patterns / arrangements of those numbers in the grid in a systematic way, starting with 1 as the first number, then 2 as the first number, then 3 as the first number and then 4 as the first number as can be seen below: 1) 1 2 3
  7. Thanks for the early response. I also appreciate the answer you provided, however, I need to see a method of how to prove it is right because there seems to be other factors involved which would reach a different answer for the total unique patterns. What you suggest here is a good idea. ( Master the basics first and foremost before pressing the limits. ) In theory, larger grids than 2 by 2 will simply offer a specific ratio of greater numbers of available possibilities of patterns. I think I can solve my counting method, posted just above, using a small grid like this as well. When I
  8. I decided to get a pen and paper (plus a calculator) to have another look at this problem. First I'll put up a picture of the grid I will be dealing with. Now the work. We begin by dealing with number [1]. How many unique patterns are available for number [1]? First there is the pattern of its current position (where the numbers are in order of increasing value from left to right arrangement in each row) that current position counts as one pattern. Then, number [1] has fifteen other positions it can move to by swapping positions with the other available numbers. For example: [1] swaps wi
  9. Welcome to my post about a challenging mathematical problem. I haven't been to these forums in a long time, but here I am again and I'm glad to see there is recent activity on the forum as seen on the posting date information because I need to solve this mathematical problem as soon as possible. I am currently building a website for my Technical Innovation business and unfortunately there is an important section of the site I can't complete the way I think it must be completed due to my uncertainty with solving this relevant and important mathematical problem. Its important I get the websi
  10. Speaking of medicines. I try to blend up spinach and water every morning for its health improving benefits. Improvements on cholesterol, blood flow, cellular health, enzyme population, folate levels, memory, bone health, heart health, aches and pains, brain activity, and so on. Do a little research on natural health foods and when you blend them you absorb higher levels of their nutrients. Foods may not act upon the body as quickly as some drugs, but in the long term they can cure the ailments instead of block them or postpone them.
  11. A bogus relationship. For example: Lets say I made the claim that everything in the universe is made of mini pyramid shaped objects. I have no way to test for it. Then I write down equations that explain the methods in which these objects function. However, the theory fails to explain many things. The anomaly is when the math explains things that do not relate to reality. They are abstract expressions with no use. higher dimensional math is a very good example of this. It seems all higher dimensional math is repeating logical concepts on top of each other to try and express greater dimensions.
  12. What I wrote is aimed to help you find out if your way off track of reality and whether or not your wasting your time with mathematical anomalies.
  13. First it would be helpful if you explained what you mean by time. Use a few examples and a short explanation on what exactly you are referring to. The reason for this is because we will end up talking about different versions of the same thing, like different angles of view of a car. Each angle has a different view and therefore a different explanation of the car. We need to clarify which point of view your talking about so that any discussion is clear and useful. One example is the future and the past. Think of this: When you look at the stars in the sky you are seeing the "past" righ
  14. I did a little research to become familiar with some of the terms you used here in your opening post. However, this did not help me to see or understand what your main point is here. Basically your talking about a numbers game that applies to models of atoms, more specifically, atomic nuclei. However, I can see that it does not have to apply only to atomic nuclei and could apply to other models as well. I think you need to highlight your main points here in order to get more useful feedback from others, because it reads like a grocery list and not something of coherent structure. Also, you c
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