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  1. Best tutorial uploaded? EDIT: Best quizzes, Best painting on a blank canvas in photoshop, best flash usage , best logo design, etc.. Regards, TBA
  2. Hi all, Ever wanted to make a tutorial but the thought of all those screenshots waiting for you pushed you back? In this tutorial i have covered an alternative approach to the usual print screen method, which i hope you will enjoy, but remember that this is limited to only Win 7 OS's. Capturing Screen Shots.pdf I also have attached a smaller tutorial on how to log in and log out, just to show what it is capable of. Logging In And Logging Out Of Hypography.pdf I hope to see you putting in your tutorials on the latest, Regards, TBA
  3. Best o luck mate, and come out fighting fit :)
  4. Hi, This is a test topic, please ignore what ever you see in this X22 Point 1Point 2Point 3Point 4 link to google
  5. heh.. I was looking for the same thing... what users were reading, and the page gets refreshed automatically, so you dont have to push that blue / green button everytime :huh: Oh well, Regards, TBA EDIT: @DD's edit AH yeah... its out here !... the little things missed.. Regards, TBA
  6. Hi all, As teh title says, is there an who's online module here like we had in vBulletin? havent noticed that one yet .. Regards, TBA
  7. Welcome to Hypography's Science forums mate! Remember it's science for everyone :huh: Regards, TBA
  8. Hey mate, I can help with making tutorials (both media) oh and guys, do not forget the stock tutorials :huh: Regards, TBA
  9. alexander Hypography's resident tech-freak, master of linux, and the driving force behind the servers that power this site, alexander agreed to share a few thoughts today.. >SO HOW MANY YEARS HAVE PASSED SINCE YOU WERE INTRODUCED TO HYPOGRAPHY? Since March or April of 04, so about 6 years now. >WHAT DO YOU DO AT HYPOGRAPHY? Not a week goes by that i ask that question myself, and if i had to guess, so does T as well as other members of this community . Well, i basically run the CS section, and i sometimes help out with managing the server, i do some moderation, but generall
  10. When the Wind Blows http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8iY1ITW0So & Coming home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKva6v4Lxr8 Album: The Final Frontier Artist: Iron Maiden
  11. i cant find a quick link to the FAQ/Rules/IPBoard Help thing anywhere.. am i missing the obvious? Regards, TBA
  12. Amen to that mate.. And Craig, if you want a SF themed game for developing.. have you heard of Crysis, Cry Engine 2 and the upcoming CE 3 ? offers the best physics so far as i know in virtual worlds. Regards, TBA
  13. CraigD Hardly a few members do not know CraigD. The bridge between the various staff groups and between the userbase and the Hypography staff, he is the essential link that connects the various nerve centers of Hypography together , and hence keep it functioning as one unit. He kindly agreed to answer a few questions.. >SO, HOW MANY YEARS HAVE PASSED SINCE YOU WERE INTRODUCED TO HYPOGRAPHY? I’ll be having my 5 year anniversary on 5/23. >WHAT DO YOU DO AT HYPOGRAPHY? Though my badge says “administrator” – which has a few additional privileges –I see my staff role as that
  14. UC Davis biomedical engineer Prof. Alexander Revzin has developed a "lab on a chip" device for HIV testing. Revzin's microfluidic device uses antibodies to "capture" white blood cells called T cells that are affected by HIV. In addition to physically binding these cells the test detects the types and levels of inflammatory proteins (cytokines) released by the cells. Revzin's team collaborated with UCLA electrical engineer Prof. Aydogan Ozcan to integrate an antibody microarray with a lensfree holographic imaging device that takes only seconds to count the number of captured cells and amount
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