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  1. 'To where the citizens would either shoot each other or run and give up like was done in Iraq' The Iraqi citizens certainly didn't run and give up. They fought hard and shoved a sandal up our asses. The American citizens would be an even harder group to overcome. They'd never give up.
  2. My money's on the citizens. More guns and bat **** crazy.
  3. Seems to me more like the work of people who are sick and tired of being routinely killed by law enforcement and racists for no other reason than being the wrong colour. Having a president who's clearly racist, as well as news organisations (fox) is just the icing on the cake. The worst thing is, just like the gun debate, everybody knows nothing's going to change. I don't condone the riots in anyway, but I can understand the anger and resentment they must feel. America's in a dark place right now. Hopefully change will happen, but I won't be holding my breath.
  4. Bill gates doesn't claim to be an expert. But given the time he's spent investing in research and raising awareness he's going to be alot more knowledgeable in the subject than the average person. Is the poliovirus vaccine is an atrocity too then? The idea that bill gates wants too wipe out 80% of humanity is just conspiracy nonsense. It's flat earth territory.
  5. i suppose every site has it's resident nut job conspiracy theorist. Nice to meet you.
  6. Anything outside of mainstream science maybe? An old friend of mine used to be a toolmaker, he used to build replica steam trains in his spare time in his shed. The attention to detail was amazing, a true craftsman. Depends where you live. Where I live it's generally quite cheap so it wasn't that bad of a wage. A friend who did the same job was paid more than double what I was earning. However, he lived in London so after taking out his expenses he actually had less money to spend than me. But yeah, it still sucks.
  7. I'm curious, anything interesting?
  8. Talent and hard work mainly, despite the flack they get from the press.
  9. average wage $56 516 a year! F*ck, the most I've ever earned is about £15 000 (care worker). If I was earning 56k a year, I'd be happy as a pig in sh*t.
  10. You'd think humanity had never had an outbreak like this before. The fact that these things happen regularly, and the worlds population is around 7.8 billion, with many living in close proximity to each other, i'd say it was more common sense than psychic abilities. The current situation just proves his point.
  11. I'd definitely choose augmentation. I don't believe in this 'soul' sh*t, I'm not religious at all. They can make all the improvements they want. The fact is, we'll never be able to survive long term in space if we don't make changes to ourselves, so why put a limit on what we can do? so f**k it, go all the way I say. There are no cavemen walking around today and I don't see why there would be earthlings travelling around deep space. It's just evolution to me.
  12. Sorry, but that's not an example of accurate science. That's an example of why the 'science' of astrology isn't taken seriously.
  13. I know this is an old topic, but that isolated dogs head looks like something the Mexicans would post on live leak. I thought that stuff was sci-fI. Does anyone know if these experiments have been continued? How much progress has been made in this area? Fascinating stuff.
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