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LaTeX update: Read this before posting!

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Ok, so today i have finished installing a new latex system, one just like on scienceforums.net, so there are changes.


First of all credits:

Latex people for making this beauty happen

Dave at xyloid.org for his vblatex package

The makers of mhchem package

Tormod for being the most unappreciated person who created and manages this chaos every day, also for being a great man and a father :)

Tormod's family for being the people who appreciate what he does more then anyone else in the world (or at least i hope they do)

Mercedes Bebzene for being annoying ;)

Jay-qu for being supportive

Buffy for being really cool

Irish for being the coolest

Users of Hypography for using Hypography

Linus Torvalds

Richard Stallaman for defining open-source and freedom

The open-source community

Steve Jobs

The guy that took the picture that i use as my background

My friends and family (especially here at Hypography)

Aspectradio for providing the music when i wanted to smash something because something didn't work

Microsoft for pissing me off so much and making me switch to open-source

AT&T for being a horrible internet provider, as well as for spying on me for the NSA (don't know what I'd do without you guys)

His majesty, the constitutional monarch of The Kingdom of Norway; Harald V

Her majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

and Northern Ireland; Queen Elisabeth II

The Supreme Pontiff of the Vatican City

(excuse me if i have left anyone out, just don't have enough time)


Ok so what is new with this setup?


Well it uses latex rendering engine itself to convert the tex code to png images, its slower, but it yields better results, produces a better quality pictures and supports plugins (also has better fonts and is more configurable)


Note: the old rendering engine is still up and running, i want people to use the new one though, it is better trust me!


Old Vs. New:


First of all the new version does waaay better arrays, take a look at this code

 begin{array}{ c c }
    1 & 2 \
    3 & 4
 end{array} right]

perfectly legitimate array code, but in our old package it renders as




\begin{array}{ c c }

1 & 2 \\

3 & 4

\end{array} \right]



while the new one does a better job and renders it as such:




\begin{array}{ c c }

1 & 2 \\

3 & 4

\end{array} \right]



here is an example of how much cleaner the rendering is in this version:






[math]\Delta =\sum_{i=1}^N w_i (x_i - \bar{x})^2[/math]


[math]\Delta =\sum_{i=1}^N w_i (x_i - \bar{x})^2[/math]


in addition to the new render engine, a new mode is now available for displaying chemical equations


lets try to display a simple chemical formula (not a chemist, merely a hypothetical formula):





looks clumsy and hard to understand, does the job, but kinda hard to write


now the new method






does this not look better?


or another one H2O2












Also, if you are typing a response, instead of taking the whole function and having to rewrite it from scratch (in a reverse engineering fashion), you can click the image and voila, it shows you exactly what the person typed in, correct it and repost it! (saves lots of time)


ok, so now how do you use this new rendering engine, and as you guessed latex tags stay for the old engine (at least until i make sure that everything written for the old engine will render in the new one:

there are 3 new tags:



[math][/math] - renders mathematical equations

[imath][/imath]- renders inline math

[ce]{}[/ce] - renders chemical equations


notes, for ce, you need a set of curly brackets, otherwise the equation will be taken as math or something like that...


more about all that later, please post any problems you may find here or pm me directly about them


also feel free to try the new engine out here, its sort of still in testing (there are some minor differences between mimetex and this package)


there is a 400 character limit on the math, 200 on imath and 200 on ce, if that becomes an issue i can alsways increase the limit, but as i said, any comments or problems you may find, please post here or PM me so they get solved...




Play around with it a little, see what you can make of it yourself :)


oh so i dont forget this is really cool, an online wyswig latex editor:

LaTeX Equation Editor


its not a bad thing to play around with and the code it produces should be compliant with our engine


More references:

Latex Math Symbols


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Dude the red link lines have got to go.

Why? They don't seem that bad to me. :D


Anyway, thanks so much Alexander! This should make things a whole lot easier.


Ohh. PS: No one actually told me I was being annoying. Or that I was being acknowledged, for that matter. So I should be immune from all such accusations. :hihi:

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lol Mercedes, i was just joking around you know, just like when i ackgnowledged the king of Norway, i mean come on right? :)


besides you were talking about pming tormod a while back, and T told me you pmed him a few times, and he wanted me to try this to satisfy your (as well as other people's) needs and wishes, so in turn, you are the one responsible for this :photos:


anyways, you guys think i should make it so when someone uses "latex" tags it will in fine print say that the method is depricated and should not be used, or should i try to convert everything to the new rendering engine, so in turn latex will = math


and sanctus, inline math = mathematical material to be typeset inline


btw working on alignment now :sweat:

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I'm going to agree with South here: while the utility of the red links is there (for those of you who haven't noticed, you can roll over them and see the latex code), but they're *really* annoying to look at. Even getting the color to change to blue or something less obtrusive would be a big help...


My eyes hurt,


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My gratitude and praise to Alexander for the new and improved LaTeX features. The new math rendering is much nicer than the old latex, fitting into mixed text much more esthetically. :)



I believe I’ve found a problem, though:



[math]h = \sqrt{r^2+d^2} – r[/math]



[math]h = \sqrt{r^2+d^2} – r[/math]



What happened to the minus sign in the math version of the above?



PS: I too wish that the red underlines weren’t there – being able to rollover and click to get the source would work as well without them, and the onscreen or printed page be better looking.

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ok, i'll look into the whole underlining issue (it looks like vb is generating it, i may be mistaken though)


Oh and as to the problem:



h = \sqrt{r^2+d^2} - r


lol no problem, wrong symbol

Edited by Tormod
Testing adding backslashes again
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Shame on Craig for putting a 96 instead of a 2D. :lol:


Even getting the color to change to blue or something less obtrusive would be a big help.

The real trouble is they interfere with legibility. I have enough of those itsy bitties swarming around in my eyes, without the red dashed line through the equations.


nope 100% sure its a hypo css thing, look at all the links, they are all underlined.... I can only change that if Mr.T gives me permission to... (or does that himself *wink, wink Tormod*)
What little I've hacked with CSS, it allows you to specify a style for a given tag, as an attribute, without affecting all the other anchor tags, by just adding a new stylename.
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