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  1. You give yourself too much credit. I am not leaving this forum, I merely put you on ignore. BTW, your taste in music is atrocious. Click
  2. Thank you for that explanation, I have run across Kaku's equation but have not yet studied the narrative. As to in-depth knowledge of string theory, as an ex-musician, I never claimed anything but interest in the subject. I will watch the lectures unless you piss me off with unnecessary ad hominem . You will find me quite humble, but I don't like to be humiliated, OK?
  3. String field theory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_field_theory It appears then that there is no single field equation that describes all fields. I do like the concept of Causal Dynamical Triangulation (CDT), proposed by Renate Loll et al Causal dynamical triangulation (abbreviated as CDT) theorized by Renate Loll, Jan Ambjørn and Jerzy Jurkiewicz, and popularized by Fotini Markopoulou and Lee Smolin, is an approach to quantum gravity that like loop quantum gravity is background independent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ca
  4. I guess you are not familiar with Brian Greene then? Would you lend yourself to crackpottery? Why do you expect other physicists to commit crackpottery? Brian Greene Brian Greene Brian Greene, February 28, 2012 Born Brian Randolph Greene February 9, 1963 (age 58) New York City, U.S. Nationality American
  5. Wonderful! Thank you! This will save me a lot of time hunting for reliable information on the internet. I'll get back with you......☺️
  6. If you have read about these subjects and have gained deep understanding of its content, why don't you tell me. Isn't this what the forum is for? I reject any and all posts that start with "you don't know what you're talking about" without explaining where the logic fails. Suppose I retort that you don't know what you are talking about? Where does that leave us?
  7. Allow me to give this a speculative try. I am no expert, but if Seth is correct then the brain constructs a controlled hallucination and compares it to incoming sensory data. When the expected reality is confirmed by the data, our expectation is confirmed and we can place ourselves in that reality. When we dream, we do not receive external data and our expectation are just random hallucinations, basically uncontrolled, which allows us to experience the abberant and sometimes fantastical scenes and situations in our dreams without confirmation or correction from external data. IOW, th
  8. Here is a video of Brian Greene's book The Elegant Universe.
  9. Greene posits the notion that, even if you could travel to a past time, you might not be able to change it as you are still in your own chronological bubble where time goes forward., i.e. You become an observer of past time, while you still exist in your present time. A paradox. Else you would be getting to a quantum threshold where your curved present spacetime joins with past spacetime and you either cease to exist as a quantum object or can only act as an observer of past conditions, somewhat similar to what we can do today when we observe distant stars that may no longer exist in spa
  10. This is not from another video game. I'm sure you recognized Brian Greene in that little clip which was first shown in the NOVA series of "The Elegant Universe". I admit this was only a demonstration of how entanglement might be used for teleportation. But if you are not familiar with Brian Greene: Prof. Brian Greene, author of “The Elegant Universe” will show you the right way to time travel as he joins Faith in a discussion of the underlying science of time travel and clears up some time travel myths like, is it ok to interact with your younger self while time traveling
  11. How's this? The teleportation is instantaneous across several time zones !
  12. Forgive my ignorance, but where does the teleportation come in? Seems to me from the example, if I look into a mirror I observe all my atoms being teleported into another dimension without any loss......😒
  13. I have no specific arguments with the paper, other than a few obserations of my own admittedly limited knowledge. As far as I know they is no majority of patriarchy among birds and fishes. Neither parent is physically bound to the nest (offspring) and both parents can take turns caring for the offspring. Parents can easily alternate with care and protection of the nest and divide hunting time. A successful survival strategy as is evidenced by most fowl and fish species. Monogamy in fish https://www.coraldigest.org/index.ph
  14. The more I learn about physics, the more I like Tegmark's perspective on "particle arrangements" "I's not the particles, it's the patterns in which they are arranged" As a physicist, Max Tegmark sees people as “food, rearranged.” That makes his answer to complicated questions like “What is consciousness?” simple: It’s just math. Why? Because it’s the patterns, not the particles, that matter Consider that "heat" is what friction feels like, an emergent product.
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