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  1. I am actually on the Atlantic Ocean right now, heading up to Naval Station Newport, RI and have neither the time nor the available ship bandwidth to be baby sitting this forum. I just logged in to let the other admins know so they can check in more often, although it would be a good experiment to see what happens to this forum without moderators. Whenever I do take moderator action to suspend or ban somebody for a rule infraction, I catch a lot of flack anyway. So, be good, people and have fun! See you in about 2 months, maybe.
  2. I see you are suspending your discussion about the orbit of Venus, but I am interested in seeing where you were going with this post about spiral galaxies. You wrote: “so why are galaxies with their planets laid out flat” I assume you meant to say galaxies with their star systems laid out flat, or perhaps solar systems with their planets laid out flat, but I think I get the drift of your question in any case. If you attach a mass to the end of a string and then spin the mass around you, the string will define a flat plane as the mass orbits you. This is a simplified
  3. Almost all of the calculus problems I deal with these days are related to mechanics, but I remember all those many years ago when I was introduced to differential equations, one of the first applications was to solve problems dealing with population growth and decay. That would seem to fit your requirement for an application in medicine and/or life science if you solve a problem on bacterial growth Here is a link to some notes that might give you some ideas. Newton’s Law of Cooling is another important application that finds many uses in life science.
  4. If Venus "found it's orbit in the same position as the earth's" then there would be conditions on Venus that might be similar to conditions on Earth, but not the same. According to this source: "Although Venus is dry, and smothered in a suffocating atmosphere, this is merely a consequence of it being too close to the Sun. Were it further away, say where our Earth is now, then it would have a mild climate with oceans and rain, and probably also have a thin Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere, and life frolicking in its oceans."
  5. "Most Powerful Drug Lord in U.S converts to Islam" Do you think that says anything good about Islam? Also, what does that have to do with the topic of honey?
  6. Ion traps, including electron traps, are an integral component in mass spectrometry. But the electrons are not really captured and contained for long, as in your theoretical electron jar. Rather, they are released and focused into a beam and passed through a magnetic field to a detector. The ion’s trajectory through the magnetic field depends on its mass-to-charge ratio. Lighter ions get deflected by the magnetic force more than heavier ions (based on Newton's second law of motion, F = ma). The streams of sorted ions pass from the analyzer to the detector, which records the relative abundance
  7. “when the distance between the (water) surface and the ocean bottom is abruptly shortened” That is basically correct; the waves become refracted (bent towards the shore) as they leave deeper water, where they can travel faster, and enter shallower water, where the bottom surface under the water acts as a drag to slow the wave down. The question becomes much more interesting when you consider the shore on a circular island. The water waves are slowed and refracted as they enter the shallower zone near the shore and the refraction continues all the way around the island. The
  8. What makes you think that? Presently, there is a great deal of research being carried out in plastic-to-energy technology. According to this source: “The molecules that make up plastic products are a powerful source of energy. For example, in a facility that converts waste into energy, non-recycled plastics can supply more than 15,000 BTUs per pound. That’s more energy per pound than any type of coal”
  9. I don't really understand Bitcoins at all, despite having read many sources about them. Anyway, according to this source: "Based the mining hardware inputs provided, 0.00067108 Bitcoin can be mined per day with a Bitcoin mining hashrate of 110.00 TH/s, a block reward of 6.25 BTC, and a Bitcoin difficulty of 20,608,845,737,768.00. After deducting mining power costs and mining fees, the final daily Bitcoin mining profit is $35.04 Bitcoin to USD" $35/day doesn't seem all that profitable to me, and when you take into consideration the amount of risk and volatility in pri
  10. OK, I am giving you a couple of weeks off and if you decide not to return that is entirely up to you. Most people here probably don't know that you have been kicked off of almost every physics forum that exists on the Internet and return using sock puppets. I am giving you a vacation because 1) you are posting BS about light having mass and using an equation that only applies to particles with mass. 2) Being insulting not only to me, but to others as well. Go post somewhere else where you are not already banned, if such a place exists.
  11. Equivalence does not mean they are the same thing and you continue to post a formuala that has to do with a particle with mass, not Light! In other words you are posting bollocks. And you continue with your insults. It may be time for you to take a vacation again. Don't mess with me or you will be doing your BS posting somewhere else. You have been warned, and in your case, I only give you one warning before I give you a vacation.
  12. Many studies have been done on this subject. According to Google, there are four major forms of migration: invasion, conquest, colonization and emigration/immigration. The first three on the list should require no explanation. The final category can be further subdivided into migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Migrants are persons who willingly change the country of their residence for multiple reasons and purposes such as the search for better job opportunities or healthcare needs. These migrants may relocate through legal channels, but not always. Refugees are u
  13. When you cannot find a single source to support your absurd claim that light has mass. And you posted a formula (m = E/c^2) that any high school physics student can tell you has nothing to do with light, but only particles that have mass, you resort to your usual diversion of insults, although it is not clear who they are directed at. How about those four references you promised to provide, that light has mass?
  14. How Did Honey Evolve in our Diet? Honey is probably one of the most ancient sweeteners used by humans. Additionally, it was probably consumed not only by us, humans, but Neanderthals. In fact, very likely honey played a role in the evolution of the human desire and taste for sweet food products. Honey has played an important role not only in food consumption but also in medicine and even embalming in burial. Its prevalence in the New and Old Worlds have also made it widespread in use even in early prehistoric periods. The earliest evidence for the use of honey comes from Spain from
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