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  1. I don't really understand Bitcoins at all, despite having read many sources about them. Anyway, according to this source: "Based the mining hardware inputs provided, 0.00067108 Bitcoin can be mined per day with a Bitcoin mining hashrate of 110.00 TH/s, a block reward of 6.25 BTC, and a Bitcoin difficulty of 20,608,845,737,768.00. After deducting mining power costs and mining fees, the final daily Bitcoin mining profit is $35.04 Bitcoin to USD" $35/day doesn't seem all that profitable to me, and when you take into consideration the amount of risk and volatility in pri
  2. OK, I am giving you a couple of weeks off and if you decide not to return that is entirely up to you. Most people here probably don't know that you have been kicked off of almost every physics forum that exists on the Internet and return using sock puppets. I am giving you a vacation because 1) you are posting BS about light having mass and using an equation that only applies to particles with mass. 2) Being insulting not only to me, but to others as well. Go post somewhere else where you are not already banned, if such a place exists.
  3. Equivalence does not mean they are the same thing and you continue to post a formuala that has to do with a particle with mass, not Light! In other words you are posting bollocks. And you continue with your insults. It may be time for you to take a vacation again. Don't mess with me or you will be doing your BS posting somewhere else. You have been warned, and in your case, I only give you one warning before I give you a vacation.
  4. Many studies have been done on this subject. According to Google, there are four major forms of migration: invasion, conquest, colonization and emigration/immigration. The first three on the list should require no explanation. The final category can be further subdivided into migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Migrants are persons who willingly change the country of their residence for multiple reasons and purposes such as the search for better job opportunities or healthcare needs. These migrants may relocate through legal channels, but not always. Refugees are u
  5. When you cannot find a single source to support your absurd claim that light has mass. And you posted a formula (m = E/c^2) that any high school physics student can tell you has nothing to do with light, but only particles that have mass, you resort to your usual diversion of insults, although it is not clear who they are directed at. How about those four references you promised to provide, that light has mass?
  6. How Did Honey Evolve in our Diet? Honey is probably one of the most ancient sweeteners used by humans. Additionally, it was probably consumed not only by us, humans, but Neanderthals. In fact, very likely honey played a role in the evolution of the human desire and taste for sweet food products. Honey has played an important role not only in food consumption but also in medicine and even embalming in burial. Its prevalence in the New and Old Worlds have also made it widespread in use even in early prehistoric periods. The earliest evidence for the use of honey comes from Spain from
  7. Please provide your references to these many books and scientists who will tell you light has mass! The energy and momentum of light are related by E=pc . This is a special case of the relation E2=(pc)2 + (mc2)2 , which reduces to E= mc2 for massive particles at rest (p=0). Since light has no mass, only E=pc applies. This is known as the dispersion relation, which is the relationship between energy and momentum and has nothing to do with mass. We have empirical evidence that this is correct found in the so called “solar wind”, where light from the sun accelerates absorptive or refl
  8. We have allowed you to have your say about your religion. But now what you are doing is proselytizing, and that is not allowed here. You are of course free to believe in what ever you want, frankly, nobody cares as long as you keep your belief to your self. That, in my opinion, is the biggest problem with Islam as well as other organized faiths. Keep your belief to yourself and whatever God you want to believe in, and stop trying to push your belief off on other people. Stop proselytizing! This thread is closed and if you continue in a new thread, you may be banned.
  9. Well then, let us see some examples of love and compassion from Islam, shall we? I can post many many more but this thread is pointless as you cannot argue with an Islamist and I am closing it. If anyone wants to continue this discussion, start a new thread.
  10. This is very similar to a heat pump. You are inputting 38232 J of energy in order to extract a total of 51646 J of energy, which includes 14200 J of energy provided by the burning of hydrogen, an external input! This is exactly the way a classical heat pump works! In fact, a COP greater than one is the rule, rather than the exception and your COP of 1.35 is very low! A classical heat pump routinely achieves a COP of around 4.5 This is more nonsense and I will move it to where it belongs, in Silly Claims. This is your last warning for posting nonsense and annoying other members.
  11. One way to calculate the precession of the planets is by averaging the interplanetary gravitational interactions over the orbits of the other planets. It is reasonable to do this, since the precession period in question is very much longer than the orbital period of any planet in the Solar System. Thus, by treating the other planets as rings, we can calculate the mean gravitational perturbation due to these planets, and, thereby, determine the desired precession rate. However, since Venus rotates much more slowly than any other planet, its precession period cannot be accurately cal
  12. Moderation Note: PeterAX your nonsense has been moved to Silly Claims, where it belongs. If you continue to annoy other members with taunts and insults, you will be perma- banned and your nonsense removed from this forum
  13. You think sheer numbers make it a good religion? Any religion that can be “perverted” to produce something like ISIS, cause adherents to fly airliners into office buildings, burn people alive in cages, behead infidels, oppress women as if they are cattle to be owned …among other atrocities, is not a “good” religion. It is really unfortunate that so many people have either been brainwashed or FORCED into joining this religion. The world would be much better off without it.
  14. First of all, you were not kicked off this forum. The proof is, you are still posting! Secondly, it was a big mistake I made by moving your other thread to Alternative Theories, while leaving this thread under Physics and Mathematics. So, please allow me to correct that mistake and now move this thread into Alternative Theories also. You can thank me later.
  15. That's nice dear. But let's forget about feeding animals and talk about other human beings, shall we? Now tell me what your wonderful loving prophet thinks about flying commercial jetliners, full of innocent people, into office buildings, also full of innocent people? What does your Koran say about that? While you are at it, please explain why infidels deserve to be beheaded and their deaths recorded on video? As far as I am concerned, most organized religions are a form of insanity, but yours is absolutely the worst and the world would be better off without it.
  16. Probably from whatever substance was in his bong, at the time he wrote that.
  17. India giving equal rights to the Ganges is a joke. They should be giving it the “Last Rights”, considering how polluted it is. “The Ganges River, a holy river that was once pure Himalayan Mountain water has turned into a slimy monstrosity. If we were to look at any other river in the world, the Ganges would be the most polluted by quite the margin.”
  18. Well, the quote you provided isn’t about a scientific fact at all but it is about a mathematical fact. For a simple example just consider a 2-D finite space that is 4 square units in area and find out how many different ways you can arrange two 2-D objects, each of which occupies 1 square unit, allowing no overlaps. This can be solved by mathematics alone as 24 = 16 possible arrangements. The statement "Since matter can only be arranged in a finite number of ways in a finite space..." is a mathematically true statement. That brings up an important point that is relevant to this threa
  19. I have to say that you have the wrong idea about science. Science does not deal in absolutes. The whole scientific process is based upon criticism, open-mindedness and accumulation of new evidence that either supports or refutes hypotheses and theories of the natural universe.
  20. Hello Exchemist. Normally I would be very pleased to see you posting again on this forum. But in this case, I have to say that dropping in just to post something negative about another member is bad form. What drives you to do that when I know you are capable of so much better?
  21. The empirical knowledge we obtain through the scientific process is quite different from ontological knowledge, which is that obtained through the study of concepts such as existence, being, becoming, and reality. The point is, scientific investigation, in itself, does not make determinations about the true nature of reality, whatever that may be. Even if science was to say that all phenomena can be quantized, that only means that experimental results are consistent with such a model. It certainly does not mean that we know beyond any doubt that all phenomena really do exist in disc
  22. A cartoon is never off topic in Silly Claims. That's why your cartoon has been moved here. That is my last reply to you.
  23. Thanks for the link, however it would be best to at least give an abstract and summary of your paper, along with the link so that a meaningful discussion can take place. For example, I have recently been reading this paper, by W.E. Lamb, that seems to cover some of the same ground that you are attempting to cover, but in much greater detail. Not being lazy,☺️ I here provide the link, the abstract and the summary, but it is far more enlightening to read the entire paper. Anti-photon W.E. Lamb, Jr. Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, USA Rec
  24. Anybody can post a Physics Cartoon. 9 years? It's time to move this to silly claims.
  25. There is no absolute velocity and no preferred frame. You say that you calculated it and then you say it was measured. Maybe now you know why nobody is bothering to reply?
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