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Advice from Members on Introducing Yourself


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Perhaps there might be a sticky thread on helping out new members who would like to make a nice introduction :)


Racoons advice: * to be taken with a grain of salt *


- Try to be a bit more creative than just "hi"


no offense at taking any offense, but a "hello there" just doesn't quite have much impact in the Wild Web World.




Rolling out the red carpet,


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  • Warm greeting
  • Name (username is fine, but maybe explain what it means to you)
  • How did you find Hypography?
  • What are your primary interests? What topics/subject areas?
  • What do you want to learn most? Where are you lacking?
  • Compliment those who have contributed already, and try to respect everyone's input even if you disagree with it.


Oh, and that you're not a spambot is good, too. :shrugs:



Cheers. :)

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Whats up Hypography?

My name is Racoon and I found this place becuz' some dude named Turtle told me about it when he was droning on about Katabataks.


Pretty cool site, for the most part....


I live in Washington


I'm still in school, its taking forever, and I'm interested in Herbs, Black holes, Sasquatch, and Why I am here on Earth.


Check you guys out in the forums.



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i think we should not just stop there B)


One thing i'd like to add, is, tell us what you prefer to be called. we will also correct you if that is already taken by someone, say if you were to prefer to be called Dr. D, well we have Dr. D, so yeah.


Also when you have a long and hard to spell nick, please provide us with a short, if you dont have anything you prefer to be called...

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To Racoon,

... hey, dude! i must say: wow.

... I'm also into herbs (i'm a horticulturalist/ greenhousing, etc.)

... I love the sciences (ex: infinite points of singularity, and space-time dilation)

... But there are two things i have also going for me, which i have not seen you indicate ...


1) I certainly DO know why I'm here on earth - - ... to suffer as i watch on with an eternal-death's-helplessness, etc. ... and,

2) i love to smoke ,... Yes!


All the best ... Simcha.

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Greetings all.

Am retired and working on expanding my understanding of life and the universe.   "To the symphony of life, no one has the score"

I view myself as a metaphysical naturalist and humanist.  "Nature Artis Magistra"

"Art is the creation of that which evokes an emotional response, leading to thoughts of the noblest kind. " (w4u)

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