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  1. To conquer the heavens, technology is not enough; Human social dysfunction, today and historically, is a direct result of accepted false narratives about life and individuality of both a religious and secular nature. These erroneous ideas lead individuals to accept one’s current host DNA demographic history as one’s personal history. To most, this makes complete sense. Indeed, what else could one’s history be? It is certainly true that events which become history is executed by individuals that are instantiated to living hosts as are we. Moreover, if what one sees in the mirror will defin
  2. In memory of George P. Floyd Jr.: Memory is a mirror we cannot see beyond; It has been over 160 years since Charles Darwin helped to open one of humanity's eyes to an understanding of life on Earth, that is, how living entities transform and evolve in the forms they do within Earth’s ecosystem. Prior to Darwin’s seminal insights humanity remained in a state of abject ignorance. Unfortunately, with Darwin’s insights, humanities ignorance has become only slightly less abject. In fact, one could say that humanities ignorance has become even more abject for all of the dysfunction that has sinc
  3. The Blooming Of The Galaxies; The distinguished astronomer Vera Rubin was the first on Earth to discover the non-Einsteinian galactic sigma. The galactic sigma is the non-Newtonian relationship between the orbital velocities of stars at the outer edges of galaxies and those deeper within. Since Vera’s seminal discoveries and the subsequent discovery by others of supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies, a great debate has ensued. How to account for this strange discrepancy in what should be resolved physics. How does the central black hole fit in? The answers to these questions li
  4. Further, the LINE hypothesis suggests that the presence of solar EBH anywhere in one's universe is the sole indicator that this universe is a cyclic universe older than one universal transition event (big bang). The presence of EBH requires many cycles of universal contractions to contract an ISMP black hole to this diminutive mass. Solar EBH formation is not possible by any other natural means within the time span of only a single universal transition phase. To further refine the known age of one’s universe to its true age we must look into the light released from the wall of fire (WOF) of a
  5. A secret only Tabby’s star can tell; The LINE hypothesis suggests that Ember Black Holes (EBH) are the remains of Isolated Super Massive Primordial (ISMP) black holes that have undergone all or most of a universe’s expansion and contraction cycles. With each contraction cycle of a verse, all black holes therein contract as they emit a proportional amount of Hawking radiation. By this process, ISMP becomes EBH black holes. EBH, therefore, carries the information which reveals a verse's true age. So, how can an EBH be found? Since EBH are as small as a black hole can get by any natural means a
  6. Dark Matter Comes To The Standard Model; The LINE hypothesis suggests that space in this universe is defined by a three-dimensional scaffolding of Planck holes (PH) that are interconnected and separated by spatial entanglement channels. With a sufficiently high infusion of localized information as energy, this space and particles therein may be contorted, amalgamated and splintered off to form matter particles of all types. These particles populate the well-known catalog of particles known as the standard model but also inform manifestations of other fundamental particles currently only hinte
  7. The empirical foundations of nature upon which life and the recurrence and mobility of individuality is implemented is as real, and eventually, as definable as ones genetics. The LINE hypothesis suggests that the most fundamental topography of this space emerges from multiple layers of compacted Planck hole (PH) regimes. The layer of denser compacted PH called Higgs-space is in contact or otherwise, affects the less compacted PH of the Hilbert space called the metaverse. The influence or pressure at the boundary layer where these two multi-dimensional topographies meet creates normal space and
  8. Figure 1: Depiction of a Pyrine composed of dark matter particles sequestered around a minimally dilated Planck hole regime within normal (baryonic) matter. (CH-30 ‘On The Universal Mobility Of Individuality, - By Means Of Natural Entanglement’ Amazon KDP Press.) The Baking Of Pi (π) The LINE hypothesis suggests that both matter and space are most fundamentally composed of amalgams of information states within a scaffolding of Planck-scale features called Planck holes (PH). The amalgams of information known as sub-atomic particles are composed of Planck-scale structures formed around PH
  9. The LINE Queue: On Earth, during the gestation period of each viable host for life, the processes of Mitosis, Meiosis, Cleavage, Bifurcation, Translation, Transcription, Replication are all essential processes that construct, and for a lifetime, maintain the stage, the host form, from which any individual will live life and are all quite interesting in their own right. However, it is during the process called instantiation which establishes the individuals position-of-view (POV) that you enter stage-left (instantiate) and will eventually exit stage-right (deinstantiate) leaving behind the an
  10. Empirical observations for the existence of Earths' predicted LINE Gravitational Differential (LG) described in post#:22 https://arxiv.org/pdf/0907.4184.pdf https://www.researchgate.net/publication/238772150_Investigations_into_the_unexpected_Delta-V_increases_during_the_Earth_gravity_assists_of_Galileo_and_NEAR
  11. The LINE hypothesis suggests that time dilations are the relative differences between local rendering rates of reality within a gravitational gradient. The information teleportation that is gravitation, increases in closer proximity to regions of more dilated Planck-Holes (PH) and decrease toward the less dilated PH regions, i.e., of deep space away from sources of gravitation. Why would a higher rate of information drain produced by a higher PH dilation and bandwidth decrease the local rendering rate of reality? On local scales, information drain, via the PH, produce a local information defic
  12. The natural mechanisms which establish the position of view (POV) in living entities must be definable by all of the laws and structures of nature. As such this standing quantum wave manifested by the entanglement molecule is describable in normal physics terms some familiar, yet some will remain novel for a time. All are necessary for the instantiation of life in this universe. Further, the phenomenon known as entanglement has been known for some time but is poorly understood yet is fundamental to the workings of nature writ large. The coherent sharing of state information is the wiring betwe
  13. In honor of the late Stephen W. Hawking; The universal rendering rate determines the rate of expansion and contraction of any verse. In this universe, it is the universal information budget which informs this rendering rate and the speed of light. The level of universal expansion is not directly due to the local effect of gravitational displacement in this universe. Gravitational displacement, under rarefied conditions, may become consequential to the present state of universal expansion but only as one of several factors in the net universal information budget which together determines the
  14. To better understand dark matter; conceptually remove from the earth or any living planet, its total biomass consisting of every living cell within that ecosystem. Then virtually have that biomass suspended as a separate body adjacent to the earth. Now virtually remove from the barren earth a second body, this time consisting only of an amount of purely inanimate matter exactly equal in mass to the biomass body. We now have three masses all mutually at rest and suspended in space, one consisting only of living entities, the second mass consisting only of an amount of inanimate matter exactly e
  15. Gravitation is perhaps the most vexing enigma in the history of physics. It was long considered to be Newton’s attractive force between masses. Later, gravity came to be understood more accurately as Einstein’s curvature of space-time which guides matter toward the center of gravitation. However, the metaphor of a curvature of space-time doesn’t capture the more fundamental reality which governs this enigmatic phenomenon. In the ongoing description of gravity, there remain defining features yet unbeknownst. The LINE hypothesis suggests that gravity is the effect more fundamentally caused, at a
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