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  1. Gravity is propagated at the speed of light. Gravity, in the Einsteinian view being the warping of spacetime thanks to mass, cannot disseminate any information as to its actual presence any faster. Call the particle mediating its presence a graviton, call it a infinitesimal suction-particle, whatever. The speed of light is the speed at which it goes.
  2. Hi there, Super Polymath. Weed treats epilepsy, sure. But it doesn't fix it. Weed treats epilepsy in the same way that alcohol does. It's a downer. And any downer will treat epilepsy just fine. When I feel a seizure coming on, my first port of call is a beer. Or a shot of whiskey. Or any alcohol. Because alcohol is a downer, and it's absorbed quickly. Much quicker than time-release tablets. It slows down the synapses where an overload causes a seizure. And that's about it. There's nothing magical to marijuana. It's not a magical cure-all. It's simply a massive downer. And it works - you fee
  3. Goodness me... This thread is now over a decade old. And currently I'm listening to the keys on my keyboard clacking away as I'm procrastinating between chapters...
  4. This doc only includes like 3,000 species, or so. I'm sure there must be a better, more detailed doc out there somewhere. If you know of one, paste a link and share the love! I will personally come to your house and give you a foot massage or whatever blows your whistle for better, more highly detailed graphics! Foot massages and stuff are fine, and things involving feathers are cool, but I draw the line at chickens.
  5. Well good day, there... I haven't been around Hypo since... well, since a bloody long time ago. Sorry about that. **** happens. But look at this nifty .pdf. Download it, and just let it sink in a little. Just a little. Forget about the big, grand-scheme-of-things pics you get of the Milky Way or Andromeda or whatever. Just look at this pdf, zoom in and... let it sink in. http://www.zo.utexas.edu/faculty/antisense/tree.pdf
  6. Here's a stupid question for you: Why don't Americans vote? In my neck of the woods, people died for the privilege. And not too long ago, either.
  7. Why did I just post in this thread?
  8. Well, this whole thing strikes pretty close to home for me, at least. The problem isn't about who's helping and who's not, the problem is purely ignorance and superstition. The very first priority in cases such as these should be complete isolation of infected individuals and proper disposal of the corpses of those who died from it. And this is where the problem begins. Patients showing signs of Ebola are isolated by medical personnel, and more than 50% of them die shortly thereafter. The local population, in their ignorance of the matter, assumes that the evil medical people have abduct
  9. Oh well, the 'nature vs nurture' debate is older than... well, something really, really old. And a winner is yet to come to the fore. The title for this specific thread, however, plainly asks what your personal opinion regarding the matter would be. And in my opinion, your genetic inheritance lays the foundation upon which you build your percieved intelligence. If the genetic component is lacking, no amount of brain-gymnastics will turn the situation around. As Raccoon said in his post, you can't fix stupid. True, that. But it makes me think - why, then, would evolution select for stupi
  10. Of course it does. It didn't say it didn't. But Eclogite's comment about having adults begged for it. Goodness gracious me - I haven't been around for years. What a humourless place this turned into. Will the last guy to leave please switch off the lights.
  11. Don't sweat it, dude. One day when you have kids of your own you'll understand my point.
  12. They differ by sixteen months. I'm comparing the youngest to what the oldest one was like, sixteen months ago. If you have kids of your own, you'll know what I'm on about.
  13. My two girls are poles apart in everything. The one is introspective, an introvert, and incredibly intelligent. The other one is the exact opposite - she loves people, she's an extrovert, full of laughter, holds no grudges, but as far as intelligence is concerned, she ranks on average with the other kids in her class. Yet, they have both grown up in the exact same house, under the exact same conditions, with access to the exact same toys (there goes the early-exposure to intelligence-enhancing toys theory) and books and parental love. My point is that I'm much more inclined to lean towards
  14. Interesting you mentioning the 10,000-hour rule, Eclogite. I read the book where the rule was explained the other day, but I couldn't figure out if the 10,000 hours applies to everybody. For instance, would somebody in his teens, with a more supple brain and body, be able to get to the same level in 8,000 hours, whereas someone in his thirties might require 12,000? And once in your fifites, I suppose you'd be closer to 20,000 hours for the same results as a teen - if only because your synapses are slower in forming new connections? I don't know - I just don't think the 10,000 hour rule ca
  15. Broken condoms do play a fair part in this, too. I don't think the question should be "why do people want to procreate", rather, the question should be "why engage in sex in the first place". And that is a biological function as negotiated by hormones and the like for which there ain't no cure. Men respond to attractive females, and females respond to attractive males. And sometimes their instinctive behavior as dictated (no pun intended) by their endocrinol system results in a wee little bun in the oven. I think conscious decision-making happens in a very small minority of cases.
  16. I speak Afrikaans and English. And like Sanctus' .5 for Swiss German, I suppose I should score a .5 for Dutch. Dutch and Afrikaans people can understand each other perfectly, both in the written and spoken forms, but because the pronunciation is so different, when a group of Dutch and Afrikaans people mingle, they'll tend to gravitate towards English. And then a smattering of Zulu, Xhosa and Tswana. But not nearly enough to count in any form as "fluent". I can read about 50% of what's written in a German book. And after a couple of beers I am able to sound like a german and make noises tha
  17. I don't think the original post includes the fact that many alternative energy sources, like PV, only have a once-off energy requirement. For instance, it DOES take a lot of energy to construct a photovoltaic cell. No doubts about it. And it DOES take a lot of energy to manufacture a battery bank capable of storing enough energy to make the system worthwhile. The thing is, by the second day, total energy output have doubled. By the third day, it has tripled. A year later, the input costs are still exactly what it was while the energy output is now 365 times that of the first day. So, over
  18. Too much awesomeness. You gotta love Josh Ritter.
  19. Just an article about those dimensions that seem to be eluding you, Turtle: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/02/070203103355.htm If these hidden dimensions are smaller than anything we can devise a test for, but would have had a major impact on the universe back at the moment of the Big Bang when the universe itself was so small as to be sensitive to such small things like dimensions curled up into Yau-Calabi shapes, and we superimpose our 'imagined' dimensions on to the intial Big Bang and then fast-forward our model a goodly 14-15 billion years to the present day, and compare our
  20. Well, now... Turtle, Turtle, Turtle... Before Newton applied his brain to gravity, people had a very different take on it. And before Einstein took it a few steps further, people were stuck in the Newtonian paradigm. In each and every instance, they could simply not see any way forward as to a better understanding of gravity. Except Einstein, of course. I suppose the rest of the world simply would have pasted their versions of head-bashing emoticons on their letters to each other, telling their colleagues to 'stop wasting their time' with 'unprovables', like gravity. The only reason tha
  21. Let's say the water came from comets. Then, the logical next question would be, where do the comets come from? From the stuff dumped into space by the sun's predecessor. Let's say a comet made it to the surface. Some of it must have boiled off in the atmosphere on the way down. Some of the water blown off into the atmosphere upon the comet's violent (and hot) entry before impact will make a cloud which will eventually find its way to the surface in the form of rain, many miles away. So you come upon a puddle and ask yourself where the water in the puddle came from. From a cloud, you would sa
  22. Interesting, though. Imagine for a second that there was indeed a way to prove it. And it is finally proven that we merely exist in a machine. What would the repercussions of it be? Would all the fundamental Moslems, Christians, Jews, Seventh Day Adventists, Episcopalians, Reformists, Scientologists, Bhuddists, Shintoists, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and every member of every other religion/cult on this (simulated) blue ball all drop their mantras and all of a sudden unite in singing "Don't Switch Off The Machine"? I wonder if it could be proven as a matter of fact that everything on Earth i
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