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LaTeX update: Read this before posting!

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It appears that a lot of backslashes have been stripped from the equations. It is probably a bug in our forum software.


It seems as if it may be the process which rebuilt our posts after the recent update. I am testing it now and if the bug is there we have major beef with the developers!

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Ok, a status update:


I have managed to repair all LaTeX codes (latex, math, imath and ce) posted prior to about September 1 or so. Those posted after I am not sure about, you'll have to check.


But it appears that when you go in to edit a code, the backslashes MAY be stripped out.


To me it always happens when I try to edit specific posts:

post-4-030116900 1284226938_thumb.png


post-4-052529200 1284226967_thumb.png


But not with others:

post-4-022726500 1284227153_thumb.png


post-4-092252900 1284227165_thumb.png


I'll report this as a bug.

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