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How Does Individual Life 'you' Populate This Universe?


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Matter comes to life;

How does life begin in this universe? What are the critical components and conditions that transform and initiate the most fundamental components of inanimate matter that may evolve into living beings regardless of form or of position in this space-time? The LINE hypothesis proposes that it is the entanglement molecule (EM), debytonic (dark) matter, and the dark neutrino which are the primary information states that have everything to do with the direct implementation of life and individuality in any viable habitat in this universe. These three components properly combined form the indigenous instantiated EM, the most fundamental component the presence of which defines the viability of any habitat for life in this universe. Anywhere in nature where all three of these information states combines under the necessary conditions, life becomes possible. Absent any one of these three critical components, life cannot occur. It is not chemistry, nor temperature, not pressure, or detectable magnetic or gravitational fields alone that define a habitats viability for life. The indigenous instantiated EM is called an; ‘Original EM’ (OEM) in any viable habitat for life. The OEM is the first EM within any ecosystem which gets the ball of life rolling, if you will. All subsequent EM within every evolved living entity are transferred copies of the OEM via a reproductive process.

The LINE hypothesis suggests that the foundation of the EM is the hydrogen proton, and atom, and molecule. Hydrogen protons participate in many molecules in nature not the least of which is H2O (water). It is quite suggestive that the indigenous particle of this universe is the indigenous component of the entanglement molecule in any ecosystem. When life begins, conditions on the Earth, for example, were nothing like it is today or since. The conditions required to precipitate the OEM were not survivable by the living cell or by any biological form. Biological forms evolved later in the evolution of earths ecosystem. Furthermore, these necessary conditions for OEM instantiation may not have ever existed on the Earth itself. The OEM could necessarily have undergone these conditions elsewhere in this universe to be later deposited on the early earth where the conditions to evolve biological forms able to utilized the OEM subsequently emerged. Either of these scenarios could have resulted in the thriving ecosystem we see today. So what are these rarified conditions for seeding life?

The weakly interactive neutrino is well known to interact with the hydrogen protons in H2O as water and ice. This rare sensitivity of the neutrino with hydrogen is the reason neutrino detectors all over the world are constructed with H2O, in any state, as a basis for neutrino detection. However, it is a very special state of the neutrino called the dark neutrino that permits the third component; debytonic (dark) matter, to be captured and become sequestered within the pyrine of the inanimate, uninstantiated EM. This interaction is called natural entanglement, and sequesters free debytons to become valence debytons within the baryonic pyrine of susceptible hydrogen protons. This process instantiates the OEM, the seed of life in every viable habitat.

OEM instantiation is rare because it can only occur within voids. By whatever means, or circumstance, hydrogen protons within an EM (within H2O or other hydro molecules) finds itself within debytonic deserts known as voids, in that place, free neutrinos may oscillate into dark neutrinos, to interact with free debytonic (dark) matter to transform the inanimate EM into the indigenous OEM. Any OEM thereafter could become any ecosystems’ first OEM, the seeds of life. It is only within voids that the neutrinos’ PH bandwidth (flavor) on the universal QE spectrum may naturally oscillate to become the dark neutrino. The dark neutrino is the catalyst that permits free debytonic (dark) matter to be sequestered within the PH regime within the baryonic pyrine of the EM to also increase its QE bandwidth on the universal QE spectrum. This interaction elevates the inanimate EM to become the instantiated OEM. Within any viable environment the OEM becomes the seed that establish the antenna state which may evolve to become the position of view (POV) of the first living individuals within any barren environment. Such environments of high potential are, by this process, able to evolve into viable ecosystems.

Once natural entanglement has occurred in the OEM, it may remain instantiated for a time during which the OEM may participate in the emergence of life within viable habitats. Once life emerges, within any viable habitat, copies of the instantiated OEM are thereafter passed from one living host to another as the instantiated EM, and are imbued with a unique individuals’ QEF, you, via processes of procreation and evolution, natural or otherwise. This rare natural process that entangles baryonic matter with metamatter is the natural interaction of the dark neutrino with debytonic (dark) matter which can only occur within voids, whether natural or synthetic. Once understood, natural entanglement may be duplicated synthetically with appropriate technologies.

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The View From You;

However anxious you may be about your societal status, or about your racial identity and circumstances, you are not anxious enough. If you think that your, and your progeny’s identity is in jeopardy, or perhaps you feel that you are being encroached upon by others, or something is somehow attempting to replace you and yours, or perhaps you just feel more comfortable with living beings that reflect what you currently see in the mirror, well, the reality is in fact more dyer than one can ever imagine. Because, in truth, it is nature itself, the laws of physics of this universe that has its sights unwaveringly centered upon you for replacement. Replacing the host form of every living individual is what nature does.  Furthermore, the clock is ticking.

Any individuals’ current cultural demographic group theory only works if the laws of nature uphold ones’ imagined membership therein. As it turns out, nature does not. The most any living human being could reasonably expect after life is to reinstantiate to one’s current ecosystem and to the mammalian class and to any human form therein. If destroying or disenfranchising other living individuals, particularly within ones' current species, seems to be a viable approach to getting or keeping what one desires in life, it is because you believe that you, and yours, will always remain in the form you currently are, or that you will eventually not exist at all. In nature, each is a false assumption. One's desire or indifference towards the destruction or diminution of other living individuals to maintain or uplift one's perceived status in society as a consequence of what you currently believe you are and others are not, is a symptom of the indigenous scorn of individuality that comes from living within a wild culture, as all naturally mediated living beings initially do.

If not corrected, this behavior seeded by false cultural descriptions and narratives, religious or secular, that informs personal identity, will continue to fester in future generations and will continue to limit human progress within and beyond Earth’s gravity-well. Although personal cognitive dissonance will die with the mind of each individual, toxic laws and memes that persist within cultures may infect the minds and lives of those same and other individuals in their future instantiations. While one's deinstantiation, death, marks the end of society's interaction with each host form, death does not mark the end of the individuals’ experience, contribution, or history within ones’ indigenous universe and ecosystem. Within a wild culture, no individual gets to choose nor can one forecast ones’ next host form or future circumstances.

The strange truth about human history, and its countless tragedies, genocides, holocausts, slavery, and all manner of reprehensible goings-on, executed by individuals and groups thereof, is that each individual lives each lifetime steeped in the misconception that in life, past, present, and future, they have been, and will always remain, in the form and contrived grouping they currently accept, or perhaps nothing at all. In nature, this perception could not be farther from the truth. The perceived significance given to contrived human cultural groupings is a delusion born of long-entrenched collective ignorance about life and individual identity. You will remember and remain in the physical form you currently are only for the duration of ones’ current lifetime among the countless lifetimes that nature has, and will again define for you. In other lifetimes you likely were and will again live as a member of the very groups you now regard as other, for better or for worst. This general relativity of individuality operates ubiquitously upon all living beings. Until a culture understands and accepts this reality its individuals will not understand what is truly important in any instance of life.

Consider, if in any lifetime one is described as say; Chinese, for example, one would likely believe and act as though you must have been Chinese in the long history of earth life, if at all, and will remain so in future lifetimes or not at all. Consequently, it feels natural to bias ones support to those that classify similarly for ones’ current and future well-being. Likewise, gender is currently a defining feature of individual identity. If ones’ gender is male in your current life, you operate as if you must have always been male in history, and will continue to be male in your future. Do you believe that nature can, in each lifetime, instantiate you as you are now, male or female or however you self-identify? Reasonable minds would say no. If you don’t think that the laws of physics could reliably repeatedly reinstantiate you to your current or preferred gender state, whatever that may be, then upon what basis might nature implement any other more nuanced and arbitrary demographic feature of one’s current culturally contrived identity? Features such as skin complexion, fur and hair texture, delicate facial features, gender, height, location etc. upon which you may or may not self-identify. The operating assumption that the laws of physics of this universe can essentially conspire with each individual to implement ones’ current or preferred contrived cultural identity beyond this lifetime is delusional.

This cognitive dissonance is endemic to all human beings no matter ones’ current form or circumstances. This is so because the knowledge required to thoroughly, or sufficiently explain how life could operate otherwise was not available for all of human history. The LINE hypothesis proposes that it is ones’ degrees of freedom of the universal quantum entanglement spectrum (QEF) imprinted in metamatter, ones’ lifeID, that informs which available host forms you have instantiated in your past and will reinstantiate in your future. Ones’ current hosts’ DNA is indeed more closely related to some host forms than others, but not in any way that can support human expectations of historical and current cultural human demographic categorizations. Within natures’ reinstantiation lottery, given current human population growth, any individual that is currently in the human form can reasonably expect to be naturally reinstantiated to any random human host, and slightly less so to compatible non-human mammalian hosts. The controlled influence of this natural process underpins a cultures’ emergence from its’ wild state.

The lessons not yet learned is that living beings will not forever or for long, inhabit one’s current host form, nor ones' current nation, nor ones’ current planet, ecosystem or solar system. By the laws of nature, all individuals recurrently inhabit this universe for as long a time as conditions may accommodate. The question then becomes, for how long will one inhabit ones’ current solar-system, current planet and ecosystem, and current host form. The latter is the most variable component of all. So, how could any uninfluenced reproductive process bias toward or away from each individuals’ preference or disdain of host features in oneself and in others? If nature could accommodate such whimsical detail, we should historically routinely discover past highly recognizable host forms reborn among the living. Martin Luther King Jr. or Marilyn Monroe perhaps. Even though they would naturally begin life yet again as infants, and if all goes normally, they would eventually grow up. Surely, someone would by now have noticed them, or young Michael Jackson perhaps, if duplication of host forms was indeed nature's routine.

No, we can assuredly state that no living form is duplicated regardless of the similarity of appearance. Even if host forms were or could be naturally or synthetically duplicated, it would change nothing because individuality is monogamisitc and is not defined by appearance or even by identical DNA, ergo; appearance and DNA does not instantiate the individual. Hence, is the premise reasonable upon which individuals operate in life? That one should perpetrate for, or against others of ones’ species in favor of what one currently sees in the mirror, and do so with no regard for what comes next? Except, human beings do very much care about what comes next. This is why billions pray and take the sacrament, bow to Mecca, wear a bourka, wail at the Western Wall, and probe the laws of nature. Human beings do very much care and indeed live in consideration of what comes next. The problem is, no one has ever understood how nature implements ones’ individuality in and beyond ones’ current lifetime.

One may be instantiated today to a host form categorized as native Nigerian or Jewish, for example, and yet, may have been instantiated as native German-Arian or vice versa during the events of slavery and WW2. This general relativity of individuality mandates that no individual ought to be assumed to have played any particular role in, or is culpable for, a past in which the current instance of the individual did not exist, regardless of ones’ current cultural categorization. Furthermore, to the extent that any historically recognized group perpetrates crimes against humanity, past or present, existing perpetrating groups ought to be held to account for the sole purpose of correcting remaining consequences of such dysfunctions. This may sound like a contradiction. How can a group of individuals be held responsible but not its individuals? This distinction is made regularly in corporate litigation. In such cases, corporations may be held culpable for corporate wrongdoings and supporting policies even after the individuals involved have left the company, or are deceased. In such cases, justice may be given to victims and to society via corrective measures. Justice may be given for offenses perpetrated by groups so large, powerful, and influential with laws supporting past and present heinous acts which may constitute offenses made by society against humanity, and ought to be treated accordingly. Most importantly, all future individuals ought to be protected against similar future infractions, because in the future, it will be you or I that is living in the form of others.

Instantiating you and me, and ones’ offspring, and every individual position of view (POV), is what nature does, repeatedly. Furthermore, within wild cultures, such as human cultures, you don’t get to choose your next form, demographics, or ones’ initial location or circumstances. So, if you are busy being worried about being replaced, it may help to realize that, within a wild culture, no living being will for long remain what they currently are or imagine, nor have control of what comes next. Consequently, the conditions we leave behind, even for others, are the conditions that await us in our future. It is only the living conditions of one’s current ecosystem, or adopted environment, and current and future social prospects that are within ones’ influence in each lifetime. Strongly held fantasies about the workings of this universe will not change reality. So, do everything you can to make life better for all, mostly for your own sake.

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The Distillation Of Matter;

The LINE hypothesis proposes that the matter-antimatter imbalance that exists in this universe is a consequence of the universal instantiation event (UIE) followed by many cycles of universal expansion and contraction phases. Each cycle is punctuated by a universal transition event (UTE). The UIE and UTE are the metaverse phenomena widely known as the big bang. However, it is the UIE that initially instantiates each verse. As expected, the UIE and UTE do indeed produce an equal quantity of matter and its’ antiparticle. As the new expanding universe gains information and evolves sufficient complexity therein, the universal expansion not only slows as the universal rendering rate diminishes, but eventually may reverse to initiate a universal contraction phase.

The dynamics of changes in the universal spatial degrees of freedom (DOF) called dark energy is informed by the universal information budget (UIB). The UIB is governed by the transitions of information in, out, thru, and the universal information load and complexity in this universe. The UIB informs the universal rendering rate of change (time) and of distance (dark energy). Once the contraction of space reaches a critical density which invariably destroys a critical amount of complexity, the contracting universe enters a new UTE phase. This UTE phase is the turn-around phase following each contraction phase as the universal rendering rate rebounds. During the UTE black holes that do not dissipate are the only information structures from the previous cycle that may survive the UTE. Surviving black holes emerge from the UTE as galaxoids that will populate the next universal expansion phase.

Initiating each UTE, conditions from the previous contraction phase returns matter and space to the degenerate information state called the solution of state (SoS). Each UTE is initiated by an arbitrary quantity of information as SoS. Matter and antimatter are created within the UIE and UTE in equal amounts. Nonetheless, the remnants of matter and antimatter from each UIE and each UTE is not balanced and the remaining matter will eventually seed the next expansion phase. An imbalance in matter occurs because within the UIE and UTE there is no annihilation of matter as we know it. Annihilation occurs in this universe in normal space-time as a consequence of the normal structure of the Planck Hole (PH) scaffolding of space together with the stable structure of the pyrine and other states of information. During the UIE and each UTE, the PH and the pyrine do not exist, hence, matter and space is no longer normal.

Further, the quantity of the SoS, the degenerate state of matter initiating each UTE will transform during each UTE into equal amounts of matter and antimatter. However, without immediate or timely annihilation, the matters are free to not only separate, but to become otherwise involved during the UIE and UTE and also during inflation. Consequently, matter is thereby allowed to enter into other unbeknownst UTE processes and reactions. During these opaque transitions within each UTE, one of the two competing matter states may diminish relative to the other. This imbalance will permit the lesser constituent matter to eventually become negligible thereby leaving the other to dominate the next expansion phase. This leftover matter is the matter that will form the relatively stable tangible reality of the next expansion phase of a universe. This stable reality will not exist until the vast preponderance of one of the two constituent matter particles have been sufficiently diminished by primordial annihilation. Primordial annihilation occurs only when the PH scaffolding of space emerges to support the pyrine and other information states of particles. This cyclical process may evolve to produce the foundation for a relatively stable universe capable of hosting life and observers. This remaining matter seeds the WOF halos around surviving black holes to form galaxoids which in time evolve to become galaxies in this universe.

By this UTE process of matter distillation, it isn’t until a quiescence of matter, writ large, is reached in any verse can life emerge. In many verses produced by the metaverse, such survivable conditions never occur, and yet in others, this distillation of matter could eventually evolve into life as it has in this universe. As in any distillation process information is conserved, and yet, information states become separated. The mechanism by which this filtering of antimatter from matter takes place emerges during the dynamics of many UTE. The UTE is a largely metaverse phenomenon the fundamental details of which is scientifically opaque to the physics of this universe. Nonetheless, there are methods by which some UTE properties, the number of UTE cycles that has occurred thus far, for example, can be determined in this space-time. A consequence of the UTE distillation of matter occurring outside of this universe is the reason antimatter is absent from this space while its constituent particle remains. Precisely how this occurs as a metaverse process is perhaps unknowable. Suffice it to say that the laws of conservation of information are upheld during each UTE, and presents one thread of understanding available to nimble minded observers within this universe of this pivotal phenomenon that largely occurs within the metaverse.

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Posted (edited)

Further, the LINE hypothesis proposes that one difference between a universal instantiation event (UIE) and any universal transition event (UTE) is the quantity of fundamental elements initially created. The UIE is the instantiating event which may create an amount of fundamental elements that is calculable from a correctly conceived standard model of particles. The UTE is one of many transition events subsequent to the UIE and is driven by circumstances of the prior contraction phase. The UTE phase will not have an instantiating amount of energy as does the UIE. Nor will a UTE express the instantiating metaverse states which produces a UIE equivalent amount of fundamental elements such as hydrogen helium and lithium.

The LINE hypothesis predicts that the UTE will produce circumstantially less of the fundamental elements, ergo; hydrogen, helium and lithium than predicted for the UIE. Calculations that estimate the quantity of initial fundamental hadronic elements currently do not anticipate the potentially numerous subsequent UTE cycles which create the current post UTE state of the universe.
Predictably, this is because a UIE is more energetic than a UTE. Also, because the UIE involves more fundamental levels of the metaverse information states called the solutions of state (SoS) and their metaverse processes that are not achievable during any UTE phase. These differences create different outcomes. Given that today both the UIE and UTE are considered to be the same ‘big bang’ event, calculated expectations that assume ‘big bang’ (post UIE-pre UTE) fundamental element quantities, will contradict measurements taken within any subsequent UTE expansion phase. So, if a contradiction between calculated expectations and observation of initial fundamental particle quantities is found to exist within ones’ current universe, The LINE hypothesis suggests that this is the indicator that this is a cyclic universe older than one universal transition cycle.   

Why would the current calculated population of pre-fusion fundamental particles not reflect the current measured quantity? This is because the calculated quantities may consider universal constants that were forged not during any prior UTE, but during the UIE. There are universal constants that are instantiated during the UIE which may remain unchanged through each UTE.

During each UTE, some, not all, universal constants become reinstantiated. Therefore, such indigenous fixed universal constants will yield an accurate calculated particle population created only in the UIE phase. Subsequent UTE phases will not create a fundamental particle population that is consistent with this calculated quantity. Such fixed universal constants may determine the existence of the types of matter (hadronic, leptonic, debytonic etc.) that will exist within the new verse. Such matter types will populate all future cycles of the current verse, in any quantity. Such fixed-constants do not determine the quantity of matter created by each UTE phase. It falls to other non-fixed constants reinitialized during each UTE together with the informational content and circumstances of the prior contraction phase to determine the details of the next universal expansion. 

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