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  1. I would ordinarily vote for a 3rd party candidate as a protest for the system that forces us to choose between two polar extremes. This time around I am voting for Biden just to make damn sure that Trump does not get a second term. I like Vermin Supreme but my vote would be better used elsewhere.
  2. Along the lines of what I was thinking. https://scitechdaily.com/images/Researchers-Find-a-Soft-Spot-in-a-Tectonic-Slab.jpg
  3. My heart stopped beating due to severe magnesium depletion and I just recall slipping into calm velvety darkness before being zapped back to life. THAT part hurt like a sunofabeach. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2464251/
  4. In my case the long list of medications I was on were responsible for excess excretion of certain minerals, such as magnesium, zinc, chloride, and sodium. The severe depletion of magnesium (Hypomagnesemia) is what killed me twice (convulsions and cardiac arrest). I suggest that your friend not take Spironolactone, Furosemide, and Omeprazole without careful monitoring of electrolyte levels if she is a diabetic. The Furosemide depleted my Magnesium, while the Spironolactone increased my Potassium retention interfering with kidney function. This incident was a result of a fragmented US health
  5. Increased mass of the planet should also result in increased gravity, which explains why I weigh more, right???
  6. Is it safe to assume there are hot springs at Aguas Calientes? If there are then that would explain a lot about the geology.
  7. What if some of the cranks are administration?
  8. Your sole remedy is to complain to the senior/chief editor, but do not count on anything positive coming out of the exchange. If you are a regular contributor and routinely have issues with this one editor then consider submitting elsewhere. :hammer:
  9. fahrquad

    Sodium Auride?

    It is refreshing to see someone other than me resurrecting an old thread (13 years old) (post 24).
  10. I don't recall any pain the last two times I died.
  11. I have never been much of a salt user, only adding it to boiling water when preparing pasta or sprinkling on onion rings, but at my last blood work I was low on both sodium and chloride and high on potassium, so now I am adding salt to just about everything.
  12. That would be Morton's Salt. The label lists Salt, Calcium Silicate (anti caking agent), Dextrose, and Potassium Iodide as ingredients. As Exchemist mentioned, Iodine is added to prevent goiters. Iodine is used by the thyroid gland to produce Thyroxine and the lack of Iodine causes the thyroid to swell resulting in the characteristic neck bulge. People who live near the coast get plenty of Iodine from seafood, but people living inland would be susceptible to goiter, which prompted the addition of iodine. People with low Thyroxine levels have depressed metabolic rates and other issues. h
  13. Apparently the move to mark individuals has hit locally. I stopped at the CVS pharmacy down Main Street to pick up some of my insulin pens* and noticed the pharmacist had a bar code sticker on the back of his hand. I commented that it looked like CVS was selling employees and he said that all of the pharmacists had them. I thought he was joking until I saw one on the back of the other pharmacist's hand. I assume the bar code is to identify the pharmacist filling prescriptions in their computer system. * I now have 5 injectables in my fridge and none of them are heroin. I've got Humalog
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