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How Does Individual Life 'you' Populate This Universe?


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Dark Matter Comes To The Standard Model;

The LINE hypothesis suggests that space in this universe is defined by a three-dimensional scaffolding of Planck holes (PH) that are interconnected and separated by spatial entanglement channels. With a sufficiently high infusion of localized information as energy, this space and particles therein may be contorted, amalgamated and splintered off to form matter particles of all types. These particles populate the well-known catalog of particles known as the standard model but also inform manifestations of other fundamental particles currently only hinted at and yet others remain unbeknownst. The most fundamental amalgamation of PH regimes that form matter particles known or unknown involves the splintering off of a single minimal PH regime which consists of one entanglement channel terminated at each of two ends by a single PH to form a strand otherwise known as a string. The PH at each end of a separated strand is thereafter called a transmission conduit (TC).

One or more strands or mesh, once separated from the fabric of space, will describe a particle informed by the specific local conditions which precipitated its separation. For example, a strand may have sufficient energy to dilate both of its TC’s sufficiently to fully absorb the entanglement channel which separates them. Thereby producing a particle having no spatial separation, no distance between its TC, no size, hence produces a point particle. On such occasions when both TC’s also become opposing overlapping and outward-facing conduits, (make two adjoining fists with thumbs extended and each pointing in the opposite direction), the particle becomes emissive and radiate phase-shifted information into this space-time in the form of entangled packets called photons. The well-known point particle produced on such an occasion is called the electron. 

Each TC of an electron perpetually emits information in the form of entangled photons. Photons are emitted in opposing directions and phase and thereby manifest two types of fields known as electric and magnetic. Each photon pair attracts the other and may travel through space-time as electromagnetic waves in the eternal dance of the photons. Photons emitted by electrons circumstantially also enable all manner of bonds between baryonic particles.  This opposing TC configuration of the electron gives the electron a more stable demeanor, like two rockets strapped together but with thrust directed in opposite directions. Hence, the electron may spin but comparatively tends not to go very far or very fast. Consequently, and most importantly for reality, as we know it, the electron can, therefore, be stabilized to form atoms.

Alternatively, a severed strand may follow most of the electrons prescription except, instead of its TC becoming opposing overlapping outward-facing conduits they may be oriented in the same outward-facing direction (make two adjoining fists with thumbs extended and each pointing in the same direction) this configuration produces another well-known point particle called the neutrino. Within the neutrino, the complementary outward-facing TC configuration makes the neutrino all go and no stay. The neutrino is akin to two rockets tied together but having their thrust vectored in the same direction. Hence the neutrino is a fleeting highly transient point charge that showers space-time from any sufficiently energetic and emissive source.

The PH at the core of every pyrine within baryonic particles is not actually a part of the particle but composes the fabric of space. This abstraction allows the particle the mobility to move through space by transitioning from one PH regime to another. The rest mass of baryonic particles is defined by the accumulated information channel around this transient core PH regime.  Other more massive versions of the hadronic point particles are formed similarly but with a different information accumulation forming a more massive pyrine. Such particles include the Muon and the Tau variants.

 The force-carrying particles exist as pure information states which do not consist of strands of separated TC. These information packets may originate from the mass defining circulating information channel accumulated around the PH which sequesters dark matter particles to form pyrine, or alternatively, may emerge from the underlying metaverse. The Gluon is a strong binding interaction between neighboring information channels. The W and Z bosons, like the jets from a diminutive overfeeding black hole due to insufficient PH bandwidth, are packets of information ejected from the channels of accumulated information within the pyrine.

 Photons, on the other hand, are an original inflow of information into this universe from the metaverse and constitute an information gain to the universal information budget of this space-time. Gravitation, in all cases, is the outflow of information into the metaverse via the dilated PH or TC and constitutes an information loss to the universal information budget of this space-time. Since each of these transitions or teleportation’s of information is universally conserved, no fundamental laws of nature are broken. The photon, gluon and W and Z bosons all have gauge symmetry because they are not structured amalgams of PH strands which give the other particles dimensionality and rest mass via the pyrine. Gauge bosons exist only as unstructured information and therefore travel at the current maximum universal rendering rate, the speed of light.

However, dark matter is a strange animal which possesses none of the information trapping features of other strand based particles, and yet harbors a much greater indigenous gravitational outflow. This is unlike baryonic particles which acquire their gravitation via the sequestration of dark matter particles.  A debytonic particle of dark matter is a negatively hyper-dilated strand and is a point particle like the electron or neutrino but hosts no pyrine structure thereby possesses none of those DOF and yet establishes enhanced gravitation. The LINE hypothesis suggests that the cause of this unique debytonic behavior of dark matter is due to a DOF that dark matter coherently shares with the metaverse via its very own undiscovered particle. This shared metaverse DOF is called; metamatter. This behavior grants dark matter the capacity to dilate the PH to create the tangible physical structure that manifests viable habitats for life and the living forms they host in this space-time and also to instantiate emerged individuality (you) via the entanglement molecule (EM) wherever viable host forms may arise in this universe.

The emerged information channels produced by the PH regime of a strand or a mesh of strands produce the color charge of Quarks. The triad of emerged information nodes called quarks is a projection into the subatomic scale of a composition of PH strands that define a particulate PH regime which exists at the Planck scale. Each quark is defined by two TC’s and their combined degrees-of-freedom (DOF) of in or out information flow combinations known as colors. The information hot spots within baryonic matter known as quarks are not separate entities but are projections of an underlying PH regime and are akin to a three-pronged household electrical socket into the underlying PH regime and cannot be permanently separated. 

Furthermore, these PH regimes are congealed into a mesh of three end-to-end strands possessing insufficient energy to further dilate the TC at the end of each strand and are thereby unable to absorb the spatial entanglement channel which separates them. This state, for which we are eternally grateful, produces the persistent separation between the emerged TC nodes that form this pivotally important structure, thereby forming the familiar triad of quarks that give baryonic particles dimensionality, ergo; size. This persistent separation bestows upon the emerged particle (protons and neutrons) a DOF of dimensionality called size, or the lack thereof, and is among the most important manifestations of reality in this universe. This relationship reveals the basis for the distinction between dimensionality (size) and substance (mass). An entity may possess any amount of mass and yet possess no size in this space-time (i.e. a point particle) and vice-versa, informed only by the spatial entanglement channel which separates its quarks.

Each quark in this universe is defined by a combination of two TC, each from one end of two adjoining strands of the triad of strands which compose hadronic matter. There are six known types of quarks; Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange, and Charmed. However, the LINE hypothesis suggests that each quark is defined by two possible TC information flow orientations in combinations of; (in, out or null). The combinations of these information transitions yield eight possible effective flow orientations for each quark: 

Up (in-in), Down (out-out), Top (in-out), Bottom (out-in), Strange (in-null), Charmed (null-in), ? (out-null), ? (null-out). BG (null-null)

The null-null TC flow combination is the background (BG) state which describes a minimal, no-flow transmission mode. This BG state defines the ambient non-quark regions surrounding the three effective-transmission nodes known as quarks within particles such as the proton and neutron. The remaining eight effective transmission states each possess at least one effective TC flow state of either (in) or (out). Of these eight, there are six widely known standard-model quarks that produce all of the hadronic matter in this universe. These six are readily apparent because each is defined by TC pairs which include, or are always accompanied within the triad by, at least one inflow TC state. That defining inflow channel of information exists within each baryonic combination of the six known quarks, and most influentially within the Up-quark, and delivers all of the baryonic information that defines normal matter and connects the underlying PH regimes to the macro-world we may experience. 

Further, notice that there are two other TC information flow orientations remaining; (out-null) and (null-out). These two states also define quarks, for nature waists nothing. These undiscovered quarks are defined by TC pairs which include only information outflow channels and thereby constitute purely gravitational channels and render these quarks very difficult to detect. These purely gravitational quarks unknown to the standard model define the much sought after, purely gravitational particle, widely known as dark matter. This new particle is called the Debyton.  Consequently, the LINE hypothesis suggests that there are in fact eight flavors of quarks; these two missing quarks bring the elusive dark matter and its anti-particle into the standard model to include the proton, the neutron, and the debyton. The debytonic quarks attempt to configure as other quarks do into a triad but consume the spatial entanglement channels that separate them to collapse the triad into a point particle having all six TC in the outflow (gravitating) orientation. Hence, the debyton becomes the hyper-dilated gravitating particle that is dark matter. The debyton is the missing fundamental particle which dominates every aspect of reality in this space-time.  

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A secret only Tabby’s star can tell;


The LINE hypothesis suggests that Ember Black Holes (EBH) are the remains of Isolated Super Massive Primordial (ISMP) black holes that have undergone all or most of a universe’s expansion and contraction cycles. With each contraction cycle of a verse, all black holes therein contract as they emit a proportional amount of Hawking radiation. By this process, ISMP becomes EBH black holes. EBH, therefore, carries the information which reveals a verse's true age. So, how can an EBH be found? Since EBH are as small as a black hole can get by any natural means and is, by definition, isolated for most of its existence, one could be forgiven for expecting it to be a significant challenge to find EBH in a circumstance conducive to extracting this valuable data. However, in nature, with proper consideration, the possible becomes practical.



Consider that the mass of EBH’s may range from the very massive to being sub-planetary in size. Within this envelope, one crucial factor for the detection of EBH is the observers’ technological capability. For humans, in the year 2019 A.D., planet-sized EBH is the best fit for current human technological capability and accuracy in determining the age of this universe. This viable approach is to search for EBH’s which, after surviving countless universal contraction cycles spanning epochs of deep universal time, have been captured by a star’s gravitation and now orbits its host star as a typical planet does. These are solar EBH. In this approach, we may use a suite of exo-planetary detection technology and methods to study and mine the desired data. So, what to look for?



What distinguishing features would a solar EBH captured at a stable distance from its host star reveal? In this endeavor, both the transit and wobble methods of planet detection remain options for the study of solar bound EBH. Solar EBH’s will display many of the features of a planet orbiting its star with one revealing exception. All EBH will lens light in a manner distinguished from a normal planet of any given size. In place of the normal atmospheric effect upon light displayed by some planets, instead, an EBH will offer a dynamic gradient of light distorting gravitational lensing effects as any black hole would.  The innermost border of this lensing PH regime marks the boundary called the event horizon (EH). Near the EH the lensing distortions of light succumb to the gravitational well of the EBH which captures light in an invisible orbital sphere just outside of the EH. This is the wall of fire (WOF). The WOF is not directly observable and is a feature of all black holes, including the light feeding solar EBH. The WOF is the orbital wall of information created where the path of affected photons is curved by its gravitation into a closed orbit around the EBH. Within the WOF, photons temporarily neither fall into the event horizon nor escapes the gravitation of the black hole but are in a temporary orbit above the EH. Hence, as a satellite orbits its planet, light orbits the EBH. Because light is captured within the WOF, it will never be detected unless such light can somehow be perturbed into escaping its covert path around the EBH.



As a satellite may be knocked from its orbit by external effects, so to can the light captured within this unusual orbit. Similar perturbations of the WOF can be produced by very few influences. Gravitational gradients are perhaps the only influences that can affect the WOF. As planets and other gravitating bodies tug on the Earth and moon and as the Moon gravitates the Earth, EBH in orbit within an otherwise typical planetary solar system will participate in similar influences in due course. However, within the delicate balance that is the WOF, even a relatively minor gravitational imbalance may give light captured in the WOF just the right escape conditions needed to liberate information from this dark path. This lensing and emission of energy can occur constantly and sporadically around the sphere of the WOF informed by the local solar environment. Make no mistake, such emissions are not the liberation of information from within the black holes’ event horizon, since the WOF is not within the event horizon but is just outside of it. The difference being, information within the EH will forever remain beyond the influence of any external effect. Whereas, information within the WOF which is outside of the EH, may succumb to adequate external gravitational stimuli. The distinguishing light signature of a solar EBH that is properly aligned with its observer, will appear periodically during transits as it orbits its host star.  A solar EBH, like a planet, is continuously bathed in the solar energy of its host star. The light signature of a solar EBH will be observed as a periodic but erratic and arbitrarily extreme light signature in place of what should be a diminutive, predictable, normal planetary transit signature.



Unlike a normal satellite that can be knocked, boosted or thrown out of its orbit, and with the speed of light being constant on human planetary time scales, how then could captured light be similarly liberated from the WOF? The speed of light will remain the same for the duration of any foreseeable observation, therefore, it is only via the gravitational tidal effect of the solar environment that will alter the gravity well of the EBH. Not by altering the escape velocity of light but rather by high tide, if you will. The gravitational tidal effect in one location on the WOF will produce a low tide on some other location of the WOF. It is these gravitational tidal differentials that will permit the liberation of information previously captured around the EH. Low tide is in effect a reduction in gravitation which will act as a hole or opening through which a proportional amount of information possessing sufficient escape velocity may escape from the otherwise impenetrable gravity well that is the WOF.  The profile of such releases can be quite tumultuous yet possess a certain periodicity indicative of planetary solar orbits. Tabby’s star is one such profile. The LINE hypothesis suggests that most of the observed perturbations in starlight intensity seen in Tabby’s star may be due to a combination of gravity lensing and photon capture and release within the WOF of an orbiting solar EBH under the influence of the local gravityscape in that solar system.


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Further, the LINE hypothesis suggests that the presence of solar EBH anywhere in one's universe is the sole indicator that this universe is a cyclic universe older than one universal transition event (big bang). The presence of EBH requires many cycles of universal contractions to contract an ISMP black hole to this diminutive mass. Solar EBH formation is not possible by any other natural means within the time span of only a single universal transition phase. To further refine the known age of one’s universe to its true age we must look into the light released from the wall of fire (WOF) of a gravitationally perturbed solar EBH such as the one orbiting Tabby’s star. The WOF is the invisible closed region of space-time adjacent to and outside of the EH which traps photons within a spherical orbit. Consider the perspective of a single photon trapped within the WOF. From the photon's perspective, it is traveling through space-time normally. The fact that the space-time of the WOF is a closed orbit around a maximally dilated PH regime of a black hole is inconsequential. Photons will travel for eons of deep universal time within the WOF oblivious to their circumstance even as the ISMP contracts into an EBH.



Photons that have managed to remain within the WOF of an ISMP black hole for the entire duration since the universal instantiation event are called primordial photons (PPH). PPH’s are photons that, by chance, have never had the occasion to escape the dark treadmill of space and time that defines the WOF of its black hole. As an ISMP black hole experiences each of the universal contraction cycles, it liberates a proportional amount of information as Hawking radiation. Moreover, due to its isolation, it all the while remains significantly unchanged for each universal expansion. By this mechanism, the mass of an ISMP black hole diminishes as does its footprint and sphere of influence in space-time. In so doing, the space-time of the WOF in which PPH relentlessly orbits the EBH also contracts. For PPH this contraction of WOF space is no different from the contraction or expansion of normal space, each will produce a proportional Doppler shift in the PPH degrees of freedom. The LINE hypothesis suggests that the contraction of all EBH is informed by the universal information budget, and produces PPH that is proportionally blue-shifted in a manner equivalent to the manner in which the current universal expansion of normal space produces a proportional red-shift of light.



Consequently, EBH are like time capsules for light. As emissions from a solar EBH are released by local gravitational tidal differentials, such releases contain a mix of photons from every stage of an ISMP’s existence, including the valuable PPH. The telltale degrees of freedom of PPH imbued with the long history of the ISMP’s evolution into an EBH is told by emissions of the most heavily blue-shifted PPH compacted within the WOF. The proper measurement of the degrees of freedom of EBH from the otherwise mysterious emissions of stars like Tabby’s star ascribes the litany of time that reveals the true age of this universe.


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The Blooming Of The Galaxies;


The distinguished astronomer Vera Rubin was the first on Earth to discover the non-Einsteinian galactic sigma. The galactic sigma is the non-Newtonian relationship between the orbital velocities of stars at the outer edges of galaxies and those deeper within.  Since Vera’s seminal discoveries and the subsequent discovery by others of supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies, a great debate has ensued. How to account for this strange discrepancy in what should be resolved physics. How does the central black hole fit in? The answers to these questions lie in understanding how galaxies form through the prism of the LINE hypothesis.



The LINE hypothesis suggests that it is only during phases of universal contraction that black holes liberate information as Hawking radiation. The final emissions of Hawking radiation released by surviving black holes in the latter stages of each universal transition event (UTE) mark the blooming stage of surviving black holes to become transitional primordial structures called galaxoids. The UTE phase compresses all particles into a free information state. Any free information not bound within the event horizon of surviving black holes degenerates back into the original information state of the SoS (solution of state) from which all information in this universe originated. Even the Planck Holes (PH) that normally define the scaffolding of normal space succumbs to this degeneracy. In addition to the free SoS, this compacting leaves only a background substrate consisting of the spatial entanglement channels which normally separates and binds together the PH in normal space. During the UTE, space as we know it is no longer normal as it degenerates into a very high rendering, extremely low latency information teleportation mode. In this mode, the barrier of space that normally separates the verses is stirred into the SoS carried by spatial entanglement channels.



A UTE produces an inflationary phase which approaches but is not identical to the original inflation phase of the universal instantiation event (UIE). Today both of these very different and pivotal phases of universal instantiation and transition are referred to as big bangs. This is because they are incorrectly thought to be one and the same. Each UTE phase initiates a new expansion phase when the vast amount of information liberated as Hawking radiation from all black holes within a contracting universe is compressed to a critical density, temperature, and state. This rebound is the hyper luminal inflation of the information liberated from all black holes during the entire contraction phase as black holes establish equilibrium per the surrounding universal information budget. During each UTE, some, but not all of the universal degrees of freedom (DOF) known as ‘constants’ which will inform the next universal expansion and reality, are uniquely initialized thereby probabilistically informing a unique evolution of information in the burgeoning universe. Black holes that do not completely dissipate are the only structures that may survive the UTE.



The primordial phase immediately following the universal instantiation event (UIE) called inflation, was first hypothesized by Alan Guth. The UIE and UTE inflation phases both imbue a certain homogeny to affected information within the new verse. However, only the UTE has the opportunity to inflate the information trapped within the WOF of black holes. This inflation is informed by the universal information budget. Consequently, a new universal expansion phase ensues. In the UTE this early inflationary phase grows or blooms the information released as Hawking radiation around every black hole into a dispersed homogenous (in substance and in kinetics) sphere of gas which in time evolve to become nebulae, stars and all manifestations thereof in galaxies. Because the atoms in this transitional sphere of gas did not migrate to their positions by Newtonian physics but by rapid inflation, the stars and other cosmological manifestations that emerge from these constituents also will not be observed to strictly adhere to Newtonian dynamics. 



The blooming of black holes into new galaxoids, occurs during UTE inflation. UTE inflation occurs as a consequence of the severe contraction of space-time. This contraction destroys complexity universally at all scales and initiates a universal phase transition. Consequently, as a CPU’s rendering rate increases with the shutdown of all active complex processes therein, likewise, by destroying complexity, the UTE initiates a rebound of the decreasing universal rendering rate and with it an increase in the maximum universal speed limit. Additionally, upon this phase transition state, the spatial entanglement channels which normally bind the PH in normal space become dominant during the UTE. This degenerate state of space permits information to travel within this unfamiliar medium at a non-deterministically high velocity that is much greater than the familiar speed of light.



During each UTE, Hawking radiation accumulates around each surviving black hole. This accumulation forms the shell of information formerly described in normal space as the black hole’s wall of fire (WOF). During the inflationary phase of the UTE, the WOF shell around each surviving black hole also inflates. This WOF inflation produces a far more defused sphere of information around each black hole called the WOF halo. This inflated information bloom gravitationally encompasses each primordial transitional black hole. Together these manifestations compose a galaxoid. Galaxoids are the primordial seeds that evolve to become galaxies. Galaxies cannot gravitationally aggregate in normal space as planets and solar systems do. Galaxies evolve from galaxoids that are superluminally inflated during each universal transition event.



Like the free information that fills the new universe, the WOF halo is the material that, in time, condenses into particles and atoms around central black holes.  These particles eventually gravitationally collapse to become stars and all of the manifestations which form galaxies, which may thereafter be circumstantially held together by dark matter. Hence, there can be expected to be a remnant of the blooming black hole remaining at the center of a typical galaxy. By transitional inflation during each UTE, the uniformity, distribution, and velocity of stars and other matter at the galactic edge become unexpectedly correlated with matter deeper within. So too is the uniformity, trajectory, and velocities of structures throughout the cosmos writ large informed by the initial inflation at the UIE and with each subsequent UTE inflation.



The LINE hypothesis suggests that transitional black holes bloom into galaxoids during the inflationary phase of the UTE. This is the process that forges the otherwise mysterious relationship between a galaxy and its central black hole. The Hawking emissions from black holes during all stages of universal contraction and particularly during the final stages of each UTE causes a verse’s inflationary rebound. This inflation disperses information at the then maximum universal rendering rate, a velocity faster than light as we know it. This circumstantially cyclic inflation accounts for the initial homogenous distribution of matter in galaxies. Moreover, the UIE, which sparked the initial, much different, universal inflation widely known as the big bang similarly accounts for this universe’s initial homogenous microwave background and distribution of galaxies.



So how can an ISMP black hole remain isolated through numerous UTE? Doesn’t a UTE cause black holes to become galaxoids with a WOF halo? Yes, but not all WOF halos are equal or substantial. It is important to remember that within the UTE, space as we know it does not exist and neither does distance or size. Black holes within the UTE is nothing like black holes in normal space. So, picturing black holes as regular black holes all bunched together is a completely false representation of the UTE state. Suffice it to say that the laws of conservation of information are maintained through each UTE. Hence, once the PH and space reconstitute after inflation and the next expansion phase ensues, black holes may maintain their prior information content within their enclosed regime and near the event horizon. Therefore, transitional black holes may not all become viable galaxoids. Many black holes may continue in their isolation in the new universe. A subset of these will maintain their significant isolation through each UTE to the present. While the majority bloom into galaxies that hosts life, these relatively few become the tell tale ember black holes (EBH).

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In memory of George P. Floyd Jr.: Memory is a mirror we cannot see beyond;


It has been over 160 years since Charles Darwin helped to open one of humanity's eyes to an understanding of life on Earth, that is, how living entities transform and evolve in the forms they do within Earth’s ecosystem. Prior to Darwin’s seminal insights humanity remained in a state of abject ignorance. Unfortunately, with Darwin’s insights, humanities ignorance has become only slightly less abject. In fact, one could say that humanities ignorance has become even more abject for all of the dysfunction that has since emerged or grown even more so from them. The problem is, evolution and its genetic underpinnings doesn’t explain what humanity has always realized, perhaps even subconsciously, must be true about life, that is; you are not your body, and yet has never had the knowledge to explain this natural implementation. Consequently, religious notions became the rule of the day. Mysticism and narrative fantasy were long practiced and were the easiest source of explanations available. 



Despite humanity's historical failure to explain this abstraction of the body from individuality, we were not wrong in principle. As it turns out in nature individuality is indeed abstracted from form. We have all the evidence required to prove this fact. And yet, even the most educated, able and contemplative among us overlook this fact time and again. I have personally listened to numerous highly enlightened conversations between the most professional of practitioners in various fields as they brush within a singe of the flame of truth on this matter and yet are never quite able to land on it. If even one could see the reality of life this could change the world. This is how human enlightenment often comes about, the essential details are gleaned often by a few or by the one and then that insight is shared with the rest of humanity, at such moments progress is made. The abstraction of form from individuality has long been embraced by the many religions of the world. This causes the science community to repel any possibility of this implementation as being fundamentally natural. 



Most of humanities dysfunctions have emerged from this lack of understanding of personal individuality. Individual identity, in each lifetime, is iconized by what one sees in the mirror and the explanations and narratives given to us by our respective cultures. Which culture you are exposed to depends on the random lottery of circumstance that informs the specific location where you instantiate within any ecosystem, like Earths’ ecosystem, ergo; where on Earth you are born. This initial culture gets initial critical access to your new mind and so will influence its’ development. Within closed societies, for the individual, this initial access to a new mind could be decisive. Within more open societies, not so much. The misunderstanding that fuels the flame in which humanity has always burned is that the individual, you, can never live in any form other than the form you currently see in the mirror, it is the only form you can remember. However, memory is a mirror we cannot see beyond.



Carl Sagan once said; “The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be.” True he may be, and furthermore; life is short. The Earth is small. Viable habitats for life are rare. Healthy living conditions are far too limited.  Preferred living circumstances are even more limited. There is no paradise, no inferno no heaven or hell. In this universe there is only nature, the earth, and other viable habitats not unlike it. With humankind possessing no grasp of the reality which informs the individuals’ presence and placement in space-time, the future of the individual human being remains entirely dependent upon the one degree of freedom left by this pervasive ignorance. That is, the conditions human individuals foster for each other and for all life on earth, and eventually, beyond. Other individuals seem to be significantly different or alien to oneself only because we are ignorant of the most fundamental natural mechanisms of life that informs the instantiation of the individual, the mechanism by which one lives.



Currently, the Earth and its myriad circumstances, such as they are, are probabilistically what comes next for you and every living individual on this planet. The natural processes that implements individuality, you, don’t cease to operate when one’s current life ends. In life, you laugh, you cry, you hurt, you long, you hunger, you thirst, you suffer, or nothing at all, by means of the form you instantiate. Regardless of where, or when you live it will be you that is the target of that experience as it is now you, only physically, experientially, differently. In each case, ones’ position-of-view (POV) is the target, the definition, the instance of your presence in nature. With no control over how and where one instantiates, you will remain at the mercy of the unconstrained probabilities of nature and random chance. As you live each lifetime confident in the certainty that the living conditions of others will never apply to you, be equally certain of how misguided you may be in that certainty. This ignorance leads to the delusion that the form with which you self-identify can be replaced by living forms that are perceived to be physically and culturally different from yours. Individual humans, while in this confused state of mind, can hardly conceive of how a past or future instantiation of ones QEF was, and will again be you, as much as you are you at this moment. Furthermore, while any individual is hosted within a wild culture, ignorant of the principles of the LINE hypothesis, by any name, and having no control of the instantiation process, one will continue to naturally reinstantiate into unforecastable circumstances for perpetuity.



The LINE hypothesis suggests that the more prolific, equitable, prosperous and benevolent a culture becomes, the less reason each individual member has to be concerned about death and what comes next. However, while vast deficits in the moral and situational landscape of living conditions persist and with no recognition and therefore no control over the instantiation process of its ecological tenants exists, all individual QEF remain fodder for the circumstantial reinstantiation lottery of nature. As conditions for all living entities in an ecosystem improves, even in the absence of any control of the instantiation process, so does each individual's prospect for naturally reinstantiating into a preferred living condition with reduced suffering, strife, and despair from which none is otherwise immune. As this preferred condition is approached, the most disrupting element that remains of concern may be the loss of any memory of all that was held dear to the individual in past lifetimes. This loss of inter-longevous identity can eventually be mitigated by the development of an accurate and accessible QEF detection technology and methodology. Thus, reinstantiated individual QEF’s, once identified, may be informed of their past recorded histories across multiple instantiations if so desired. 



In nature, each living host form is indeed a one-off occurrence. The specific features formed by atoms and molecules by which you and others self-identify has been changing since the time of your initial gestation in the womb up to this moment. Human individuals self-identify by a persistent mental image of self that most fundamentally has little to do with what one actually looks like. Most individuals, throughout a lifetime, are not often challenged in this regard. Nonetheless, disfigurements occur all too often and without warning. It is at times such as these that the individuals’ perception of self becomes salient. Misfortunes of gestation or of circumstances such as the loss of a limb or severe facial disfigurement induce contemplation in all but the most recalcitrant minds. In humans, skin is not often fully disfigured or entirely altered so it remains an all too popular feature for the support of prejudices. There are conditions that can alter the individuals’ complexion severely, so a combination of often superficial features is used to maintain the cognitive dissonance of self-identification that racism among humans requires. The belief, conscious or not, that the living circumstances you currently enjoy or suffer as a consequence of these physical features and demographics and their ascribed historical narratives, is all you can and will ever be, is an unnatural and unscientific belief.



Wild evolution tends to encourage early group survival by the cultural adoption of preferences informed by the use of evolved host senses such as they are implemented in the individual. These preferences which become prejudices occur even as most living individuals remain unaware of one’s own physical form. Since for example, for sighted hosts, mirrors and other reflective surfaces were nonexistent for most of human evolution. Nonetheless, this now dysfunctional evolved tendency, like many others, can, should, and ultimately must be overridden by enlightened cognition. For humankind, that time has arrived. In each life, the story that self-aware individuals tell themselves has been hitherto contrived based upon that individuals’ current host form. The host form and too often its superficial features and emerged properties dictate the narrative which informs individual and group behavior. Upon death and subsequent reinstantiation, the individuals’ memory is reset by host termination and POV deinstantiation and by the gestation process of a new host form, and therefore each previous identity and its prior narrative is abandoned to adopt the next. Humankind has been ignorant of the natural process which implements each individuals’ instance of life in any available form that can emerge and evolve in this universe.



What then do you accept as the description of how you are present in this universe on this planet in this form at this time? Assuming you don’t accept some supernatural narrative, do you believe that the natural processes that implement you in this life occur only once for you and for all individuals? Why would you think that life for you and any individual is a one-off occurrence? We don’t accept that any other natural process, which amounts to all processes, is a one-off. This is the Copernican principle upon which all of science is based. If any individual announces the discovery of a novel natural process, the first thing that happens is all interested parties, wherever their viable position in space-time, seeks to duplicate that process as described. If the stated process can be successfully duplicated in various locations then the process is validated, else it is debunked. So why do most believe that the process that instantiates the living individual presence is thought to be a one-off natural occurrence, ergo; you only live once?



While, at present, we may imagine this to be true for other individuals, for one’s self this is not so obviously true. The Copernican principle dictates that the natural mechanisms that instantiate you as a living being can do so again. Memory is the mirror we cannot see beyond. What’s hidden just beyond the mirror of our memories or the lack thereof, is your true history and all of the possibilities that nature describes for any individual. Those possibilities are all around you. They are all of the possibilities that any living being may experience. If you think that the thin veneer of fur, hair, skin, etc. or preferred delicate facial features upon which you self-identify are naturally kept in escrow just for you, think again. Neither is ones' preferred location or circumstance in space-time kept in account for any individual. The natural process that implements individuality is fundamentally agnostic to any individuals’ cognitive expectations, desires, or comfort.    



Human understanding of one’s own identity and the process which places you where you are, in the form that you are, is the basis for all that follows. What becomes one's loves and hates and fears and joys and beliefs and oppositions all derive from the narrative, true or false, that one accepts either consciously or subconsciously. What one fights for defends or perpetrates is underpinned by what you accept as the process natural or otherwise that will inform what you believe comes next for oneself and one's progeny and for other living beings perceived to be different from you.



Prior to Darwin, what humankind accepted as the reality which describes the individual’s presence on this planet and what comes next was widely supernatural or similarly misguided. After the mechanisms that underpin Darwin’s insights were discovered, a new natural description of life became available to each individual. These natural underpinnings of evolution by natural selection are supported by data and observation, a new option for how the human individual understands oneself became a science. With this revelation, newly instantiated individuals gained the option to learn or were taught early in one's new life, these new ideas.



Darwin’s insights and the ensuing genetic revolution are the descriptions of the outer layers of the local processes which construct and evolves the physical host forms upon which an individual may instantiate. These descriptions are only the transient, perishable, temporary façade of a living individual. The missing component of life is the instantiation of the individual to this physical host form. The LINE hypothesis is the introduction of humankind to the description of this missing component because in nature you don't only live once.

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To conquer the heavens, technology is not enough;

Human social dysfunction, today and historically, is a direct result of accepted false narratives about life and individuality of both a religious and secular nature. These erroneous ideas lead individuals to accept one’s current host DNA demographic history as one’s personal history. To most, this makes complete sense. Indeed, what else could one’s history be? It is certainly true that events which become history is executed by individuals that are instantiated to living hosts as are we. Moreover, if what one sees in the mirror will define the entirety of one’s living memory, then what other understanding could there be? The false belief that you are your body seems to lend credibility to these widely accepted human misconceptions. However, if in nature you are in fact not your body, and ones’ individuality is instead defined by anonymous degrees of freedom that is in each life, naturally instantiated by available living forms, then the belief that you have been, and will always be, in the form you currently are, primarily because at present, one is contented with one's current form, renders this belief unnatural and improbable.

Such narratives are at present, widely popular and tolerated in human civilizations.  Like misaligned gears in a time-piece, malfunction will result within societies repeatedly, often followed by complete failure, ergo; extinction. For as long as individuals’ don’t understand and accept that one will recurrently naturally re-instantiate into life in a form not of one’s own choosing, or influence, individuals will continue to look upon others as being foreign or alien entities outside of their own ill-conceived grouping. Even if, on occasion, such unenlightened individuals find it in themselves to do the right thing, nevertheless, it will continue to be for misguided reasons. Consequently, such well-intentioned initiatives will be short-lived. With no understanding of the common pool of viable living forms that probabilistically hosts all life and which has defined one's past and will continue to define ones’ future reinstantiation in this space-time, dysfunction remains inevitable. The result is a willingness by misguided individuals to burn down the proverbial house rather than share it with others who seem to be different from one’s current host form or culture. A house, which is not only ones’ village, town, country, or even nation, but is also the viable ecosystem upon which all depend for life. The only solution to the hard problem of lasting cultural and social individual coexistence and the prevention of the extinction of living cultures of high potential such as humankind is a critical mass of enlightened minds and their acceptance of the recurrent universal mobility of individuality. Else, dysfunction remains inevitable.  This is because there will always be differences, real or imagined, no matter how similar the host forms, which will serve to separate unenlightened minds from each other.

The expansion of earth-life to other viable habitats in this universe is eventually necessary and perhaps inevitable. However, attempts to export unenlightened dysfunctional human cultures to other habitats in this universe are foundationally counterproductive and such dysfunction will function as a proverbial gravity-well all its own. It may seem as though we have no choice in this regard, that we are who we are, and must live with it. If this was indeed the case, humankind would still be a hunter-gatherer, nomadic species today. We willingly expect and accept exponential change in our scientific, technological, and methodological way of life, so why do humans so willingly accept the opposite for one’s cultural, political, economic, and social underpinnings.

Benevolent innovation in human self-perception and governmental, social, and economic methodology is urgently necessary worldwide before the exportation of human culture beyond the earth can be successful. No doubt the technological requirements for extraterrestrial migration may arrive first, but until humankind understands and accepts the actual, natural underpinnings of individuality and ones living circumstances in this universe, such endeavors will ultimately fail time and again, as they do on earth.

The difference is, on earth a surviving few can go off on their own to begin again whereas in space and in hostile environments beyond earth this will not be possible. The fractious formulations of physical self-identification and the cultures they manifest create the false and corrosive understandings now held by individuals. This occurs by the individual acceptance of current host-specific historical narratives, true or false, as being one's own combined with the acceptance of false belief systems and misunderstandings of both a religious and scientific nature that inform personal identity. Such dysfunctions eventually ferment into toxic divisions and intolerance regardless of how similar the hosts may appear physically or culturally. Absent an understanding and acceptance of the probabilistic universal implementation of life which recurrently instantiates every individual to available compatible hosts in existing viable habitats, and the non-local universal mobility of individuality, the sky will remain the limit, because to conquer the heavens, technology is not enough.

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The Ancestry delusion;

 Humanity has long been shackled by a debilitating crisis of identity ever since it began its staggered climb out of the animal kingdom. To finally counter this crisis and the systemic dysfunctions it manifests, cultures must first counter individual prejudice. What acknowledgments must occur within human minds to combat such identity-related dysfunctions? The solution, it is believed by most, is a reckoning with numerous relevant culture-specific historical narratives, true or false. This belief is due to individuals’ acceptance of an identity-defining connection both cognitive and physical, with individuals in history. It is with the culturally contrived demographic traits of the host forms of past individuals known as ancestors that many perceive a shared connection.


This misperceived demographically imagined connection with ancestry has long substituted for ones’ true history. One’s true history is the diverse and varied history of all of the unbeknownst living forms that has actually played host to ones’ individuality, ones’ position of view (POV) by the instantiation of the individuals' degrees of freedom of the universal quantum entanglement spectrum (QEF). To the extent that historical occurrences are influenced by demographic considerations and persist within laws and practices to affect the lives of new individuals, such dysfunctional conditions in societies must be acknowledged and corrected. This must be done not with the incorrect delusional perspectives of the past but with the correct understanding of nature and individuality in this universe.


 The reckoning that must occur is the understanding and acceptance of the underpinnings of individuality revealed by the LINE hypothesis. In truth, any human demographically imagined connection with individuals in history is a delusion born of contrived tradition and the lack of an accurate description of life and individuality. Birth and death aren’t singular occurrences for any individual but as long as one misperceives ones’ host form as defining ones’ individuality, this is misperceived to be the case. No society can claim to be a mature civilization while not understanding and accepting this reality. It is an understatement to say that the delusion of human demographic ancestry is an influential factor in human cultures.


This error of perception is not uncommon or surprising in ascending wild cultures throughout this universe. In fact, it is a rung on the ladder up the thresholds of life that is skipped by very few wild cultures. Nonetheless, for a culture of high potential to survive, this reckoning is essential. Humankind, due to its’ current level of advancement in the year 2021 AD, is in a critical convergence of technology and cognitive dissonance that represents an existential singularity for humanity and perhaps for earth life writ large. Although this danger is not a new realization, the necessary answers to the underlying questions revealed by the LINE hypothesis have never before been available. The road ahead to accomplish a critical mass of enlightened minds is long, however, the time to begin has arrived.

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How Does Individual Life 'you' Populate This Universe?

As with all biological matter in the Universe, YOU are but a fleeting pattern of neurons comprising a self-aware entity until the pattern changes as per the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Self-referential non-biological patterns are governed by mathematical guiding equations and are just as impermanent as biological patterns.

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18 hours ago, write4u said:

As with all biological matter in the Universe, YOU are but a fleeting pattern of neurons comprising a self-aware entity until the pattern changes as per the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Self-referential non-biological patterns are governed by mathematical guiding equations and are just as impermanent as biological patterns.


The only life that has ever existed on Earth is the living cell, in all of its forms. The aspect of being and individuality had by a single living cell is that which defines all life, no more and no less is required. This aspect, which instantiates the first person being of a single cell as a living individual every bit as alive as any multi-cellular creature, is the position of view (POV).  All of the skills and talents that tend to distract from this fact are only emergent features of the host form. Beneath it all is ones' POV. In this universe, there isn't one implementation of life for mammalian forms and another for insects and yet another for vegetation or microbial forms of life. Nature is an efficient system of cause and effect, and life is one holistic effect. 

The natural processes that implement life are the same for the cell as it is for the bacteria as it is for a fruit fly as for a human being. It is folly for us to think we could only experience life in this very temporary, randomly emerged bipedal primate form. Further, your cells and molecules come and go continuously over the course of your lifetime. Nonetheless, you remain you. Then there are the other trillions of living individuals in millions of different forms all around us coming into being and going out of life continuously. I realized that the only form we need consider in this regard is the single living cell. The answers that are true for the cell are the answers that apply to all life.

Furthermore, you and I and your pet octopus and every living cell are instances of life, each a temporary instantiation of some natural, empirically definable phenomena of nature. This instantiating phenomenon must have the relativistically unconstrained reach to establish individual life (YOU), biological or perhaps otherwise, on any planet orbiting any star or indeed in any viable environment in the cosmos or in existence where viable hosts may emerge. It is a tragic mistake to feel that this describes something that could not possibly be natural, but must be supernatural. While, as usual, natures' genius is a practical and ubiquitous, even if a bit unfamiliar implementation.

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4 hours ago, tonylang said:

While, as usual, natures' genius is a practical and ubiquitous, even if a bit unfamiliar implementation.

I agree very much with your analysis., and I might add that IMO, "nature's genius" is the creative potential inherent in a dynamic quasi-intelligent mathematical object.

I believe this is addressed by Renate Loll et al in the theory of "Causal Dynamical Triangulation" (CDT) which addresses the unfolding of spacetime itself.



Causal dynamical triangulation (abbreviated as CDT) theorized by Renate Loll, Jan Ambjørn and Jerzy Jurkiewicz popularized by Fotini Markopoulou and Lee Smolin, is an approach to quantum gravity that like loop quantum gravity is background independent.

This means that it does not assume any pre-existing arena (dimensional space), but rather attempts to show how the spacetime fabric itself evolves.

There is evidence [1] that at large scales CDT approximates the familiar 4-dimensional spacetime, but shows spacetime to be 2-dimensional near the Planck scale, and reveals a fractal structure on slices of constant time. These interesting results agree with the findings of Lauscher and Reuter, who use an approach called Quantum Einstein Gravity, and with other recent theoretical work.


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Nature implements life by the same fundamental mechanism no matter the host form or its' position in space-time . In nature, this sort of scalable, extensible implementation is the very definition of simplicity. The LINE hypothesis suggests that It is the entanglement molecule that fundamentally establishes and maintains all life via natural entanglement in every living cell. One QE connection at some unique QEF is one individual. How this QE connection is established or maintained, composite or not, is irrelevant to natures design. Earth-life offers one (carbon-based) approach to hosting natures' implementation of life. Other planets may very well evolve other approaches. We may someday manufacture yet another.   This implementation is what permits the universal mobility of individuality. Hosts for life and their constituent components whether single cellular or otherwise are local in space-time and have no natural universal mobility requiring physical travel (i.e., via comets or spacecraft).

The lesser point being submitted for your collective consideration is that such attributes as consciousness, self-awareness, sentience, intelligence, etc.,  concepts already defined by others, are emergent skills or capabilities arbitrarily ascribed by observers  to particular emerged composite hosts (with EC) and therefore cannot be fundamental to natures' basic implementation of life. Currently and for billions of years on Earth  %99.99... of living hosts for life were and continue to be either single cell individuals or non-emerged (no EC) collections thereof. To truly understand what life is and the mobility of its fundamental component; individuality, and the natural principles that govern and influence its instantiation, we need consider only the single living cell. Viewed as an individual, a property traditionally ascribed only to human beings, the single living cell forces us to come to conclusions we never would with our usual limited perspective.

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How is my ancestry a delusion?

Human acknowledgement of a connection with past individuals can be a largely positive tradition that can be quite beneficial when properly motivated and recognized. The problem is, the erroneous filters that human cultures have always placed upon this recognition. Poorly understood and conceived physical features of one’s current host form are chosen as demographic identifiers and categorizations that are used to recognize past groups and individuals as being one’s ancestors. This is done with no realization that what you are now, one’s current host form, is certainly not what you will always be, nor what you likely were in history, nor what you are guaranteed to be in any future life. One’s current preferences and feelings about ones’ current host, location, and situation are not taken into precise account by the laws that govern the natural instantiation of individuality. While these laws will inform some location and host information to guide one's reinstantiation to prior host ecosystems and living forms therein, these laws do not honor ones’ culturally contrived, preferred, or disliked racial and other weakly significant demographic traits.

On earth, as within all wild ecosystems, populations of living hosts (species) naturally rise and fall according to local conditions. The viable earth forms that qualify to be called human in the history of earth life are no exception. At one point after the Toba eruption, it is believed that the human population dropped as low as ten thousand human beings on the entire planet. When any population drops from some higher number, what becomes of those individuals that no longer have viable, let us say, human hosts.  For example, if the global human population at any time falls from one million individuals to ten thousand what becomes of the 990,000 individuals that were at one-time human? For some reason, human cultures either abdicate, ignore, or discourage such notions or they fabricate some` mystical narrative to address such empirical inquiries.

Nonetheless, nature never goes on vacation nor takes a break, not even for a moment. The laws of nature that instantiates any individual operates continuously. In nature, one viable living form is no different from any other. This is the agnostic quality of life. When populations fall, like an ecological game of musical chairs, individuals that were formerly hosted by that population are left out. However, although one may be out of that population, that species, in nature there are almost always other viable hosts available for eventual reinstantiation within the current ecosystem. Only a global catastrophe of epic proportions can eradicate an entire ecosystem. However, even this does not end the game of life, because within this or perhaps another universe, there will always be other viable habitats and their indigenous living forms that can eventually host your individuality. In all of this, it is always ones’ current form that is forfeit.

On the other hand, each day on earth, while the human population rises to all-time highs, by definition, this means there are that many more viable human hosts available for the instantiation of an equal number of new individuals. New individuals, that have never before lived in the human form in the entire history of humankind. Other individuals QEF may have previously instantiated to human hosts for the first time previously and since and may similarly reinstantiate yet again, however, the definition of an all-time high population count means that there has never before been this many human hosts on earth at one time. Hence, only new individuals, with QEF new to the human form, will instantiate to the next highest numbered available human host. This lowers the probability of any individual naturally reinstantiating repeatedly to one's culturally contrived demographic DNA lineage, whether preferred or not. In short, how you currently self-identify, what you think you are that matters, ones’ physicality, race, gender, nationality, etc., is not what you have always been and will not determine what you become in your next life. We will all live everyone’s life, eventually. Ergo; the conditions you foster for others in this life could be your own in another.

This is additionally exacerbated by cultures' tendency to change boarders and location in space-time and also to change what demographic features and practices are culturally significant.  The already weak and arbitrary physical traits that inform current cultural demographic categorizations of human beings have no significant influence upon ones’ next host form. The LINE hypothesis suggests that DNA is quite significant to ones’ fidelity of teleportation but it is only host traits with strong, deep genetic alleles that can significantly influence the FT and ones’ prospects for future reinstantiation. In short, within a wild culture, you don’t get to choose your next host form by any cultural declaration but only by living. By living in your current host form those genetic traits that are in fact strong attractors having a long history of metamatter imprinting over epochs of deep ecological time across many viable host forms some you may be reluctant to classify as human, will guide how you land next on earth and in this universe.

When individuals die, the trivial groupings by race and location, nationality, and behavior have weak genetic significance and are meaningless to how you will exist and live in your near future. Hence your true ancestry is not other individuals that looked as you do now but are all of the untold lineages of living hosts, human or otherwise, that have hosted your individuality throughout your QEF’s instantiation history. Pretending that you only live once does not change nature. The fact that you are now alive conclusively informs you that the laws of instantiation and the universal mobility of individuality exist and operate in this space-time. You can be sure that those laws will not relent just because you or I prefer to believe they do. Be careful lest what one supports, defends, and perpetrates assumes you will always remain in the form and circumstance you currently are or perhaps nothing at all, in nature, each is a false assumption.

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There s one consideration you may want to consider.  That is the formation of biomes.

A human being is not made up of human cells alone. In fact a human being makes up only about 10 % of the human biome.

The other 90 % of the human microbiome is made up of symbiotic bacteria, without which humans could not exist at all.

About the Human Microbiome


The Human Microbiome is the collection of all the microorganisms living in association with the human body. These communities include eukaryotes, archaea, bacteria and viruses. Bacteria in an average human body number ten times more than human cells, for a total of about 1000 more genes than are present in the human genome. Because of their small size, however, microorganisms make up only about 1 to 3 percent of our body mass (that's 2 to 6 pounds of bacteria in a 200-pound adult). These microbes are generally not harmful to us, in fact they are essential for maintaining health. For example, they produce certain vitamins that we do not have the genes to make, break down our food to extract nutrients we need to survive, teach our immune systems how to recognize dangerous invaders and even produce helpful anti-inflammatory compounds that fight off other disease-causing microbes. An ever-growing number of studies have demonstrated that changes in the composition of our microbiomes correlate with numerous disease states, raising the possibility that manipulation of these communities could be used to treat disease.


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Microbiomes are fundamental to the LINE hypothesis.

The Cambrian Explosion;

 The Cambrian explosion is one of the great mysteries of evolutionary science today. It marks the sudden emergence of complex species from a significantly microbial ecosystem with little evidence of corresponding intermediate evolution in the fossil record. To shed light on this conundrum, we need to view the Cambrian through the prism of the LINE hypothesis to understand what effect does living have on the individuals' prospects for life after death. This will be a central question for all sufficiently developed, intelligent, self-aware beings throughout nature. For human life on Earth, it is also the question that many religions have sought to address throughout human history, via one mythological narrative or another. Through their doctrines, such belief systems suggest what are the rules to live by which will influence whatever it is those myths determine will become ones' destiny after ones' current life ends. These questions regarding living influences, as it turns out, are very good questions to ask. They necessarily must have corresponding answers. Answers which can and must be founded in nature and accessible and describable by natural law and eventually by science, otherwise you could not be alive. What natural, scientifically inclined basis can be used to make such determinations for ideas critical to science, yet long held close to the vest by religions throughout human history?  

The LINE hypothesis suggests that metamatter is imprinted via natural entanglement. This QE connection persists throughout the course of each individuals' lifetime, no matter ones' living form. While instantiated to fundamental forms, such as hosts in Earths micro-biome, such hosts necessarily imprint metamatter in low volumes, or densities, given that a microbe is composed of only a single cellular instantiation. This combined with the incredibly short life-cycle, and high reinstantiation rate of life in the microbiome, given sufficient time, causes this low information throughput to accumulate, and aggregate to become immensely significant to evolution on Earth. The information volume imprinted to metamatter by such fundamental forms is very low in content and therefore has a very low impact or influence on the individuals FT. As a result, this renders such host forms very weakly tuned to the individuals' QEF, and therefore for future instantiations, renders the individual more open to arbitrary natural entanglement with a wide range of compatible hosts, ergo other microbes. On Earth prior to the Cambrian, with no forms of greater complexity available at that time, this condition persisted for billions of years.  Should it persist, this period in the evolution of life in any ecosystem results in a vast accumulation of evolutionary potential which may result in an explosion of complexity. Such inflations in ecological complexity cannot be explained by bottom-up, random mutation, and natural selection alone. Ergo, today the influence not considered in Darwinian evolutionary science is the influence of the LINE process.

An apt analogy for how the LINE process may lead to an explosion of complex life is with the printing of information by a computer printer. Consider the natural teleportation channel that is the LINE hypothesized QE connection to metamatter, established by the entanglement molecule within every single cell, as being like one element on a computer print-head. Each cell possesses the information transfer capability of just one such element per cellular instantiation in any host form. So, if your form is composed of just one cell, you have one print element with which to imprint metamatter in your 'name,' that is to imprint metamatter at your QEF. In this analogy the more print elements there are in a print-head (living host), the more information can be transferred to the sheet of paper (metamatter), and the larger ones' information bandwidth. The 100 trillion cells of a human host imprints that many times more than an ameba, bacteria, or protozoa. Each cell of your host, whether one or many, are imbued similarly with some common degree of freedom (DOF) of your unique QEF and is, therefore, able, to some degree, to imprint, or otherwise contribute, to metamatter on your behalf. This metamatter ultimately informs one individuals' fidelity of teleportation (FT) and ones' future prospects for reinstantiation.

In this analogy, a microbe is metaphorically equivalent to one print element which imprints metamatter during a great many, very short lifespans, due to the incredibly rapid life, mortality, and reinstantiation rate of the microbial world. In this way, an individuals' QEF imprints small volumes of metamatter, but very frequently, with information from many iterations of simple living forms repeated over epochs of ecological time. On Earth, such forms dominated the planet for billions of years before more complex forms became possible. This information stored in metamatter is theorized to influence the evolution of living hosts on Earth and universally.  Eventually, this imprinting by fundamental living hosts became a huge volume of evolutionary information stored in this non-local universal repository. Together with local conditions and circumstances on the early Earth, this leads to the emergence of the entanglement cell (EC). Once the entanglement cell came onto the scene, it brought with it the capability to heterodyne individual cellular QE connections to establish the Earths' first generations of secondary emerged QE connections to metamatter, the position of view (POV).  A heterodyned POV establishes a secondary emerged individuality, you. With it, the evolution of vastly more complex host forms became possible. On Earth, this essentially marked the emergence of life 2.0, if you will. The wide proliferation of the EC began the amazing period in Earth history known as the Cambrian explosion.

During the Cambrian, the newly emerged EC together with instantaneous universal access to a vast volume of imprinted metamatter drove the unification and specialization of many formerly distinct living forms into complex communities. Marshaled by new organelles able to distribute common aspects of the POV to all cells of the holistic host form, to propel the formation of new complex species. These new species quickly evolved due to the newly emerged secondary entangled state and the interaction at a distance resulting from the sharing of common degrees of freedom of the POV which describes this natural teleportation channel to metamatter. This metamatter imbued with evolutionary information from Earths billions of years of fundamental life, as well as information from other life hosting ecosystems in this universe, gave the Earths new species a sudden and tremendous boost in complexity not possible by random mutation and natural selection alone. Hence, the QE connection soon evolved not only into the Earths' first POV's but eventually, into the Earths' first minds.

Further, individual QEF, having participated in countless instances of microbial life, hosted by Earths local ecosystem, and with FT's by then highly tuned by terrestrially imprinted metamatter, burgeoning to propel a great transition, which is the natural teleportation of those individuals from simpler forms to more complex forms, became eminent. This innovation which permits the sharing of common degrees of freedom by all cells in an emerged complex host with EC, bonded to one POV via the POVH bond, permits the organism to evolve in sudden and remarkable ways previously unattainable absent the EC. These more complex evolved forms will consist of increasingly larger numbers of fundamental hosts, such as cells. Each a metaphorical print element for metamatter and also, by virtue of an evolved protective host form, may live longer life spans for imprinting metamatter. This accelerates the imprinting of metamatter at the individuals unique QEF, and further probabilistically tunes the individuals FT for compatibility with even more complex and compatible host forms, whether such forms were evolved, or engineered.  On Earth, the human form, for example, may consist of 100 trillion individual instantiations and many more than that counting from the point of QEF instantiation in the womb, up until deinstantiation, death.

 The metamatter imprinted over the course of an increasingly longer lifespan, by any host, is potentially cumulatively significant to ones' FT. For humankind, this is not necessarily more so than the imprint made on metamatter by other, non-human, equally long-lived host forms in Earths ecosystem. In other words, human beings may not be the undisputed champions of FT stability currently on Earth. FT stability tuned by increasingly greater volumes of similarly imprinted metamatter describes the individuals' chances of naturally entangling a particular host form, and perhaps of greater interest, reinstantiating to ones' current host form. So, if sperm whales, having perhaps 1000 times more cells than the average human, and living equally long lifespans on average, will imprint, at least by volume, orders of magnitude more cellular state information to metamatter than humans. This says, at least on its face, that whales may be a more stable and more forecastable host for reinstantiation than the human form. That is to say, an individual QEF instantiated to a whale, all things being equal, may be more likely to reinstantiate to that same form than a QEF instantiated to a human form would likely be to reinstantiate to a human form in ones' next life.

However, reality may not be quite this simple. What other aspects of ones' QEF, of ones' host form, and of its circumstances in life might there be that are imprinted to metamatter, which may influence ones' FT? What properties of the cell are conserved via natural entanglement after death? Which degrees of freedom of the QE spectrum imbue this conservation of local living information to the non-local, more permanent, more accessible universal medium of metamatter? For now, the LINE hypothesis suggests; volume of imprinted metamatter, the proliferation of compatible DNA, and lifespan, but what of the type, or the nature of information imprinted? What other factors might there be as we live life which may creep into ones' metamatter and affect ones' FT via a complex nervous system bonded to a unique teleportation channel that constitutes the POV-host bond (POVH) which constitutes the mind? Whether in a human or a whale, the answers to this question essentially form the basis for a new list of commandments. Not unlike the commandments of religions which purport to influence what comes next for the individual. The natural, empirical information which actually, naturally influences ones' FT does likewise.  Species do undergo Darwinian type evolution, but it is also driven by natural entanglement and punctuated by the evolution of forms like the entanglement cell, the pivotal catalyst for the formation of complex hosts in this ecosystem. Due to the EC being a host form, the remains of which will never be found in any shale, the Cambrian appears to be a true mystery until viewed through the prism of the LINE hypothesis.

 (CH-19 ‘On The Universal Mobility Of Individuality, - By Means Of Natural Entanglement’ Amazon KDP Press.)



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Another interesting fact is that even single celled organisms like bacteria communicate with each other via "quorum sensing" which allows them to act in concert. Apparently bacteria employ 2 chemical languages which allows them to talk to same species via specie specific intra-species communication and to other bacterial species with a common inter-species language. 

It was thought that viruses were unable to communicate that way, but a recent find suggests that viruses are also able to communicate via quorum sensing.

Moreover, recent research in AI suggests that quorum sensing is also a practical form of communication in robotics.

Which leads one to contemplate if all "data transfer" in the universe might be considered as forms of communication.



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Natures possibilities for hosting individuality is varied and untold. The specific mechanisms by which current life on earth functions is important for us to understand, however the necessary revolution in self perception required for the survival of humankind lies in understanding the universal mobility of individuality. 

To date the most promising structure yet discovered which displays some of the features and function consistent with those predicted by the LINE hypothesis for the entanglement molecule (EM), while perhaps falling well shot of complete equivalence, is the Fenna-Matthews-Olson (FMO) complex. This photosynthetic antenna complex is the naturally occurring molecular structure responsible for the photosynthetic non-classical conduction observed in living plant cells via natural entanglement. In green algae it operates to overcome the otherwise inefficient latency of classical mechanisms which would result in a devastating loss of anti-entropic information needed from sunlight for the continued evolution of viable hosts on this planet.

Likewise, a similar natural entanglement antenna complex describes the predicted entanglement molecule which instantiate the living individual to available hosts wherever they may emerge in this universe. This Entanglement is between the living hosts (cells) and a form of matter (metamatter) in Hilbert-space made accessible only by the non-locality, non-relativistic reach of natural entanglement. It is indeed a true testament to the amazing ingenuity and flexibility of nature that such an implementation is not only possible, but naturally emerges, for life may not exist without it. This instantiation mechanism is the most plausible solution to the conundrum of individuality in this universe posed by the scenario of this thread.

If the entanglement molecule indeed predated the cell then, structurally if not functionally, it must be of a different design than the FMO complex. The FMO is a protein based structure assembled from complex amino acids and likely evolved within the cell here on earth or planets nearby. To predate the cell the EM must permit natural entanglement by utilizing a more fundamental elemental design. The entanglement molecule may be one with which we are already familiar.

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