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  1. That would be Sigmund Freud, according to this link. I agree that normally posters should provide the source for their references and quotes, but we don’t apply the rules strictly for an 11-year-old.
  2. Since you were observing near to Orion, the star you saw may have been Betelgeuse, but the fade you mention is much faster than anything that has ever been observed by others so doubtful.
  3. While I realized the original post in this thread may make some people uncomfortable, I considered the topic to be worthy of discussion as long as it could be done in a reasoned and intelligent manner. After all, this topic has been approached by no less than the Manovill Conversations, sponsored by the Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, in a series entitled “Loaded: Jews & Money” Some excerpts from that link: “The numbers are telling, though they aren’t the whole story. A 2008 Pew Forum Institute study found that Jews are the nation’s wealthiest religious group, with 46 p
  4. We already had some evidence for this way back in April of last year. It is encouraging to see some confirmation but with the “Uncle Joe” Biden administration coming in, and his known affiliations with China (aka Hunter Biden) we can expect to see all this swept under the rug.
  5. Hi Ralf, welcome back and I hope you are OK now after your heart trouble. The new forum software doesn't support superscript and subscript but if you create that in your word processor and copy it into your post, it will be displayed correctly, for example: 23 + A4 I am also trying to get LaTex to work here but so far without any success as I do not have access to all the admin functions.
  6. Welcome to Hypography Science Forums, Rasti. I hope you will find some more interesting threads to get involved in. But, this particular thread is nonsense and I am moving it to Silly Claims. I would have deleted it but I didn't want to delete your first post along with it.
  7. Very nice calculator! I will bookmark that for future use. I have calculated that the Toby Jug on Hope Street will be opening soon. Cheers!
  8. If you were to plot the sun’s position in this way over a period of one year, you would plot a Solar Analemma, figure 8 curve. This is because the earth orbits around the Sun on an elliptical path while also revolving around the Sun on an axial tilt of around 23.4 degrees. As for modelling the position versus real time plotting, the equations are well developed but rather complicated to use.
  9. I think the last symbol should have been / for division instead of the percentage sign. Then it could be expressed in words as: “The four elements of this cardinal set of basic arithmetic functions are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division” But I’m not sure why anyone would want to do this?
  10. Radiation on Mars: Clearly, the high level of radiation on Mars will present many problems for future manned missions, but radiation-contaminated water is not one of them. The type of radiation present on Mars is not due to any radioactive materials present on the Red Planet, but is due to regular exposure to cosmic rays and solar wind, plus it receives occasional lethal blasts that occur with strong solar flares. Contamination versus Exposure: However, a body of water exposed to radiation is not necessarily contaminated with radioactive material. For water to be c
  11. Your post is rather long, so I will just pick out this one sentence: "So I would say, you can't be a good scientist if you take things as absolutes" And I go further and say that you cannot be a scientist at all if you take things as absolutes, and I don't know any actual scientists who do this. I have worked with many scientists throughout my years with the NOAA and they all operate on the principle of following the preponderance of evidence, as I wrote in my earlier posts. I think the OP's question has been fully answered now by multiple people, multiple times but it seems to me he is w
  12. I am sooo glad to see you back! This forum has been badly in need of a good dose of sanity.
  13. I’m not sure what sort of artificial volcano you are referring to here. If, by artificial volcano, you mean actually injecting millions of tons of toxic sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, as Mount Pinatubo did, then that is an absolutely terrible idea. Also, I am very sure nobody is even thinking of injecting huge amounts of any form of carbon into the atmosphere to initiate cooling; not after all the efforts being made to reduce such emissions. In order to form an informed opinion on this, especially with regard to the oceans, I think it would be helpful if you can first describe just what
  14. Hi Catgirl, and welcome to Hypography Science Forum. That’s a great first post; very interesting. Of all the types of dreams you mention, I can relate mostly to the false awakening dream. I have had those often where I dream that I have already woken, shaved and showered and got dressed and ready to go to work but just as I am about to get in my car I wake up and find I am still in bed and if I don’t hurry I will be late for work! It is a very weird feeling as the false awakening seems to be so real and very detailed. I never thought to research this on the Internet, perhaps thinking that thi
  15. I still say "Merry Christmas" and anyone who doesn't like that is welcome to have a non-Merry Christmas.
  16. The second law doesn't claim that the entropy of all parts of a system must always increase. Rather, the second law says that the total entropy of an entire closed system must always increase. Often, the biggest challenge is to correctly determine what the entire system consists of. For example, the gas cloud collapsing under the force of gravity, forming stars and galaxies, does not violate the second law of thermodynamics. The total entropy must always increase when you consider the entire system. It is true that stars have more structural order than the original cloud of gas, but as th
  17. Hello KarenLee and welcome to Hypography Science Forum. While I do agree with you that humans do need to “look into their actions and help to take care of our planet”, I do not agree with your claims that “the sea levels are at an all time high” and “Green house gases which trap heat in the atmosphere is at a high time”. During the last interglacial, (the Eemian period) which began about 130,000 years ago and ended about 115,000 years ago, temperatures were about 2-4 °C higher than today and sea levels were about 6 to 9 metres (20 to 30 feet) higher than today. During that time most
  18. I am sorry for your loss and I appreciate your straight forward answer to my question. Would you mind telling us if your niece had another pre-existing condition such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc? It is understandable if you do not wish to answer and I apologize if you find the question offensive. The reason I asked is because I am convinced this pandemic, while real, is being way overblown by the liberal media and the Left, for political advantage and an outright power grab. When political influence creates uncertainty over how deaths are being counted and attributed to Covid-1
  19. Did they die from Covid-19 or did they die with Covid-19? Just asking
  20. Did you ever consider that, just maybe, those “Philistinians” on the “East Bank” aren’t interested in a compromise but instead only want the nation of Israel to cease to exist? Incidentally, the reason I placed “Philistinians” and “East Bank” in quote marks is because these are an indication that either you do not know what you are talking about or you are just another troll. Your latest posts lean towards Troll.
  21. What nationality would that be? Some historians argue that there was no place called Palestine until the Roman Emperor Hadrian created it in 135 AD, by renaming the area which was known as Judea, for at least the prior 1,000 years. While this account is disputed, and there are some earlier references to Palestine, there are none earlier than those that refer to the Kingdom of Judah. So, it isn’t clear that the so-called Palestinians have an earlier historical claim than the Jews, to the land that is now called Israel. What is clear is the fact that the Jewish State was recognize
  22. BenBrok is just another reincarnation of the banned member polymath and is bonkers. You are wasting your time replying to him and also making it more difficult for me to remove his posts once you quote them.
  23. I thought the body language is very clear. Did I say that? No, I said that the premise “may be correct”. That's an important distinction. It seems you entirely missed the point I made, even though I repeated it several times, that “all good scientists are skeptical up to a point, but there are some things that we do feel confident about because they are supported by a preponderance of evidence”. There are no absolute facts in science but there are things that are supported by scientific evidence, things that are not scientific and things that are nonsense. It is import
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