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Favorite Cartoon/Comics!!!!


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Greatest and coolest TV cartoon series ever has to be 'Gargoyles'



Greatest and coolest comic ever has to be 'Morbius' (only the very early Morbius comics though)




I was also a big fan of the TV cartoon series called 'marine boy' as a small child - it was anime and got me into anime at a very early age.

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As a kid growing up, my favorite cartoons were GI JOE, He-Man, and Transformers. Any red-blooded American child growing up in the 1980's should/would know that.


Having evolved into more than just a Mass-Market Toy-Buying Consumer, I would have to say now that I enjoy earlier cartoons like Woody Woodpecker, the Jetsons, and classic Looney Tunes.


Disney cartoons were OK to me, but never really enthralled me. But Now that Disney has bought Jim Henson Studios, Marvel Comics, and and now Lucas's Star Wars, expect some major animation stuff later (PIXAR)

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You know, I've watched and loved so many cartoons, and my aunt used to own a comic book store (she sold it a couple of years ago), but even with all of that input, nothing beats sitting on the couch with my dad on Saturday mornings and watching old episodes of Johnny Quest. I think they aired on Boomerang even back then, too. That's definitely one of the best childhood memories I have.


I also love Ren & Stimpy, if you couldn't tell from my avatar.

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