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  1. I am happy to report, after sitting idle in Norfolk port since March due to the covid-related stoppage of all exploration operations, the good ship Okeanos Explorer has finally set out to sea once again; currently on the way to Pascagoula Mississippi for maintenance and upgrades on all drive systems plus many technology upgrades. Some of you will also be happy to learn that I will no longer have time to spend here (other than maybe an occasional visit) so have fun and don’t let the spammers bite!
  2. Maybe you don’t realize there would not even be an Internet without the "USians"? In 1965, Leonard Kleinrock, an American computer scientist working at MIT developed the mathematical theory behind packet switching; a way of sending information from one computer to another. In 1969, the US Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) developed ARPANET, linking four computers together. Finally, in the 1970s yet another American scientist, named Vinton Cerf, developed a way for all of the computers on all of the world’s mini-networks to communicate with one ano
  3. The motion of asymmetrically oscillating bodies in a viscous medium is interesting and there is a considerable body of research being done in this area. However, I find it difficult to justify “the idea of this method as a wave method indicates the probable possibility of using it in space as a vacuum jet engine”. Space does not come to mind when thinking of a viscous medium and I don’t see how this method can be used as a “vacuum jet engine”. Concerning “The Question of Flying Saucer Efficiency” posed in the title, as it pertains to space, my answer is “not possible”; although it can w
  4. "Why is it that flying saucer mockups always show a cockpit bulge on the top?" "aliens with big heads" Surely, a man with your incandescent wit should be able to figure this one out.
  5. Dude, I bet I have the best teeth of anyone on this forum. I really don’t want to “band” you but you have been warned about starting multiple threads on this forum about this same silly topic and each time you do so, I have to waste my time moving your nonsense to silly claims. Keep it up, and I will have no choice but to give you a nice vacation from posting here. It’s up to you, dude.
  6. While it’s not my intention to distract from the interesting twists and turns in this thread, but is it possible that this is what you saw? A weird long cloud on Mars has returned. It's right on schedule, scientists say. It seems this cloud shows up around this time of year but it is doubtful it can be spotted with the naked eye. Still, under just the right conditions maybe it’s possible?
  7. An unidentified flying object (UFO) is any aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified or explained. The military is always interested in identifying any such object as it may represent some advanced surveillance aircraft from an unfriendly nation such as Russia or China. When considered in that way, Trump’s mention of US military capabilities in a discussion of UFOs is not strange at all. But I suppose the more fantasist responses to this click bait headline are to be expected.
  8. Right. In fact, it has been the democrats who have not been able to accept defeat in the 2016 presidential election and have displayed near-psychotic Trump derangement syndrome ever since. If Trump wins this year we can expect to see Nancy Pelosi and more than a few other democrats totally lose their minds.
  9. I agree. So-called permanent magnets do not have 100% retention of their magnetic fields, although they can retain their fields for a very long time. One estimate I have seen is that the permanent magnet will lose only 1% of its field strength in 100 years if left undisturbed on a shelf. However, using the magnet to magnetize other objects is not quite leaving it undisturbed. That being said, even if there were no loss in the primary magnet, that would still not violate conservation of energy. The usual explanation for the source of energy, in magnetizing a secondary magnet using a perma
  10. I can also predict the future. To prove this I now predict this thread is going to be moved to Silly Claims.
  11. A magnetic field does contain magnetic (potential) energy. Quoting from Wikipedia: The energy per unit volume in a region of space of permeability uo containing magnetic field B is: U = ½ B2/uo
  12. I do believe in the value of vaccinations, but I also agree with the importance of a healthful environment. The two approaches are not mutually exclusive but complementary.
  13. I think these days it is generally accepted that the electron is a quantum object. That is, an electron is partially particle-like and partially wave-like, but it may well be something more complex that is neither a wave nor a particle. So, while Bohr’s model was/is simplistic and wrong, he did manage to exactly calculate the ground state energy of hydrogen as well as the correct size of the hydrogen ataom. This may have been made possible by the strange fact that in the hydrogen atom, the radial excitation and an angular excitation have the same energy. Furthermore, the Bohr mathematical
  14. I think this has gone on long enough and is going nowhere so I’m locking this. Hopefully we can find something more interesting to discuss. Edit: Since new posts were made in the "Corona virus is Fake News" thread on this topic, I have moved them here.
  15. That ship is a museum piece in Pearl Harbor, decommissioned in 1992 I think, so I do find it hard to believe you worked in the comcenter. How can you work in the comcenter but not serve aboard her? What I really do not get is why the USN needs an Australian cryptographer to work in their ship comcenters? The USN doesn't have qualified people so they need to call you in?
  16. I missed a couple of these "Mutex's" You were on US Battleships? When was this? Oh, I know, you really didn't mean battleships just like you really didn't mean to say your TS clearance was given by the US, right? As has been pointed out to you several times now, whatever security clearance you may have been given by the Australian authority, it is NOT valid at all in the US and it cannot be the same clearance, no matter how many times you assert it. The US Coast Guard probably works far more with security allied countries and even non-allied countries, than the US Navy simply b
  17. When you get caught in a lie you will most likely be called a liar and you should learn to accept it. You said you had the highest level of security clearance given by the US. The US does not give security clearances to non-US citizens. You lied. That fact is obvious to everybody. Now I will be moving all this crap out of this thread.
  18. Mutex is now claiming there is no distinction between something that is naturally occurring and man made! LOL
  19. It is just to post the correct information and all supported by links, that's all.
  20. To be fair, Monty, it was Mutex who said that the virus is natural even if it was man made.
  21. I agree with you Monty; I may move all of this security clearance tangent to its own thread later, but first I need to add just one more post. In case anyone might be interested, (doubtful) here is an information sheet (pdf) that will tell you all you need to know about security clearances issued in Australia by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA): Make special note of what the clearances are called. There is NO mention of a Top Secret clearance because there isn’t any such thing issued in Australia. As a general indication, once AGSVA have received all th
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