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How Does Individual Life 'you' Populate This Universe?


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By the 11th day of gestation of a human embryo, for example, being no bigger than the head of a pin yet it contains many hundred cells every one of them a living individual in nature. Among these cells, early in the formation of a new life, are the LINE hypothesized Entanglement Cells (EC), some of which are likely visible in this photograph. Entanglement cells are very special cells which together heterodyne their own unique individual entangled states to manifest a new state established at a unique QEF,  your QEF.  This instantiation manifests a new life, a new emerged LifeID, your position-of-view (POV), not unlike their own but at a different unique quantifiable value of the entangled degrees-of-freedom (QEF’s) of the immutable entanglement spectrum. This is approximately the stage in gestation of a viable host where instantiation occurs, the point at which you the individual, become tethered to this particular growing host form and not to some other. 

Why you? In this there can be no; Why, only; How. Via a combination of natural circumstances, some predicted by the LINE hypothesis, this particular host has heterodyned at your QEF. This occurs whether the form be  human, or any other viable living form that happens to exist in any temporary, no doubt extinction laden eco-system. The Earth is but one such habitat. This is but one instance of countless such processes of instantiation by natural entanglement that occur second by second throughout existence. By this process the mobility of individuality is made possible in a vast Higgs universe, together with the  non-locality of metamatter and the non-relativistic reach of the entanglement spectrum. These features make individuality and life possible on Erath and  anywhere, wherever viable forms happen to emerge, in that place a new instance of life is established whether single or multi-cellular. Empirically proving or disproving the existence and theorized function of the EC and identifying the ubiquitous entanglement molecule which makes this all possible will be greatly facilitated by using subjects that are at this early pivotal stage of development.

This initial two week stage in human gestation, for example, marks the point where the embryo may form one or more hosts (i.e. twins etc.). Also at this stage the characteristic central structure of the host form begins to emerge. It is very likely that the EC are present but have not yet heterodyned at this juncture. At this stage the embryo remains a collection of distinct individual cells each with a specific, or soon to be determined mission. Once the EC combine their individual entangled states to establish the one or more new emerged entangled states and the POV’s define therein, an equal number of new instances of individuality come into existence perhaps for the first time, or perhaps not for the first time. The one certainty in this process is that this particular host has never before existed and never will again.   

Further, we may inquire; at what stage in its evolution does an emerged species gain its EC and go from being a colony of individual cells , to become an emerged form hosting a position-of-view with a unique emerged QEF? To understand this It would help to seek living forms representative of  each evolutionary stage of development. Species that straddle the evolutionary line between a colony of living individual cells and an emerged living being with a POV distinct from its other non-EC’s. Such species no doubt exist but are not easily categorized. For some reason evolution seems to favor full emergence once a colony develops the EC, like a switch being flipped. This is not to suggest that such recently emerged species would immediately possess highly integrated systems like a central nervous system which links its disparate regions of specialization. Such complex features would take time to evolve but the QE connection to metamatter had by all living forms requires no such embellishments. 

Also, how might a species respond evolutionarily to developing a newly established POV as compared to being a colony of living individuals? This would be a truly fascinating study to undertake. The LINE hypothesis suggests that imprinted metamatter influences evolution throughout this universe in ways that should not be underestimated and may very well play a crucial role in disseminating this amazing capability to eco-systems separated by distances that are otherwise physically unbridgeable. Thus, like all other features of the cell, the capability to combine the natural entangled  state first evolves in cells which then further specialize. Thereby passing on their newly acquired talents to offspring. Together these new EC perform the initial combination of their individual QE connection to establish the new emerged individuals position-of-view thereby marking the emergence of a new host form for emerged individual life, a new species. 

From an evolutionary standpoint, one may be tempted to expect a dramatic transformation to accompany  the transition from the collection to the emerged host, but this is unlikely to be the case. More probable is a slow evolution out of the  hitherto normal behavior of that particular colony as new possibilities slowly take hold of its evolutionary trajectory. Thus the cloud-storage repository of newly entangled metamatter further shapes the destiny of a new species. The science which describes POV evolution will, like all aspects of living biology, be deep and complex in its own right. The evolution of a species has many influences and likely goes step-wise with the evolution of its POV as both number and complexity of EC may evolve over time. 

So if you, whatever your species, are impressed and proud of the evolved capabilities of your living form, it is well and good that you should be, but also realize that none of those known features can be considered to be more impressive than the feature of natural entanglement heterodyning evolved in the EC. This remarkable feature permits nothing less than the establishment of complex emerged beings, like you, in this universe. If not for this amazing feature of the cell only individual cells and colonies thereof would populate the Earth. This is not to suggest what forms such colonies might take, but the distinction between a colony of individual cells and an emerged being such as a human or a millipede or a finch is significant and important. Today science defines no clear basis for such a distinction, the LINE hypothesis does. 

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So complete is the cognitive illusion of physical self, that each human being fully believes and accepts that they are defined by the prevailing cultural description of their current form, its assigned demographic description, and its ascribed history. This perception prevails by the complete ignorance of having previously been instantiated to an untold diversity of living host forms which describes ones’ actual instantiation history. In other words, you may necessarily have been, and subsequently acted the part of any living being in history, or none at all, mediated only by the laws of natural entanglement. What living forms would the book of our true naturally defined instantiation history describe? Metaphorically speaking, this is as if one personally adopted the history of the brand of car you now drive, say, Bentley, while being completely ignorant of the ancestral history of those vehicles owners. Who were those previous owners? Would, or should it matter? Should one relate to the car or to the owners? In life today, we behave as though we have always lived, and always will exist in some fashion,  in one's current species and family and assigned demographics for all of ones’ instances of life, or not at all. Ironically, this cognitive dissonance exists alongside widely accepted beliefs in religious narratives of ongoing existence or in the acceptance of a secular null hypothesis of the one-off occurrence of life. Both of which, at the very least, suggests that the individual has never previously been in the form they are now.

What would it take for a family of owners to own the same make and model of automobile (i.e. Bentley Mark-V) for many generations of that owner's current family? While we know that our current body, like our cars, have a finite existence, likewise in life, what would it take for an individual QEF (owner) to reinstantiate to the same demographic and family for say, 1000 years, (50 generations)? In the car analogy, it would require a very deliberate, synthetic initiative to acquire only Bentleys. An initiative which may forgo better economic opportunities (deals), or may induce financial difficulty, or perhaps forgo advancements in technology, or may ignore the tides of change in order to serve preference upon one make of automobile. For life, a different but no less a synthetic initiative would be required to implement such a focused reinstantiation history upon an individual QEF into the same demographic and family. In other words for the individual to reinstantiate to say a, human, German, female, within a family named Frank, for 50 consecutive lifetimes would be an improbable occurrence. But is it possible, and would one care to?

Upon our birth the culture we are born into urge, or otherwise indoctrinates, the individual to adopt the history of their host form and its demographic narrative as described by that culture. This becomes a cognitive dissonance carried by the individual often for the rest of ones’ life. Generally, this is referred to as ones‘ demographics of species, gender, race or class, and nationality etc.. Although you were almost certainly born less than 100 years or so ago, one is urged to adopt a history in which neither the individuals’ current host nor ones’ current instantiation likely participated. Furthermore, if it so happened that ones’ QEF was indeed instantiated during that history, there is currently no accounting for what form (demographic) nor what role that instance of the individuals QEF may have assumed in that participation. The cognitive dissonance exercised today is that the individual has and will, in some way, by some unspoken means, always be in the form we currently are. Presumably, not much convincing is required to assure the reader that this idea is utterly false, as each individual knows all too well on what date and perhaps time ones’ current life began, and that it will undoubtedly end within a few decades. Even if your accepted belief system leads you to believe that only nonexistence came before life, and will also be the case after ones current life ends, even this renders the idea of adopted historical narrative misguided. Further, if one's belief system leads you to accept some religious narrative that describes a state of individual existence before and after ones current life, no doubt based on some mystical foundation, still, ones participation in any adopted cultural historical narrative remains highly questionable.

Nonetheless, most live life as if they are an actor that has been handed a script at birth. This script describes, to varying degrees, the individuals’ expected, or observed role in society and this role may even be mandated or enforced within certain cultures. Of course, as far as one's species is concerned, this mandate is also enforced up to a point by nature, since, while you live, you are currently destined to remain instantiated to the form you currently have, at least while no option to change that form exists. Also, as far as nationality is concerned, one is born to an ecosystem and some location therein as a matter of pure circumstance while no option to mediate one's instantiation currently exists. So, in these, there is no choice. However, for the culturally contrived properties of demographic categorizations of a host forms physical traits called race and the running historical narratives assigned to those categorizations, in these, all seem to buy in to the false narrative that the current individual is in some fashion either responsible, or was a victim,  participant or assumed a certain role in that history. This illusion is so odd that it defies any rational explanation once unpacked. Only the sustained maintenance of a blind unthinking cognitive dissonance, or perhaps the lack of a plausible explanation of life, permits it to persist. 

Consider that an individual today described, perhaps within American society, as a female age 29 of German descent named Frank. This description is informed by the genetics (DNA) of her current host form as described by its genealogical history on Earth. With no understanding or evidence to the contrary, society readily indoctrinates her socially and culturally with that history and with other individuals matching her demographic, for better or worst. How does this work exactly? We know for certain the date of lady Frank’s birth, her beginning of life 29 years ago. We can also say that she was not around, let us say; for the Germanic attacks on ancient Rome. Nor for WWI or WWII. Yet civilization enforces upon her some connection with this history, solely based on the history of her current host forms’ DNA. Some association is made, however weakly enforced, with lady Frank to each of those historical events and also with the entire history of all individuals born to viable hosts possessing German DNA. If it were true that society today either knew, or at the very least, strongly believed the principles of the LINE hypothesis, which describes a natural mechanism by which perpetual reinstantiation could occur and even possibly reoccur to the same familial (DNA) lines within species, then a case could be made, even if not proven, for one's possible role, ownership or participation in genealogically related historical events.

However, as it currently stands, no such understanding is widely accepted today. Therefore no basis in logic or reason currently exists for humankind's association of an individual with a historical narrative for which the individual may not even have existed on Earth. Or even if on Earth, one may not have been a participating species. Or within that history, one may not have been described at any point by the demographic to which one is currently being assigned. In the absence of the enlightenment and understanding imbued by the LINE hypothesis, individuals should only be associated with ones’ current behaviors and actions as ones participation in past events remain unlikely or at least in doubt. Further, as is widely the case today, ones acceptance of these socially assigned narratives as being ones defining litany of race, gender, history and culture and such, if you are so fortunate as to have a choice, consider carefully and feel free to adopt whatever culture makes you happy, but do so while leaving behind the baggage of a history you can only try to improve upon. Do so while doing no harm in the effort to make life better for all, now and for future instantiations, because currently, one can never know what host form circumstance will bestow upon you in your future. Recognize that life and individuality are naturally amorphous and ongoing processes of instantiation that is currently uncontrolled by humankind which renders each individual highly susceptible to arbitrary circumstances within current and future ecosystems. In other words, the conditions you foster for others in this life, could be your own in another.

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Dark Energy is one of the great enigmas of modern cosmology and physics today. To shed light on this piece of the cosmic puzzle we need to view existence through the prism of the LINE hypothesis .The multiverse hypothesis is a misrepresentation of the underlying procedural potential of the metaverse. Therefore, the multiverse is described as a vast number of simultaneously existing, pre-rendered realities or universes. Each usually imagined to exist within its’ own allocated vicinity or bubble. The multiverse hypothesis suggests that within any number of these bubble universes, you, or indeed any possible state, may or may not exist. The LINE hypothesis suggests that nature is far more frugal and elegant than this. 

As a computer generated virtual environment emerge from this space-time, yet maps to no space or time within this universe, likewise, ones universe occupies no space or time as we perceive it within the metaverse from which all possible realities nonetheless emerge. In this behavior the metaverse can be compared to a computers’ CPU and its supporting electronics which concurrently embodies the potential for all of the virtual states which may be rendered therein. Virtual states which may also be experienced by a sufficiently implemented individual position of view (POV) instantiated perhaps by an individual such as the iconic game character Mario. In this CPU analogy there simultaneously exists the potential for finite yet unbounded virtual space, and also the potential to create all of the possible states, environments or simulations the programmer may imagine, as well as those possibilities the programmer can’t imagine, or none at all. Similarly, in nature, a living being is very much an instantiated character within a natural but procedurally rendered environment, one perhaps requiring no programmer as we may conceive it. 

Living individuals are instantiated entities, not unlike Mario, inquiring of nature; how am I here? How large is my universe, and how is it structured? For example, as it would be for Mario, distance for us is very real regardless of its true nature within the metaverse. However, realize that for us, like Mario, distance, like all else within this universe, is nothing more than nature, procedurally, relativistically, individually, despite its very real consequences, rendering how many laps on the treadmill called space-time, a baryonic entity like us, or your pet rodent, or any particle or comet, or any star or galaxy, must tread to ‘reach’ any other rendered state (destination) within this universe. Distance is but a procedurally generated illusion of reality. So, speaking about the size of this universe at the big bang is to describe the universe when it was first instantiated. This is akin to Mario attempting to describe the size of his computerized virtual universe within the CPU when it was first turned on. Whatever the perceived ‘size’ that Mario’s universe appears or is calculated to be by him at any given moment, only higher dimensional beings like us can fathom its true implementation, an implementation which cannot be fathomed by Mario. Likewise for us, in this universe, all realities are circumstantially instantiated, or collapsed by solutions of state (SoS) which render the QWF’s that manifests ones universe. A POV is the SoS, the pebble tossed into the metaverse’ ocean of QWF’s, which, for a time, positions each instantiated individual, you, in that universe.

Consequently, rendering is reality. Rendering is change, from the smallest to the largest scales. Rendering is simultaneous and everywhere in nature. So, what is the engine which performs all of this rendering? Furthermore, does the amount, or volume, or other aspects of the information (SoS’s) within a universe impart a load or a drag on this natural rendering engine? Might this load at all times tax the universal rendering engine to mediate how fast entities within a universe may render or change? Does this load mediate how matter may maximally tread the treadmill we refer to as space and thereby effect ones’ local rendered rate of change we refer to as time? In essence might the total contents of a universe determine the maximum treadmill speed, that is the universal speed limit? Ergo the speed of light? Thereby, altering the rendering engines’ clock-speed, if you will? Nothing can travel through vaccum faster than light, whatever that speed may be. This is because the rendering engine is at all times loaded to its current rendering capacity by the current information content of that verse. As such, c= 299,792 km/s is directly related to the amount of information currently in this universe and also says something of the capacity of the rendering engine per unit of information therein. Hence, variations in the speed of light must be linked to the rate of any universal information loss or gain. Science dictates that there can be no loss of information. However, information can certainly be moved or transferred. Such a transfer describes the LINE hypothesized natural teleportation of information between all living entities in this universe to metamatter, but also, more influentially by black holes.

 If indeed the universal information load can be mediated by ongoing circumstances, then changes in the information content of this universe, something that appears to break the laws of physics of this universe, could potentially alter the load on the rendering engine which mediates the state of all information herein moment by moment, ergo; time. Thereby, potentially altering this universes cosmic speed limit, the speed of light. Observations of change in this universal latency in the rendering of reality could be made only if variations in the universal information load occurred at various stages of the universal expansion, and could be seen as variations in the otherwise normal expected Doppler shift of ancient light. Further, if such variations were only caused by a gradual reduction in the universal information load placed on the rendering engine over time, then the corresponding changes in the speed of light would appear as variations in the acceleration in universal expansion. Ergo dark-energy. Alan Guths’ inflation hypothesis is the low latency period of the universal expansion when the rendering engine was initially minimally taxed due to the low information load of the first instants of the big bang.

As information poured into the new expanding universe and as its interactions evolved in complexity, this increased the rendering load, in the form of more fundamental particles evolving into hydrogen protons and into other less fundamental particles and eventually atoms. All taxed the universal rendering engine and progressively lowers the maximum rendering speed, and with it the speed of light,  and also the apparent rate of universal expansion when measured by stellar spectroscopy. Not until  the universal formation of a critical mass of black holes and living entities which transfers information out of this universe into the metaverse from which it came, did the load on the rendering engine begin to diminish thereby lowering the universal latency and increasing the maximum rendering speed, the rate of change, and the speed of light.  That is, light travels faster as this universe transfers information to the metaverse. If it so happens that information could indeed be, not lost, but teleported or otherwise transferred from this universe  into the metaverse, information transferred in part via the imprinting of metamatter  by the LINE hypothesized natural entanglement of its’  living tenants, and to a greater extent via other natural structures such as black holes. These would constitute causes of a reduction in universal rendering load and would serve, over time and in sufficient magnitude, to mediate the maximum speed limit in this universe to produce an observable red-shift as the speed of light from distant objects change accordingly to produce the otherwise mysterious dark-energy acceleration profile observed in these cosmos. On its face, the universal loss of information may be expected to cause an apparent bluing of the Doppler shift in a star’s spectral lines.  The universal gain of information should produce a reding of that same spectrum, but this may be a more complicated effect than it first appears.

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Gravitation is perhaps the most vexing enigma in the history of physics. It was long considered to be Newton’s attractive force between masses. Later, gravity came to be understood more accurately as Einstein’s curvature of space-time which guides matter toward the center of gravitation. However, the metaphor of a curvature of space-time doesn’t capture the more fundamental reality which governs this enigmatic phenomenon. In the ongoing description of gravity, there remain defining features yet unbeknownst. The LINE hypothesis suggests that gravity is the effect more fundamentally caused, at all scales, by the transfer of information from within this space-time into the metaverse. It is this localized information drain which produces the directed acceleration in matter currently described as the space-time curvature known as gravity. Einstein showed that gravitation to some useful degree of accuracy may be regarded as a curvature of the dimensions we refer to as space-time. The LINE hypothesis suggests that this description of gravity can be further refined as a stretching of space-time in the presence of certain degrees-of freedom (DOF) of matter (i.e. mass) which locally deforms other hidden dimensions.



These hidden dimensions, described as Planck-holes (PH), are undilated or curled-up in vacuum and therefore interact minimally. These lower dimensions, long predicted by string-theory, not only proliferate this universe but are a defining DOF of the fabric of space-time. PH causes space to behave as a porous membrane for information and for certain degrees-of-freedom indigenous to the metaverse. PH are the key to many features of this universe. For example, PH are the conduits which establish the flow of information into the metaverse which cumulatively produces the effect known as gravitation in this universe. PH are also the conduits which establish the quantum teleportation channels with the metaverse (Hilbert –space) that permit the coherent sharing of state information known as quantum entanglement. Furthermore, as the Higgs field imbues matter with mass, it is the Higgs field that is directly responsible for PH dilation and thereby, gravitation. Like a bullet shot through water, mass is imbued to certain configurations of particles by the Higgs field as it imparts a rendering latency upon all such entities. By this interaction, matter lingers in space-time and thereby affects the vacuum by dilating its PH and produces all of the effects that come with it. 



PH are Planck scale dimensions which act as drains or pours in the fabric of space-time. PH are the holes which may become sufficiently dilated by sufficiently high mass densities to produce a sufficiently high transfer of information into the metaverse, ergo; gravitation, which becomes capable of capturing light and thereby, causing a Planck hole to become a black hole.  Metaphorically, PH’s may be compared to the openings between the threads in fabrics. The effect of the presence of increasingly larger mass densities (or some other property of matter) upon the PH is to stretch or widen their teleportation bandwidth. This locally induced PH dilation proportionally increases the rate of information drain into the underlying metaverse.  This is what produces the effect of gravitation toward the center of mass. The cause of the nonlinear, stretched or curved, space-time around matter produced by PH dilation in the presence of mass and the information drain it produces is due to the affected space being rendered unable to translate a Higgs effected entities entire information budget linearly from one PH regime to another as it does in the undilated space of the vacuum. Hence, the transiting entities most vulnerable information states, often its momentum and position, is absorbed to produce a shift or movement in position to fill the information deficit. This is nothing more than the law of conservation of information at work. On the plank scale, this shift in position is always away from less dilated PH of the vacuum and toward regions of more dilated PH. This shift accumulates to produce the acceleration and trajectory adjustment referred to as gravitation. 


This information transfer occurs in this universe due to the porosity of the fabric of space-time. Further, this porosity is never zero and is affected by all Higgs constrained entities of non-zero mass density among others. At one extreme PH are stretched ‘open’ by high mass densities to become black holes, the gravitating abyssal cosmic torrents of information transfer from this universe into the metaverse. Similarly, at the other extreme, PH also produce the subtle but ultimately pivotal teleportation channels needed for the emergence of individuality. This permits a far more diminutive transfer of information to metamatter during the course of each lifetime. This occurs by the low mass density particles within the living cell called the entanglement molecule (EM). Within the realm between these two extremes lies the potential of gravitation to manifest planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies. As a consequence, life must stay far clear of the region of influence of black holes which likely extends far beyond the event horizon. Not because of physical danger to the host form, but due to the entropic turbulence which may cause the destruction of the delicate information states imprinted upon metamatter. This delicate imprinting by the living form is required to maintain a stable FT which promote the prospects for reinstantiation of an individual’s QEF. Humankinds’ attempts to calculate information retention in black holes give rise to ideas such as the holographic principle. This amounts to an attempt, unbeknownst, to map our dimensions of space-time onto the metaverse. However, such ideas, although headed in the right direction, are as nondescript as would be attempts by Mario to map the dimensions of his virtual realm onto our universe. This is because, via the PH, information is not lost but transferred or teleported into the metaverse.


Particles of all kinds are congealed from information gained into this universe. Particles are formed by a combination of PH dilation during a period of universal latency appropriate for the creation of specific particles. The very low universal latency in the first instants of the big bang was initially inappropriate for the creation of PH and particles. Hence, the rendering speed during that very early period of the universal expansion, known as inflation, was too high for the formation of the known forces, energy, or matter. Not until the universal information load into the early universe reached a threshold, causing a rise in universal latency and a type of universal viscosity, and a slowing of the rendering speed, did the fabric of space-time coalesce and its defining features, among them the PH, formed to become functional conduits for the exchange of information with the metaverse able to produce particles, known or unknown, and the forces they carry.


We currently live in the very stable low universal latency epoch of the big bang event. The health of any verse is described by the stability of its information budget. That is the state of information loss and gain which describes the universal expansion or contraction. A healthy universe is one which, by this balance, maintains the physics necessary for the existence of instantiated POV, life. Physics will differ among verses but the health of any verse lies in its stability in maintaining its necessary information budget for individuality. Loss of information is the transfer of the information initially gained at the big bang, and since, back into the metaverse. This transfer is continuous and ongoing due to the natural formation of all manner of Higgs effected entities which describe various mass (or other property) densities which dilate the PH to various degrees ranging from the subtle to the extreme. The transfer of information back into the metaverse is not only the phenomenon which causes gravitation but is also the phenomenon which implements life.


As swirling water guides more water, and also any objects floating therein, into an open drain, so too on macroscopic and cosmic scales, does this flow of information produce the seemingly analogous effect of guiding mass toward the center of information teleportation into the metaverse. However, make no mistake, this effect is not at all equivalent to the familiar phenomenon seen in fluid dynamics but is a quantum informational manifestation born of the interaction of the metaverse with this space-time. In low mass particles and diminutive collections thereof, this information transfer is very weak and likewise so is its gravitation. PH dilation may be effected by properties other than mass; this is suggested by the observed effects of massless entities such as dark matter. The aberration seen as dark energy is due to the reduction of universal latency caused by the universal transfer of information over time and in sufficient magnitude, into the metaverse via the PH, ergo gravity. However, the effect of this information drain is not via its gravitation, but because it also produces an increase in the universal rendering speed which not only changes the speed of light, but more fundamentally, results in a measurable increase in the rendering of cosmic distances to give rise to the accelerated expansion of space-time, ergo Dark energy. What a wonderfully elegant chain of cause and effect does nature conjure.


So, how might one prove that the PH exists? Perhaps for the first time in the history of science, fundamental cosmological and physics questions may be answerable by a microbiological test. The discovery of the LINE hypothesized entanglement cell (EC) and entanglement molecule (EM) would present an initial basis for the description and function of the PH. The quantum teleportation channel which describes the instantiated POV which defines individuality in every living entity is made possible only given the existence and function of the PH as described by the LINE hypothesis. As the big bang is born from an immense infusion of information transferred into this space-time, so too is the ongoing evolution of this universe, its expansions, and its contractions, mediated by the ongoing information transfer by matter densities great and small throughout these cosmos. The current phase of universal evolution may be dominated largely by information being transferred out of this universe and into the metaverse. The viability or health, if you will, of any verse is characterized by the stability of its information budget to essentially maintain a universal ecosystem of information and manifestations thereof for the continued evolution of life.

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To better understand dark matter; conceptually remove from the earth or any living planet, its total biomass consisting of every living cell within that ecosystem. Then virtually have that biomass suspended as a separate body adjacent to the earth. Now virtually remove from the barren earth a second body, this time consisting only of an amount of purely inanimate matter exactly equal in mass to the biomass body. We now have three masses all mutually at rest and suspended in space, one consisting only of living entities, the second mass consisting only of an amount of inanimate matter exactly equivalent to the first, and thirdly we have what’s left of the earth after both subtractions.


The LINE hypothesis suggests that if we were to now separately calculate, with appropriate accuracy and resolution, both the Newtonian and Einsteinian gravitational effect for each of the two subtracted masses, the inanimate, and the biomass, each calculation will yield a result measurably different from the actual measured gravitational influence of the biomass. That is, the biomass is hypothesized to produce a measurably greater actual gravitational influence than its equivalent in purely inanimate matter, and its Einsteinian calculated values. This extra gravitation possessed by the biomass is the LINE gravitation (LG or GL).  In living entities the LG is hypothesized to be due to the increased information drain into the metaverse which is not accounted for in either Newton’s or in Einstein’s formulations. This information drain occurs via the increased bandwidth of the dilated Planck holes (PH) which establishes the position of view (POV), the natural teleportation channel within every living cell. This is a natural property of the cells’ instantiated entanglement molecules (EM) which instantiates each living being contained within the biomass. 


It is this increased information drain that will also deflect a passing light beam to a measurably greater extent as it passes near the living biomass, or near the earth, or near any living planet. In short, a planet with life, all factors being equal, will bend light more than a planet without life. This is because the entanglement molecule, like DNA and many other complex molecules, does not function or may not even remain intact in inanimate matter. Yet, in living matter, the entanglement molecule in each living cell dilates the PH and gravitates to a greater extent than do other molecules. With the appropriate resolution, the density of life on distant planets could be determined by this metric. Of course, this is a very delicate measurement to undertake, as planets such as earth are much smaller than stars and the differential in gravitational influence, LG, specifically caused by the information drain via the POV of its biomass is even smaller. The Moon may be an obvious candidate for an experimental platform for such a test. A nearby cosmic body with no life, this is half the requirement. The trick is finding a clever way to implement the second requirement of the test, to measure the Moon with sufficient living matter on it to make a contrasting gravitational measurement. However, since we are able today to measure the diminutive gravitational waves of distant sources, I have no doubt that this measurement can be performed successfully.


Let us now venture to perform this same conceptual scenario on the Milkyway galaxy; First separate the Milkyway’s total mass of inanimate matter into one spherical body, sufficiently diffuse so as not to collapse into a huge black hole. Now separate into another sphere the known living biomass of the Milkyway galaxy that would be the same biomass as the previous scenario, Earth’s biomass being the only known life that exists. Next, separate into a third sphere a mass equal to the total measured gravitation necessary to keep the Milkyway intact and rotating with its current observed galactic sigma. This third sphere is of a mass sufficient to exactly account for the Milkyways’ extra gravitation, ergo; its’ dark matter. Dark matter is hypothesized to express gravitation but no other aspect of baryonic matter including mass. This would be an inexplicable behavior absent the LINE hypothesis. The sphere of dark matter has a gravitational constant (GD) at present assumed to be equal to the Newtonian gravitational constant (G). This is a necessary placeholder assumption required until dark matter is actually detected and its actual gravitation per unit dark matter particle measured. The eventual value of GD is of little importance to this scenario. The LINE hypothesis suggests that the eventual dark matter gravitation, whatever it turns out to be, is proportional to the extra gravitation of the biomass (GL), even if that value is different from the Newtonian value (G). That is, the extra gravitation hypothesized to exist in living entities is the same extra gravitation measured in galaxies. This prediction infers that the gravitational influence of dark matter (GD) can be measured in any living biomass, like Earths biomass, which is expected to excessively bend a passing beam of light. So, how does this work?


The LINE hypothesis agrees that Dark Matter is an undiscovered particle with subtle degrees of freedom in this space-time and suggests that these degrees of freedom also dilate local PH, to produce gravitation but by a mechanism not present in normal matter. Dark matter particles which act to negatively dilate PH are the most fundamental conveyors of gravitation in this space-time and thereby constitute the particle which manifests gravitation in all forms of matter. As such, dark matter is hypothesized to be the active ingredient in the entanglement molecule. The atomic structure of the entanglement molecule, once formed in viable hosts, captures, and for a lifetime, retains an excess of dark matter particles, not unlike the way atomic isotopes capture and hold electrons, except dark matter particles brings additional gravitation but virtually no additional rest mass. This combination of unlikely partners increases the bandwidth of PH in the vicinity of the entanglement molecule. This extra PH dilation is the superpower, if you will, of the entanglement molecule which establishes the position of view (POV) at unique degrees of freedom of the entanglement spectrum (QEF) in every living entity. This added gravitation occurs by the instantiated entanglement molecule’s sequestration of an excess of dark matter particles which adds an amount of extra gravitation to the collective biomasses total gravitation. Without dark matter, there would be no galaxies as we know them in this universe but also there would be no life as we know it. Dark matter is famously difficult to detect in the environment. Upon the isolation and identification of the entanglement cell and entanglement molecule, we would be significantly closer to identifying and understanding this elusive ingredient in the instantiation of the living individual.


These scenarios each shed light on Vera Rubin’s discovery of unrecounted galactic rotation or sigma currently ascribed to dark matter because PH dilation accounts for each. The LINE hypothesis suggests that dark matter continues to be the undetected phenomenon which dilates the PH regime encompassing entire galaxies and groups thereof which accounts for the unexpected galactic sigma. The measurement of Earth’s predicted planetary gravitational LG differential is hypothesized to be proportional to this galactic sigma, as the galactic sigma was expected to be proportional to Newtons’ gravitational constant (G), but isn’t. This is also the case for occurrences of gravity lensing, due to the prediction that each is caused by accumulated PH dilation, ergo gravitation by dark matter. Vera’s extra gravitation is active in the gravitation of living ecosystems in a common degree of freedom shared by both the entanglement molecule and dark matter. Hence dark matter isn’t merely a source of extra gravitation; it is the particle that conveys all gravitation even to normal matter. This prediction infers that the Newtonian gravitational constant (G) is not a universal constant but is proportional to the number of sequestered dark matter particles within baryonic matter. Given the aforementioned LINE gravitation (GL), when dark matter particles are finally detected and its unit gravitational effect measured (GD), it is hypothesized that (GD= GL).


Entanglement molecules are composed of inanimate atoms which together constitute one component of the natural mechanism needed to establish the antenna-state which defines the living POV. Once entanglement molecules are assimilated into the gestation process of an available viable host, the instantiated entanglement molecule acquires the added capacity to capture available dark matter particles. Together these unlikely participants establish the antenna-state of the POV by sufficiently dilating the bandwidth of local PH to open the vital teleportation channel which enables the critical information transfer that imprints metamatter at ones’ unique degrees of freedom of the quantum entanglement spectrum, ones’ QEF. This state, as long as it persists, instantiates ones’ new position in space-time, ones’ individuality. When released into the environment upon deinstantiation, death, the entanglement molecule’s sequestered dark matter particles are also released.  Consequently, like the unignited matter in a gas nebula or the inanimate matter of Earth, the uninstantiated entanglement molecule, should it persist, resumes its mundane alter ego to gravitate in a more Newtonian manner as does all inanimate matter. Further, if it became feasible to strip baryonic matter of all of its bound dark matter particles, baryonic matter may be dispossessed of gravitation.


On the galactic scale, persistent PH dilation in the absence of detectable matter is a very important phenomenon of this space-time. These scenarios of information transition infer the existence of a commonality between the function of the hypothesized entanglement molecule in living entities and the properties exhibited by dark matter. This is due to their mutual ability to dilate the PH to a degree greater than, and in the absence of normal matter respectively. It is hypothesized that entanglement molecules capture and hold an excess of dark matter particles for the duration of each living entities lifetime. This identifies dark matter as the entanglement particle (EP) which most fundamentally maintains the PH dilation which defines a QE connection to metamatter even in the absence of matter. This gives the entanglement molecule its capacity to establish life. Additionally, dark matter is the particle which singularly causes gravitation in matter. All normal (baryonic) matter gravitates primarily, or entirely, by the sequestering of dark matter particles. Hence, although the Higgs field imbues matter with mass it is a degrees of freedom of dark matter not mass that is responsible for PH dilation both in living entities and imbues gravitation to all baryonic matter and gravitates in the vacuum of deep space. This implies that the eventual isolation and identification of the entanglement cell, entanglement molecule and entanglement particle will unlock the mystery surrounding dark matter. I encourage all thoughtful, nimble-minded researchers or teams thereof, having the means, the capability and the wherewithal to take on these groundbreaking career-defining challenges and do so for the betterment of humankind.


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In honor of the late Stephen W. Hawking;


The universal rendering rate determines the rate of expansion and contraction of any verse. In this universe, it is the universal information budget which informs this rendering rate and the speed of light. The level of universal expansion is not directly due to the local effect of gravitational displacement in this universe. Gravitational displacement, under rarefied conditions, may become consequential to the present state of universal expansion but only as one of several factors in the net universal information budget which together determines the universal rendering rate. The universal expansion may continue to change and accelerate in that change despite any particular state of gravitation at a given time, so long as the net universal information budget precipitates that state, so it will be. At the current stage of universal evolution, what, if any, class of manifestation or phenomena or local information state could precipitate a radical change in the universal rendering rate, and thereby expansion, by its very existence and proliferation?


The influence of this information transfer we call gravitation is not due to its very local effect of force-like path displacement, but far more influentially by the reduction in rendering latency it imparts upon the rendering engine, both locally and universally. So, with black holes being the huge gravitating drains of information flow out of this space-time that they are, and able to grow to even greater influence, together with the information reduction caused by other gravitating structures, one could be forgiven for expecting such imposing information drains to reduce the universal latency sufficiently to propel the current accelerating universal expansion, however, the complexity of such structures are relatively diminutive in the rendering of reality in this universe. Therefore, such aggregations of matter impart a low latency and tax the universal rendering engine minimally. In this comparison lies the clue to what it would take to impose a guiding influence upon the rendering of this space-time. Life is the answer. Yes, though it may seem improbable at first thought, that such a diminutive structure as the living cell and manifestations thereof could pose a significant influence in this arena among the titans of aggregated matter including all manner of dust, planets, stars, galaxies and such, it is in life’s complexity that embodies the key to taxing the universal rendering engine sufficiently to alter universal expansion.


At this stage in universal evolution, it is only the overhead or universal latency induced by the proliferation of structures of densely packed complexity such as living forms which become sources of rendering overhead which can be pivotal. Be careful lest you underestimate this potent ingredient in any universal ecosystem. It is life’s complexity which imbues the most potent catalyst for changes in the universal rendering imaginable. This complexity is evolved from a process of recurring instantiation that can occur by no other natural process in this space-time. This is the process which coalesces information into a density present nowhere else in nature. The effect on the rendering engine of the presence of living cells are orders of magnitude greater than that of inanimate structures such as stars. Rendering a single living cell is far more taxing than rendering a star or a black-hole. Rendering an emerged being like a human or an ant or your pet salamander imparts a universal latency comparable to the rendering of immense swatches of space-time and the inanimate matter contained therein.


Over the course of each lifetime, the organized information feedback through the diminutive teleportation channel of the POV, via the Planck-Holes (PH), permit the evolution of complexity to become living forms. The emergence of the mind is yet another threshold of the universal evolution of complexity which further taxes the rendering engine as nothing before. With this understanding, some early assessment can be made from measurements of the rate of universal expansion, as to the proliferation of life currently in one's universe. Since a greater proliferation of increasingly complex life significantly taxes the universal expansion, this bares a relationship to the amount or proliferation of life in that universe. The LINE capacity (LC) of ones’ verse may limit the proliferation of life before it can influence the universal expansion. However, if by the indigenous laws of physics it doesn’t, because the LC is sufficiently high, then an observed accelerating universal expansion is a likely indicator of a low universal proliferation of complex life. 


 This is not to suggest what type of living forms in particular or the universal population of such forms that are necessary to influence the rendering rate of any particular verse. Such parameters would be specific to the laws of physics and conditions of circumstance within that verse.  Further, the type of life and the threshold of complexity life may ultimately imbue may be unlike anything so far emerged in ones' ecosystem or universe. A significant change in the current state of one's universe may await the eventual emergence of living beings the existence of which could grind the universal acceleration and expansion to an eventual halt, and even cause a reversal therein. The life expressions of living forms may evolve to embody levels of complexity in emergent skills and phenomena humankind could scarcely imagine.


A universe observed to have an accelerating expansion will be an under populated universe. These are young universes populated predominantly by relatively few wild ecosystems such as earth. On the other hand, a universe which displays an accelerating contraction will be one with a very high universal living population and likely is near or at its LINE capacity (LC). The LC, a property naturally imposed by the indigenous laws of physics of a universe, acts as a limiter on the universal living population. This mediates the number of simultaneous living individuals possible in any verse. The LC, therefore, behaves as a potential breaker on universal contraction due to overpopulation by highly complex, highly taxing structures and living entities and could also serve to keep a well-adopted universes’ rendering rate perpetually stable.


Consequentially,  when the universal rendering latency changes sufficiently to alter the universal rendering rate and the speed of light, black holes, whose event horizon (EH) is by definition informed by the universal speed limit, the speed of light, will adjust accordingly to the new rendering rate. Thus, the event horizon of every black hole will contract in direct response to reductions in the universal rendering rate and the speed of light it informs. Further, the EH will never expand by this influence or any other influence except by ingesting sources of gravitation. This adjustment, when contracting, will liberate information caught in black holes since the rendering rate internal to the black holes remains different from the new rendering rate in the surrounding universe. That is, until a balance, an equilibrium is once again reached between the internal rendering rate within the EH and the new external rendering rate outside of the EH. The amount of information liberated in the form of energy released during this adjustment is proportional to the delta between the new and the former light speeds. For example, in a hypothetical case where the universal load is sufficient to tax the rendering of reality by suddenly reducing the max speed limit, the speed of light, say; from 300K km/s to 275K km/s, the information that would be liberated is information previously captured within the EH at the higher light speed.


This information, which by circumstance has sufficient escape velocity in excess of the new lowered speed of light 275K, is given off in this scenario as a blast of energy. This release of bound energy proportionately contracts the diameter of the black hole.  Of course, this example of abrupt changes in universal information load is not a scenario that is likely to occur; more likely is a very gradual virtually imperceptible alteration of the universal rendering rate and the speed of light, which occurs on cosmic timescales. As the actual, dynamic information budget of any verse informs a very diminutive reduction in the speed of light, this causes black holes to radiate only very diminutively; this is the mechanism which produces the effect hypothesized by the iconic physicist; Stephen Hawking, known as Hawking radiation. This suggests that Hawking radiation is produced not by virtual particle separation at the EH but by the ongoing information state of the universal information budget, mediated by the information transition with the metaverse via the PH. Further, if the speed of light in this space-time becomes, either momentarily static or is increasing, then the level of Hawking radiation, universe wide, will be zero as black holes universally further increase their grip on their captured bounty. Hence, by this mechanism, the LINE hypothesis suggests that within a contracting universe, the diameter of black holes will perpetually decrease as they emit Hawking radiation, but in an expanding universe, Hawking radiation will always be zero. Hence, in an expanding universe, there can be no reduction in the diameter of black holes. Together these naturally imposed mechanisms conserve information universally, and solve the Hawking information paradox.


Stable information budgets are evolved or maintained adaptations characteristic of very old verses.  Such budgets may be maintained by an evolved or enforced symbiosis between the living universal populations, the LC, and the universal information budget via the QE spectrum upon which all of these mechanisms operate. By this definition, a universe may also perpetually cycle or bounce between an expansion phase due to a high rendering rate caused by an effective combination of low universal complexity and diminishing information load as may be the current state of this universe, and a contraction phase which eventually destroys sufficient complexity therein to once again start another expansion phase as the universal rendering rate rebounds. So, attempts to determine the age of ones’ universe by measuring its current expansion proximity relative to its most contracted state, ergo its instantiation event (big bang), may provide no insight into the true age of ones’ universe.


So, how might the age of such a cyclic universe be determined? What entity could persist the tell tale imprint that such contortions of space-time may leave in it’s wake?  As the rings of a tree records the path of its growth for all to see, so too does the contraction history of a particular type of black hole reveal this hidden metric. With each contraction phase of a universe, all black holes therein also contract as they liberate a proportional amount of Hawking radiation. However, since all black holes may feed and thereby arbitrarily adjust their bulk in due course, only a black hole that has been isolated for as long a time as possible will persist this critical information. A black hole that has stopped feeding very early in its existence or has never fed is most desirable for this investigation. The ideal candidate is likely to be one that perhaps began its existence as a relatively stationary super-massive black hole instantiated by sudden collapse which then very soon evacuated its surrounding debris field.


This body will also need to be distinguished in its age as, to be useful for this endeavor, its age must be as near to the age of the universal instantiation event (big bang) as possible. Such an isolated super-massive primordial (ISMP) black hole would have experienced each of the universal contractions and expansions and would therefore have a diameter and gravitation shaped by those perturbations. As such, an ISMP black hole would gradually diminish in size with each cycle of its cosmos, becoming increasingly smaller with, and only with, each contraction. Of course the litany of time that is possible to describe by this mechanism is unlike any time-scale currently familiar to humankind. The oldest remaining embers of ISMP black holes that exist in truly senior verses would be smaller than any black hole could possibly get by any other natural means. These are Ember Black Holes (EBH). EBH’s carry the entire contraction history of its’ host universe within its size, degrees of freedom and remaining gravitational signature. An understanding of how a particular EBH formed and its original features, compared to its current state would reveal the valuable data.

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The natural mechanisms which establish the position of view (POV) in living entities must be definable by all of the laws and structures of nature. As such this standing quantum wave manifested by the entanglement molecule is describable in normal physics terms some familiar, yet some will remain novel for a time. All are necessary for the instantiation of life in this universe. Further, the phenomenon known as entanglement has been known for some time but is poorly understood yet is fundamental to the workings of nature writ large. The coherent sharing of state information is the wiring between this space-time and the degrees of freedom (DOF) of the metaverse. Some of these DOF defines metamatter. Metamatter is hypothesized to be the metaverse phenomenon which enables the mobility of individuality in this universe. It is how you came to be where you are right now. It is not one's parents or any particular line of ancestry that instantiates you in your current ecosystem. All have played what is a rather mundane role in local host proliferation and evolution and contribute to one's fidelity of teleportation and prospects for one's future life. Nonetheless, in nature every living host, to one degree or another, does likewise. So how do the most fundamental mechanisms of nature interact to make this amazing phenomenon of nature possible?



The LINE hypothesis suggests; In this universe, Planck Holes (PH) are the fundamental multidimensional degrees of freedom (DOF) of the fabric of space-time which, under very specific conditions early in the universal instantiation event (big bang), forged amalgams of information from the information entering this universe to become particles of all types including dark matter (DM) and its antiparticle (ADM). The effect known as mass is induced in all baryonic matter by its interaction with the Higgs field which produces a minimal PH dilation and thereby minimal gravitation. This minimal PH bandwidth produced by normal matter is what causes the information flowing out of this universe into the metaverse to accumulate around affected PH. As water swirls around an open drain; information accumulates around minimally dilated PH and thereby imbues mass to particles of baryonic matter. This information trap around the PH is the most fundamental mechanism which defines spontaneous symmetry breaking within baryonic matter.



Further, and just as significantly, not unlike the most diminutive black hole feeding effect imaginable, this information bottleneck creates a circulating or spinning information channel around local PH. These spinning information channels define the quantum states of all baryonic particles. While within sufficiently close proximity, these rotating information channels in normal matter strongly heterodyne to manifest a particular type of strong entanglement to form the powerful and pivotal binding interaction, the glue (ergo; Gluon) known as the strong nuclear force (SF). This spherical, rotational information drain around baryonic particles, imbued by the Higgs field, is effective on the nuclear level but originates on the sub-nuclear PH level. Hence, the SF also acts as a sub-nuclear strong force to bind the baryonic triad of quarks which form atomic particles. It is this joining of circulating information channels around PH that manifest the strong force which permit normal matter to congeal into atoms. Furthermore, the weak nuclear force emerges from this mass defining feature as a sporadic ejection of amalgams of information to manifest diminutive particles (alpha, beta, neutrinos, etc.) in unstable atoms to produce a form of radioactive mass decay. This decay is akin to the jets of information ejected by an overfeeding black hole due to insufficient PH bandwidth. This effect also occurs in overfed PH within particles essentially choking on accumulated information within radioactive particles.



Additionally, this revolving or spinning PH channel of information, induced by the Higgs fields’ interaction with baryonic particles, not only informs particle mass and the mechanisms for binding and decay but also embodies the aptly named fundamental defining degree of freedom known as spin. Spin is the DOF which fundamentally manifests the electromagnetic properties of baryonic matter. Consequently, not unlike the earth’s molten circulating mantel, the quantity of information accumulated around the PH (the core) in baryonic matter defines the property known as mass, while the circulation of this information defines particle spin and its electromagnetic properties known as charge. These common states of PH interaction by sub-nuclear information channels within baryonic matter constitute the strong-electro-weak interactions. In normal matter, some configurations of the circulating information channels around PH positively (inflow) dilates the PH to teleport mass-less amalgams of information into this space-time from the metaverse in the form of the particles known as photons.



Emitted photons, once in the Higgs field, neither accumulate information (mass) nor dilate the PH (gravitate) so they travel at the maximum universal rendering speed, ergo; the speed of light. Photons will have a spin that is informed by and are entangled with, the spin state of their parent PH regimes from which they emerged. As the spin of a bullet is informed by features indigenous to the rifle barrel from which it emerged, so too are the amalgams of information called photons imbued (entangled) with the net spin state of the circulating channel of information around the PH regime from which it emerged. Consequently, photons are the particles that carry electromagnetic radiation, light. Light is emitted when information enters this space-time via positively dilated PH and defines the mechanism which creates otherwise mysterious phenomena such as sonoluminescence and the Casimir effect. These PH channels of information that flow within particles manifest at or near the Planck scale in three-dimensional space-time. Therefore, PH’s, like all fields, entirely pervade the occupying particles. On this scale, the familiar macroscopic processes of burning, fission, fusion, sonic stimulation, etc. which exposes these effects, are themselves universes away.



The effect known as gravitation occurs as Higgs effected particles of dark matter negatively (outflow), and more substantially, dilates local PH to a greater bandwidth than occurs in normal matter. Hence, dark matter provides a wider channel for information teleportation out of this space-time into the metaverse with little or no information accumulation or circulation. Therefore, no spontaneous symmetry breaking occurs when dark matter interacts with the Higgs field; ergo; no mass or spin. This lack of circulating information is the key to all of the differences between baryonic matter and dark matter. This smooth flow of information into the PH dilated by dark matter defines the presence of an enhanced gravitational effect as information exits this space-time unperturbed. Yet, the absence of these pivotal disruptions in information teleportation mandates that dark matter will not express the other fundamental properties and forces of nature such as mass and electromagnetism, or the strong force, or the weak force. Hence, dark matter will be weakly interacting. By this separation of responsibilities, it is hypothesized that baryonic matter is only imbued with significant gravitation upon its sequestration of dark matter particles while both are under the influence of the Higgs field. Ergo; matter radiates, and dark matter gravitates.



The Higgs field is the attenuation field responsible for PH dilation which produces spontaneous symmetry breaking in normal matter. The Higgs field is itself another among many of the mostly anonymous dimensions (DOF) predicted by string theory. The Higgs field exposes its own unique DOF that interacts with different particles in different ways to produce the DOF which define this space-time. These interactions manifest in this space-time as mass and as the known fundamental forces and all of the phenomena of this universe. Entanglement, Einstein’s spooky action, is one such phenomenon. Quantum entanglement is the coherent sharing of state information which occurs at a particular bandwidth of PH dilation. The PH bandwidth appropriate for entanglement (space-time  thru-flow), defines a different DOF of the QE spectrum for information teleportation than that of gravitation (space-time outflow) or radiation (space-time inflow).



Entanglement occurs in baryonic matter as these circulating channels of information in particles, while within adequate proximity, become weakly heterodyned to entangle weakly and thereby monogamistically share a common degree of freedom of the quantum entanglement spectrum, ergo; the quantum entanglement frequency (QEF). This common QEF, is not necessarily a frequency, and is monogamistically unique to each QE connection with metamatter and defines the teleportation channel between each of the entangled participants’. This shared state is nonlocal and persists across any separation in this space-time. This entanglement manifests a channel of appropriate bandwidth for two-way teleportation of information as compared to the one-way, PH bandwidths which constitute both the negative gravitational and positive photon radiating, PH states. Entangled states may be induced synthetically in the laboratory or naturally, in among other things, in living beings. This mechanism defines the LINE hypothesized mechanism that instantiates the antenna-state known as the position of view (POV) in living entities and enables the mobility of individuality in this universe.

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The LINE hypothesis suggests that time dilations are the relative differences between local rendering rates of reality within a gravitational gradient. The information teleportation that is gravitation, increases in closer proximity to regions of more dilated Planck-Holes (PH) and decrease toward the less dilated PH regions, i.e., of deep space away from sources of gravitation. Why would a higher rate of information drain produced by a higher PH dilation and bandwidth decrease the local rendering rate of reality? On local scales, information drain, via the PH, produce a local information deficit which is conserved by consuming local vulnerable information states. This will manifest as a bending of a beam of light or the slowing of a ticking clock. This occurs even in the presence of a single gravitating body (M1). M1 hosts gravitation which although increasingly imperceptible at a distance, reduces the information load on its hosting universe writ large in an unbounded sphere of influence centered upon the PH dilation distribution around M1’s center of gravitation. 

Metaphorically, consider an Olympic size swimming pool with a small drain hole at the pool bottom which may be dilated remotely. As water drains out of the pool via this sufficiently dilated opening, this flow produces rotational turbulence locally as water molecules jostle and displace each other under a number of influences to enter the drain. In this circumstance, this turbulence is organized into a funnel or whirlpool effect local to the center of drain dilation. This drain of water also draws in masses within local proximity and of vulnerable size and state. These effects of hydraulic displacement manifest most influentially locally to the center of the drain but rapidly diminish further away. For example, in an increasingly larger pool, the funnel displacement of an object floating on the surface, on the opposite end of the pool, will be practically imperceptible as compared to the movement of objects in and near the drain funnel. However, the pool-wide effect of the ongoing drainage of water is not zero and may be more apparent in its influence upon other degrees of freedom of the pool. For example, the weight of the entire pool or its water surface level as compared to fixed entities as the water drains may be somewhat more detectable. Analogously, information flow, via the PH, produce very local gravitational effects and also collectively manifests net universal effects. 

 It is the local information drain into the metaverse which alters the rendering rate of the affected entity. This occurs because all amalgams of information, particles, and manifestations thereof, define a rendering rate informed by its current state including its momentum. In a gravitational gradient, this momentum is consumed at all scales to fulfill the information deficit. This slows the rendering rate of change, ergo; time. Hence, a clock may be observed to slow as it approaches regions of higher gravitation. The universal expansion accelerates by the same influence, but not of gravitational displacement but more fundamentally by the net universal information drain into the metaverse it produces which lowers the information load universally and quickens the rendering rate of reality and influences the rate of change, time, and distance and informs the current speed of light. Hence, the reason the vacuum energy (dark energy) is currently calculated to be so unreasonably high, some 120 orders of magnitude above measurement, is due to this PH information drain not being accounted for. Existing quantum mechanical formulations assume no Planck scale universal information transfer into the metaverse. Upon the inclusion of this critical factor the calculated values will come into alignment with measurement.

How does the QE channel via the PH produce individuality in living beings? Individuality is an instantiated POV which is a channel of information teleportation outflow from this space-time into the metaverse. The antenna state of the POV, that condition which most fundamentally places you here, now, is most fundamentally a state of information transition, not a state of information processing as is widely believed today. Inanimate matter evolved to incorporate this information flow to be the antenna state of the POV as the basis for individuality. Complex emerged host with EC further evolved to incorporate sensory telemetry processing, via the POVH bond, centered upon the POV which became consciousness, self-awareness, cognition, intelligence, etc.. It is a strange and unexpected effect which emerges from the PH teleportation of information into the metaverse which becomes the instantiated position of view.
That this very basic condition of an apparently mundane natural phenomenon could become the basis for individuality, perception and intelligence and all manner of evolved features of a living being is not at first intuitive. With no basis for comparison, we can only accept this implementation for what it is. Its usefulness as a foundation for individuality due to the observed monogamistic qualities of the QE spectrum seems plausible. Also, the POV being primarily a claim on territory, essentially a point in space-time, makes some sense when considered through PH dilation. This begs the question, does a particular PH regime define the POV and therefore travels with the individual for as long as it is instantiated? Or is the teleportation channel to metamatter the entity which is handed from one PH regime to another as the individual moves through space-time? As gravitation moves through space-time with a body of mass all the while passing its influence from one PH regime to another. Comparatively, as the persistence of a TV transmission owes no allegiance to any persistent formation or aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, the electromagnetic spectrum is not monogamistic as is the QE spectrum.

Hence, instantiation of the individual POV far away from an appropriate PH dilation field, ergo gravitation, will be impossible. This suggests that reproduction will not be possible in deep space. This is not only a consequence of classical biological and environmental conditions but due to the low QE bandwidth of the undilated PH of deep-space. In fact, if instantiation, life, depends upon the persistence of the POV yet the POV requires some minimum level of PH dilation, greater than that found in deep-space, then a living being straying too far beyond an appropriate gravitational scape or gravityscape, regardless of how that field is manifested, may be fatal. Neil Armstrong and other brave astronauts have empirically shown that straying beyond the earths' gravitation, at least as far away as the Moon, is not fatal. 

However, life has not been tested in regions of ultra-low gravitation of extra-solar space. The PH dilation of Interstellar and intergalactic space may or may not prove to be sufficient to maintain life.  Life on earth may be as stable as it is only due to the stability of the gravitation in this region of space due to the specific PH dilation distribution or gravityscape of this solar system. Not only due to the earth's gravitation but due to a combination of the suns and that of the other planets and other bodies as well. If this is indeed the case, it may be one more reason why life seems to be so rare in these cosmos. An ideal environment of PH dilation adequate for the instantiation of life may require specific intra-solar system gravityscape and straying too far beyond it could deinstantiate the delicate teleportation channel that is the position-of-view. 

By this hypothesized definition, a deeper causal distinction can now be made between natural gravitation and the artificial gravitation of an accelerating reference frame, as the PH dilation defines only the former. The need for natural gravitation required for the instantiation of individuality cannot be fulfilled by centrifugal rotation (artificial gravity) which does not produce the requisite teleportation channel with metamatter. Until a means to measure the PH dilation of deep space from within a solar system is achieved, without actually sending life there, bacteria or other champions of earths’ microbiome would be the only viable candidates for such a test. However, testing the limits of instantiation here on earth once the entanglement cell (EC), molecule (EM) and particle (EP) are isolated and identified will yield relevant data.

The reason such a seemingly delicate phenomenon as the instantiation of a standing quantum wave which constitutes the POV is sustainable for decades are a direct consequence of dark matters very weak interaction with the rest of this universe. This is the reason life can be sustained amidst all manner of aggressive and corrosive effects so long as the EM’s that sequester the EP (dark matter) are shielded so they may retain these critical particles. Like a fortress protects a treasure, the continued retention of the EP is the very definition of life. It is a great and necessary asset that as long as this retention is maintained, there exist very few environmental intrusions that may directly affect the EP. If not for dark matters’ extremely weak interaction with baryonic matter and the fields and conditions which affect normal matter, the typical onslaught of X-ray photons from a visit to the doctor’s office or showers of neutrinos and such unstoppable invaders would end life. If the entity which directly establishes PH dilation and maintains the quantum teleportation channel at ones unique QEF was also susceptible to such intrusions, life would never have occurred. Unfortunately, this immunity isn’t shared by the very corporeal EC or EM which hosts the EP. Instead, it is these replaceable, disposable, corporeal structures of the host form which are susceptible to such attacks that give their existence in due course to maintain ones' current instantiation. For these structures an adequate protective enclosure is required, one that provides these vital systems with the necessary isolation from all manner of host and potential environmental intrusions and effects. The integrity and fortitude of the living host is the requirement that has driven evolution from the very beginning of life on Earth.

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The LINE Queue:

On Earth, during the gestation period  of each viable host for life, the processes of Mitosis, Meiosis, Cleavage, Bifurcation, Translation, Transcription, Replication are all essential processes that construct, and for a lifetime, maintain the stage, the host form, from which any individual will live life and are all quite interesting in their own right. However, it is during the process called instantiation which establishes the individuals position-of-view (POV) that you enter stage-left (instantiate) and will eventually exit stage-right (deinstantiate) leaving behind the anonymous local material, the atoms and molecules which construct the living host, the stage from which each lifetime will unfold.

What is it that every pharaoh, emperor, sheik, king, or individual of sufficient power and means eventually desires most above all else in life? It is to influence, or otherwise take control of what comes next for the individual after one’s current life ends. A control, without which, for any living being, all of the power and treasure in the world will eventually come to nothing. Such individuals may pass on their fortunes and status to others but what is to become of the individual? What becomes of you? No doubt we have been nurtured by our respective societies and cultures to consider such notions in established traditional often mythological ways, however, until a culture accepts the actual, natural, and empirical process which govern and mediate the universal instantiation and mobility of individuality, this amounts to nothing more than an accepted or enforced cognitive dissonance, ergo; self delusion. So, how can a living individual influence in what form, circumstances and where one will reinstantiate in one's next life?

On Earth, in the year 2019 AD, being the only known life hosting ecosystem in existence, the human birth rate is an average of 360,000 births per day and the human mortality rate is approximately 151,600 deaths per day. Hence, with each rotation of the Earth, there is, on average, over 200,000 additional viable human host forms available for instantiation than there are deceased human lifeID’s imprinted to metamatter. LifeID's of individuals that have been recently instantiated, living as human beings hosted by earth's ecology. Understand that the lifeID is the heterodyned information states of a particular individual’s instantiated degrees-of-freedom of the QE spectrum (QEF) and host form imprinted to metamatter which serves to bias that particular individual to extant compatible host wherever such forms may exist in space-time. Such locations are some viable habitat within a viable environment. Therefore, individuality, life, may be instantiated either  by way of a viable host form’s QE connection with an available, compatible lifeID previously imprinted to metamatter or, alternatively, by such hosts QE connection to un-imprinted stem-metamatter at an original to this ecosystem, ergo; virgin QEF. 

These numbers suggest that on earth, there is, on average, 150,000 additional human individuals per day who have been recently instantiated to earth’s ecology and therefore possess imprinted lifeiID’s which are compatible with extant Earth forms seeking reinstantiation, seeking a new life. Given the current human reproduction rate, these 150,000, formerly human, individuals each day will very quickly be reinstantiated to newly available, highly compatible human hosts. This leaves the additional 200,000 newly conceived human hosts to entangle QEF that are recently new to the human form. These new QEF are individuals that are probabilistically more likely to have been previously instantiated to near-human species. Such near-species possess genetics which imprints metamatter, ergo lifeid’s that are evolutionarily more compatible with human hosts then other extant host forms. Such compatible species may be those of extant primate forms and eventually of increasingly more distant mammalian hosts and beyond. Over time, the uninstantiated lifeID imprinted to metamatter, fades as its metamatter imprint gradually regresses to a stem-metamatter condition. In so doing, its compatibility with extant host forms probabilistically regresses down the evolutionary tree of Earth-life. This regression of the lifeID causes ones QEF to reinstantiate related extant forms, population providing. Else, lifeID compatibility will continue to descend the evolutionary tree until a stem-metamatter condition is reached which describes a truly indeterminate or null LifeID. A null lifeID renders the individual QEF able to instantiate any viable host form that may emerge anywhere in this space-time.

This also suggests that host reproduction over and above the mortality rate of any given ecosystem will instantiate virgin QEF. That is, the individuals’ degrees-of-freedom, ones’ QEF, becomes the dominant bias of ones’ lifeID, having no remaining host specific bias whatsoever imprinted to metamatter. This leaves the individuals’ QEF probabilistically highly susceptible to reinstantiate into existing distant DNA lines or beyond. So, why would the regression of the LifeID conform to the evolutionary path of DNA? For the entire history of earth-life metamatter has been imprinted by all of the evolved host forms which have led to present-day forms. As the individual lives and species evolve, metamatter is hypothesized to imprint gradually in increasingly opaquely influential layers of metadata which obscures but also protects and essentially fossilizes prior  imprinting much as Geological sedimentation covers and protects ancient layers and artifacts. Thereby permitting the winds of time during prolonged periods of deinstantiation to gradually erode ones imprinted metamatter to gradually expose past imprinting to available compatible hosts seeking instantiation. This is what permits the possibility of regression over time, to ancestral host forms. 

The LINE hypothesis suggests that metamatter is as much a part of life as is ones genetics, they go hand in hand, regardless of the differences between the physics of the metaverse and the physics of this universe. Hence, as rock progressively erodes to reveal its distant fossilized history, likewise, the compatibility or FT of the dissipating lifeID is informed by its imprinted evolutionary history. However, metamatter imprinting is tempered by long spans of evolutionary time. Therefore, recent ancestral traits will not naturally persist in matamatter with any great potency. As a result, few, if any, culturally significant inherited distinctions existing for less than some minimum span of time will be found to naturally imprint to metamatter. Hence, such traits are unlikely to influence the lifeID and the individuals FT. For one’s FT, such traits constitute weak attractors. 

Gender, for example, having been an indigenous trait of earth-life for many millions of years across many diverse species may be a strong attractor to species within mammalian imprinted lifeIDs, but will nonetheless, remain a weak attractor for the individual FT given the highly transient nature of the gene expression that determine one’s current gender. Likewise, other more transient host features such as fur, hair and dermis details and complexion or facial structure, will also be weak attractors. This suggests that many culturally contrived demographic traits will not carry from one instantiation to another. So, when Sheik Zayed, Queen Elizabeth, or Bill Gates, say they would like to reinstantiate into their current family line or to a specifically prepared host, though they may have particular demographic features in mind, there is no telling what compatibility their actual natural FT describes. Hence, only synthetic manipulation of the conditions of their next deinstantiation event will permit some degree of influence over their prospects for reinstantiation.

For natural familial instantiation to occur one must deinstantiate within the instantiation period of gestation of a highly compatible host form, ergo; a close relative. However, it is typically highly improbable that any individual would deinstantiate during the instantiation period of gestation of a member of one’s immediate and desired family. Such an occasion would almost certainly need to be pre-arranged and would require a conception that is carefully synchronized with one’s next deinstantiation event, death. The instantiation period or LINE period (LPD) is hypothesized to be that span of time during the gestation of a viable host within which the developing host form seeks to instantiate available QEF or lifeID. At present, for humans, the LPD is estimated to be a moment around the eleventh day of gestation. The LINE process will benefit from refinements of the LPD to within hours instead of days of this pivotal moment in the reproductive process.

Hence, the LINE hypothesis suggests that the individual at death has a very small chance of naturally reinstantiating into their current immediate family line. What is typical for an individual at death, in an ecosystem which hosts an abundance of one’s current species, is certain reinstantiation of one’s lifeID to a sufficiently compatible host. However, to do so, some amount of time will need to pass during which the individual's lifeID will adapt or regress from its current imprinted host state to another sufficiently compatible DNA line. The location of such candidate forms in space-time is completely inconsequential to this non-local process. Regress in this context is the time dependant loss of imprint resolution of one’s imprinted metamatter with ones current heterodyned DNA and QEF state. This regress causes one’s fidelity of teleportation (FT) to become increasingly dissimilar and hence less compatible with ones current host, and increasingly more compatible with increasingly distant relatives. Since all living forms in an indigenous ecosystem are ecological relatives with each other, all species in ones current ecology are eventually candidates for reinstantiation with indigenous lifeID’s.

If no familial or closely compatible hosts are undergoing the instantiation process within a robust and tightly similar DNA pool such as homo-sapiens, reinstantiation will be to increasingly distant extant relatives and eventually to near and increasingly distant species within ones indigenous ecosystem and eventually beyond.  Such distant and near-species instantiations are much less likely when ones current species is genetically similar and thriving with no extant near species such as  Neanderthals or Cro-Magnon etc.. Of the 360,000 instantiations of human hosts that occur each day on earth, how could one influence and simultaneously maximize ones reinstantiation prospects to one preferred host? The LINE hypothesis introduces such a process called; The LINE Queue (LQ).

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Figure 1: Depiction of a Pyrine composed of dark matter particles sequestered around a minimally dilated Planck hole regime within normal (baryonic) matter. (CH-30 ‘On The Universal Mobility Of Individuality, - By Means Of Natural Entanglement’ Amazon KDP Press.)


The Baking Of Pi (π)



The LINE hypothesis suggests that both matter and space are most fundamentally composed of amalgams of information states within a scaffolding of Planck-scale features called Planck holes (PH). The amalgams of information known as sub-atomic particles are composed of Planck-scale structures formed around PH called pyrine (sounds like pie-reen from the Greek ‘pyrí̱n or pyrí̱nas’ for core, nucleus or kernel). Pyrines are a structure naturally formed when the mass defining information channels accumulated around minimally dilated Planck Holes (PH) within hadronic matter sequesters a proportional number of dark matter particles. The pyrine is the most fundamental structure of information that composes baryonic matter. Pyrines are as many orders of magnitude smaller than an atom as the atom is smaller than the observable universe. Pyrines are the structures formed around Planck holes in the presence of Higgs affected particles of Hadronic matter and which produce the information channels which manifest mass and the strong-electro-weak nuclear interactions. Pyrines do not form in dark matter; consequently, Pyrines define all of the differences between normal matter and dark matter.



All manifestations of space within this universe came into existence early in the universal instantiation event (UIE). Space formed when the PH field congealed and PH regimes therein became moderately compacted. Like sediment in a landslide, portions of the PH field was compacted from metaverse information states entering this universe called; solutions-of-state (SoS). Individual PH regimes became quantized and separated yet bound together by a type of spatial entanglement. This spatial entanglement is the information transition which separates or ‘spaces’ PH regimes in vacuum to form the dimensional topography of space and determines the value of the Planck length. These tethered PH regimes are the scaffolding upon which the pyrine form. Prior to the formation of these compacted PH regimes, space did not exist, only the space defining, entangled channels which would soon connect separate PH regimes dominated the ocean of SoS infused at the UIE. These channels permitted instantaneous communication and expansion within the SoS of the UIE.  Soon this primordial field would render to become the fabric of space. The density of space, its’ PH spacing, persists and proportionally deforms with PH dilation in the presence of the circulating information trapped within channels around affected PH. These information traps only form within hadronic matter and proportionally sequesters dark matter particles to form pyrines. Hence, particles of dark matter dilate the PH, the pours, the most fundamental drain for information in this universe. Together, these structures most fundamentally manifest the effects of stretching, curvature, and waves in space-time known as gravitation. Gravitation is produced by dark matter whether as free particles or sequestered within baryonic matter. Therefore, gravitational waves are most fundamentally waves of dark matter particles released in a cataclysmic confluence of gravitational sources of sufficient magnitude needed to liberate and accelerate dark matter, whether free or bound deep within the information channels that form the pyrine. 



A black hole, within its event horizon, is essentially an extremely large pyrine as both, unlike all other structures; possess the capacity to sequester the elusive dark matter particles. The number of dark matter particles sequestered within a black hole may be calculated but never measured. The detectable, measurable portion of a black holes’ gravitation exists on our side of the event horizon (EH) and therefore conforms to Newtonian and Einsteinian physics. However, within the pyrine, as within the PH and within the EH exists a different regime of altered space which harbors streams of free and bound dark matter particles and information within channels that cannot be supported by the fabric of normal space. Pyrines are the most fundamental structures that compose hadronic matter. The Debyton is the name given to the undiscovered particle that most fundamentally composes dark matter to dilate the PH in the absence of mass. The energies that are required to detect the Debyton is extremely high as it would essentially require the breaking apart of the pyrine to liberate its sequestered Debytonic particles of dark matter.



The universally consistent value or constant, known as Pi (3.14159…) has emerged from the density and separation of the PH in normal space. This spacing is the average distribution of PH in any space which defines the value known as the Planck length. This spacing, defines the concentration of PH, the pours of the fabric of space which informs the information permeability of space. This permeability is proportional to PH dilation and to its teleportation bandwidth and was initially established at the universal instantiation event (big-bang) and has since evolved to its’ current state. Consequently, normal space is not the only space at play in this universe. Higgs-space is a different layer of PH density with a different PH permeability. Together both layers manifest all of the degrees-of-freedom (DOF) of normal space and are metaphorically in contact at what can be thought of as a boundary layer filled with information. An apt metaphor for this configuration is an osmotic membrane consisting of two porous layers, one denser than the other. Hence, normal space is stretched via this interaction and locally becomes more permeable to information. This transition or teleportation of information into the metaverse through the boundary layer that is normal space is what we call gravitation. The PH density of normal space determines the minimal or vacuum bandwidth of a PH regime. The ground state vacuum permeability is informed by the boundary interaction between these two different layers of PH density. Higgs-space applies a type of symmetry breaking pressure to normal space which we call the Higgs field, therefore PH dilate proportionally to produce the effects of gravitation. This gravitational effect is amplified by the local amalgams of information of various types and densities called matter particles and manifestations thereof.  Under the influence of the Higgs field, particles of Dark matter dilates PH to greater bandwidth than does normal matter, hence produces a greater gravitational effect.



 The value of Pi can be thought of as the result of the topography produced at the boundary layer where Higgs-space’s higher PH density meets the metaverse’s lower PH density. The effect or pressure for spontaneous symmetry breaking provided by the Higgs field is produced by its interaction with the budget of trapped information between these two layers. This interaction manifests all of the features that emerge from the pyrine. These features include information density known as; mass; quantum states and information dynamics called; the strong-electro-weak interactions and the net Lagrangian energy profile, called; momentum.  The information drain produced by dark matter particle sequestration density within the pyrine and the resulting net PH bandwidth for information teleportation out of this universe are known as gravitation. The pyrine and its' effects form in the presence of hadronic matter and are transferred from one PH regime to another as the parent particles move through space. Movement is most fundamentally the transition of pyrine from one PH regime to another. This hand-off, or path, depends upon the specific local gradients of PH bandwidth that pyrine within particles undergo as they move through space. This path is linear and constant when both the pyrine state as well as local PH dilation remain constant. Alternatively, curved motion and acceleration of matter in vacuum occur either via the change of information density within the pyrine, ergo; mass, via the transfer of energy and additionally, via gradients in the local PH dilation of surrounding space, ergo; gravitation.



Consider a large sheet of elastic fabric pulled taught in all directions; now draw a one-meter diameter circle on the fabric. Now stretch the fabric from its edges and place a bowling ball in the center of the fabric. As the fabric stretches in all directions, the circle appears to dilute or break apart as it acquires missing pieces or gaps. These gaps occur because the structural elements of the fabric upon which the circle is defined, is becoming more dilute, less dense. In this metaphor, it may seem as though this is nothing more than a cosmetic illusion of the paint or ink cracking as the fabric stretches apart, however, in space the ink is information aggregated as matter within pyrine and the fabric is space defined by the PH regimes. As this stretching and dilution of PH continue, the aggregation of the gaps or arcs in the circle can be represented as some total amount of arc or gap greater or less than the normal 360 degrees of a circle.  Also, the diameter of the circle is also severely altered by the presence of the bowling ball to an even larger degree than is the circumference of the circle. This measurably alters the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of the circle ergo; Pi. Both of these contortions demonstrate the dependency of Pi on the density of the substrate of space. The current density of the PH in this universe produces a Pi of 3.14159…. Very few phenomena can measurably alter this relationship of Pi to PH density in real-time. Gravity waves and black holes are two such phenomena.



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The empirical foundations of nature upon which life and the recurrence and mobility of individuality is implemented is as real, and eventually, as definable as ones genetics. The LINE hypothesis suggests that the most fundamental topography of this space emerges from multiple layers of compacted Planck hole (PH) regimes. The layer of denser compacted PH called Higgs-space is in contact or otherwise, affects the less compacted PH of the Hilbert space called the metaverse. The influence or pressure at the boundary layer where these two multi-dimensional topographies meet creates normal space and the iconic feature of this space known as the Higgs field. Higgs-space has a higher (by convention) PH density hence a higher Pi value, whereas the metaverse has the opposite (lower by convention) PH density and therefore a diminishing value of Pi. With a diminishing Pi value of the metaverse, the diameter of circles and spheres therein unintuitively becomes greater than its’ circumference. Within the metaverse, this altered relationship manifests a space which approaches the state known as a singularity.  

As with any more dense substance that is in contact with a less dense substance, Higgs-space behaves as a weight resting against a sheet of the fabric of the metaverse. The primordial amalgams of information in this space called matter emerge from an ocean of information infused at the universal instantiation event (UIE) and are akin to grains of sediment trapped between these two boundary layers. This interaction produces a type of universal attenuation field or pressure on the information filled boundary layer that is this universe. This pressure, called the Higgs-field is proportionally amplified by aggregations of matter particles of various densities which dilate local PH bandwidths. As a direct result, matter becomes non-relativistic, thereby locally further dilates the PH of normal space to produce local information transitional effects. Hence, information osmotically teleports through the locally dilated PH of normal space in the presence of normal matter and in the vacuum of deep space via free dark matter particles under the influence of the Higgs field and, to a greater extent, within living beings via the instantiated entanglement molecule (EM).

The entity known as the Higgs boson is produced by the local shortening of the Planck length in space. This fundamental length, which describes PH spacing and density, is due to a particular spike in the PH bandwidth of affected PH regimes by a sufficiently high infusion of information, ergo; energy.  A more gradual increase in PH dilation is produced by increasing the velocity at which matter moves through space. As the relative velocity of baryonic matter approach the current maximum universal speed limit, the speed of light, information accumulation per pyrine also begins to increase. Consequently, dark matter particle sequestration capacity per pyrine and its’ accompanying gravitation increase proportionally. Hence, increasing PH dilation will begin to proportionally absorb the spatial entanglement channels which separate the PH in normal space. This is the mechanism by which the information deficit demanded by increasing gravitation is paid and thereby produces the phenomenon known as Lorentz contraction, among others. The attenuation of PH spatial entanglement reduces the separation between affected PH but only in the path of motion since only those PH regimes become occupied by the pyrine of the accelerating matter. This contraction directionally shortens distance (and diameters) within the affected space. Consequently, highly localized, concentrated infusions of energy may cause a highly localized deformation of the fabric of space. Such contortions of space may be measured as a fleeting bump which can be described as a particle known as the Higgs boson. Similar deformations of space greatly amplified under the proper conditions, are the phenomenon which amalgamates space to produce all manifestations of matter particles within this universe. 

The average PH density or separation of normal space, which is a metaphor for a property that may have no analog in this universe, is directly responsible for the value of Pi. Pi is the relationship between the diameter and circumference of any minimally enclosed PH regime, ergo; a circle or sphere. One could easily outline a PH regime that is not minimally enclosed. This would be any closed outline in space that is not perfectly circular or spherical (perimeter is not continuously circular or spheroid or is bumpy). A circle arises when any outline minimally encloses a PH regime in any space. Once a circle is outlined, in any density of space, some value of Pi is the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of this minimized enclosure. This is because the largest linear distance across the boundary of the regime, its diameter, is determined by the PH density of the enclosed space. This density determines the relationship between linear paths and non-linear paths in space, ergo; Pi. Increase the density of the PH, as in Higgs-space, and you get a greater value of Pi (i.e. Pi=7.32879…) for any minimally enclosed PH regime therein. In short PH density defines space, distance, and geometry. Reduce the PH density of space, as in the metaverse, and you get a space that produces equivalent circles with a diminishing value of Pi (i.e. Pi=0.05623…), and thereby circles and spheres therein approach a point, a point known as the singularity. The singularity is predicted by general relativity to exist within maximally dilated PH regimes known as black holes.

Density and volume emerge from changes of the quantity of information accumulated within PH regimes by any of several means. Means which include increasing velocity, adding mass, heating within a confined space by any means, etc.. Such processes increase the quantity of information within PH regimes or accumulated per pyrine in normal matter. Velocity has the unique property of directly uniformly increasing the information aggregated per PH, ergo; mass, which forms individual pyrine. At first, adding more mass in bulk does not increase information accumulation per pyrine, but does initially increase both mass and volume to produce a normalized increase in the density of matter as seen in the accretion process of planetoids. In the accretion process, while the mass of the body rises, so too does its volume, while total gravitation remains insufficient to compact the PH regimes therein. As mass and volume gradually rise, so too does the bodies’ total PH bandwidth ergo; gravitation, within a growing PH regime. This normalized increase in density continues until all unoccupied space between and within the object's atoms become occupied to the nuclear level. Eventually, within any space, gravitation may become sufficiently powerful to compress and merge multiple separate pyrine into a single compacted pyrine while maintaining the normal spatial entanglement bandwidth which separates the PH. In so doing, the quantity of information accumulated per pyrine and its proportional number of sequestered dark matter particles increases within a given PH regime. Increasing density under hyper gravitational compression in matter involves the rising of dark matter sequestration capacity of individual pyrine therein. It is at this stage that a maximally dilated PH regime known as a black hole begins to form.

Normal gradients in mass density within baryonic matter describe a change in the number of pyrine within the affected volume while maintaining the same proportion of sequestered dark matter particles per pyrine. This spatial compacting of pyrine within a diminishing PH regime will continue to increase the density of the body up to a critical point. That point is reached when the number of sequestered dark matter particles per unit volume reaches a maximum number, ergo a critical density and gravitation within a given PH regime. The radius of such a gravitationally saturated PH regime in any space, for a given value of Pi, is known as the Schwarzschild radius. As information density increases past the critical stage within the Schwarzschild radius, PH separation begins to increase as PH density decreases and space abnormally begins to stretch, not into normal space, but into the singularity. Hence, PH teleportation bandwidth, ergo; gravitation, may also continue to increase while the value of Pi continues to decrease. This phase describes the spatial collapse toward the metaverse space known as the singularity. In this collapse, the normal meaning of distance demarked by a circles diameter not only changes value but loses its meaning in normal space and in the mathematics thereof. 

The Schwarzschild radius is the radius of a PH regime wherein the spatial entanglement channels, which binds the PH to define space, can no longer normally support additional dark matter particles per pyrine. Within the Schwarzschild radius, space then becomes immediately unstable. Fundamentally, the PH teleportation bandwidth of gravitationally saturated pyrine now begins to consume the bandwidth of the critical spatial entanglement channel which normally separates and binds PH together to create space as we know it. This spatial entanglement separates the PH at the core of every pyrine and determines the current normal value of Pi in this universe. Within the Schwarzschild radius, the value of Pi is no longer normal as it diminishes toward the metaverse value of Pi. With it, the degrees of freedom (i.e. bandwidth) of the entanglement channels which maintains spatial separation between the PH is absorbed. In so doing, space within the EH undergoes what appears to observers in normal space to be a spatial contraction. This contraction inferred by general relativity is referred to as the collapse toward a singularity. This collapse is counter-intuitively produced by PH separation. This stretching of space expands not into the three dimensions of normal space but into the dimensions of the singularity, into the metaverse. 

Comparatively, as an overabundance of baryonic particles sequestered within the atomic nuclei within radioactive atoms become unstable, so too does an overabundance of dark matter particles sequestered within the pyrine produce an information drain and a teleportation bandwidth that may eventually destabilize the spatial entanglement channel that normally binds PH regimes together.  As the critical spatial entanglement which normally binds the PH begins to weaken deep within the photon trap that is the event horizon, the metaphorical separation or spacing between the PH also begins to increase. This stretching effectively deforms the fabric of space and alters its’ PH teleportation bandwidth and the value of Pi within the maximally dilated PH regime of black holes. The space within the EH of a black hole begins to contract as the value of Pi reduces and inextricably guides captured information into the metaverse. These interactions define the most fundamental relationships between the PH field that is space and the various forms of information transitions and teleportation; ergo; gravitation, radiation, entanglement, momentum and information accumulation known as mass, and informs the flow of time and the geometry of any space and its' value of Pi. All are manifestations of the interdependent degrees-of-freedom which inform the universal information budget and emerge from the dynamics of a common universal quantum entanglement (QE) spectrum. Further, the LINE hypothesis suggests these DOF define the quantum entanglement frequency (QEF) which establishes the state of PH dilation that is the antenna state that defines the unique position of view (POV) able to recurringly instantiate individuality (you) throughout this universe.

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I am not so sure about that.  Whoever or more likely whatever is posting this has not responded in any way to any of the comments made by myself or others over the last two years.  I assume it is some sort of spambot.

Blimey! I had no idea spambots were so sophisticated nowadays. This one is able, brilliantly, to simulate the obsessions and solipsism of the internet crank.  :winknudge:

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