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  1. Superposition vs Entanglement. The LINE hypothesis proposes that a particle in a state of superposition is a single particle in this space-time entangled to metamatter in the Hilbert-space called the metaverse. In superposition, the particles’ degrees of freedom (DOF) are continuously instantaneously shared or teleported between it and its entangled metamatter. This sharing manifests in this space-time as the particle existing in multiple states simultaneously. Collapse of any superposition state involves disentanglement of the particle from its entangled metamatter via foreign inf
  2. A wave is very much Higgs constrained. The Higgs field not only induces relativistic mass to waves of baryonic particles but also informs the maximum universal speed limit which is the speed of waves of massless bosons like the photon (light). The necessary foundation needed to interrogate ideas such as the LINE hypothesis or Max's ideas or relativity and evolution requires a strong prerequisite grounding in the sciences, physics and cosmology by any means.
  3. Assuming such 'dynamic patterns' can arise where possible throughout this universe, without travel , ergo is not Higgs constrained, what prevents the duplication of your 'dynamic pattern'? Such duplication would simultaneously instantiate multiples of you in this universe ? How is your dynamic pattern monogamistic throughout space-time. If you agree that only one of you can exist at one time then this pattern must enforce only a singleton instance of you. This is the role of death, to live you must first not be alive, because there can be only one of you in existence at a time. This is the mon
  4. Max's ideas or indeed any plausible description of local phenomena or conditions or of universal physics that is in fact viable for the implementation of living host forms is welcomed by the LINE hypothesis. However, what is missing in all this is you. What is necessary to instantiate each instance of your specific presence here and elsewhere. The questions addressed by the LINE hypothesis is; What is it that most fundamentally defines you in nature? Not ones current species. How is that similar or different from what defines me whether I am instantiated on earth along with you or far awa
  5. The thought experiment in the original post of this thread "The LINE Scenario; Earth is gone..." is meant to challenge ones Earth and human centric mentality. It is meant to guide nimble minds to realize what is empirically necessary to define and implement life and individuality throughout this vast universe and in nature writ large. The LINE scenario forces one to acknowledge that in this accelerating, expanding, Higgs constrained universe, the vast distances separating viable habitats for life cannot be bridged by matter or by electormagnitism or by any classically mediated phenomenon.
  6. The significant conclusion being proposed is that individuality brings no sentience, nor consciousness, no awareness, no intelligence, no senses, only ones temporary positions in space time. Such advanced features are only emergent features of complex hosts, species. NASA is not looking for people, fish, insects or any multicellular organism on Mars or in Venuses' atmosphere, but they are nonetheless looking for life. Nature implements no significant distinction between one viable host form and another. What can evolve may, and such viable hosts become candidates to instantiate any individual
  7. Form what you are saying It appears that you only need to think on this a little longer to see the reality of it. The LINE hypothesis describes the position of view (POV) as the natural teleportation channel established by each living entity via the coherent interaction between the hosts' entanglement molecules with metamatter. The POV establishes a singleton space-time position, an eigenstate of information. That is, an antenna state which defines individuality, a temporary claim on territory which, for each lifetime, defines ones presence in whatever forms are available in any given vi
  8. At first the comprehension that ones’ first person individuality is abstracted, separate, and distinct from the evolution, development, and life of ones’ cells is a tough hurdle for the mind to overcome, even for Max. Even as it is viewed from various perspectives, and in the absence of clarifying empirical evidence, it requires some time alone in contemplation and a steely objectivity to come to realize the truth of it. However humankind has had this problem before. It is essential to recognize that maintaining life and maintaining an emerged individuality are both essential but separate
  9. The endeavor is to identify and locate the subjects’ hypothesized entanglement cells via a systematic decremental process of targeted termination of candidate cells within the test subject (i.e. fruit flies), and thereby to finally terminate a healthy subject by destroying only the subjects’ entanglement cells, while inflicting no damage to the hosts’ non-EC cells, ergo death without damage. Today all death known to modern science is eventually forensically caused by cellular damage to structures singularly or collectively vital to host function. Such damage can invariably be determin
  10. This is interesting material, thanks. The fine line required in the proposed search for the entanglement cell (EC) in complex hosts is subject death without damage. That is, the requirement that genuine EC disruption must not cause any other damage or systemic disruption premortem. There are a great many structures that if disrupted will perpetuate death of the subject but only by its cascading damage causing failure of other essential systems and structures which together all contribute to subject termination. Likewise the criteria for genuine entanglement molecule (EM) subject termination wi
  11. Interesting...So would MT pass the proposed test of Posted October 26, 2017 (edited). That is, if you disrupted or even destroyed the MT in a living cell or organism, conceivably might that isolated action alone terminate the subject?
  12. This line of thought sounds promising in its direction. The instantiating mechanism must be available to all life that may emerge in this universe not only within earths ecosystem. Keep in mind, the electromagnetic spectrum cannot be the basis for the non-local mobility of individuality because it does not possess the monogamistic qualities required as does the QE spectrum.
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