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  1. What he said....if you leave religious beliefs out of the equation that's life in a nutshell...The only things he left out were REPEAT until you die, provide a host for countless organisms, and then become food for countless other organisms after you die.
  2. Four of the best rock bassist of modern times...Geddy, Cliff, Lemmy and Les. Up next I believe a little Squire....perhaps Roundabout....always fun to jam with.
  3. Relax, there is a point to all life, which absent of religion is easy to figure out and understand. You, like every other living entity are here to live long enough to reproduce as many times as possible, raise your offspring to sexual maturity, then die. That is the whole purposes of living... the point.
  4. https://play.spotify.com/track/10Z5byo050WuPKiwHjE1kN https://play.spotify.com/track/7mJlKWBm7caJLaCJTCsFDJ
  5. Casals - Bach's six suites for cello. 36 movements of musical bliss.
  6. into a vast expanse of nothing, which then filled with something, which came from nothing.
  7. ahahahahaaaaa! it's alive!!!
  8. Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There......seem appropriate.
  9. Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime. Darn good tune to wake up to.
  10. Neil Young - Powderfinger...If I remember to... I'ma learn the bass parts tomorrow.
  11. Long may you run?....always seemed like a bike song.... V-twins are heart shaped.... David Allen Coe's Panheads forever isn't about crime or death...just his love for his machine.
  12. Pics of my zooky, I came pretty close to the TourGlide's good looks....I think. It's certainly more comfortable on long hauls and in foul weather than stock it also has tons more storage. On the negative side the drag created by the splash guards and fairing do lower top speed noticeably.
  13. Coldplay - Sky Full of Stars...annnnnnd my crappy bass playing. Eagles - Hotel California - more fun with the bass...almost feel sorry for my daughter, the dog, and the neighbors.....almost.
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