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  1. I thought the main problem with the gyre island was that it was growing faster than it could be collected. Have they taken care of that problem, or is it just that people are thinking about what to do with all the stuff once they have? Thanks. --lemit
  2. Welcome! Feel free to participate as often as you want. What kinds of things are you interested in? --lemit
  3. lemit


    Hiiii back! Welcome! What attracted you to this site? --lemit
  4. If I remember this documentary (WGBH American Experience . The Polio Crusade | PBS) correctly, the development of the Salk vaccine was pushed forward in spite of concerns about its safety. We all became subjects in a national experiment. I remember the palpable sense of hope when Salk's vaccine was announced. Finally we could have our summers back. When I was four years old, in September, 1950--the worst year of the polio epidemic--I fell off a horse I was riding on my aunt and uncle's farm just northwest of Des Moines, Iowa, breaking my arm just above the elbow. I was taken to Iowa Luth
  5. Unfortunately, poliomyelitis is still a threat to world health. The Wikipedia page on it explains that it is an easily transmitted enterovirus, and around 90% of those infected are asymptomatic. In other words, as was the case with me, babies could be put together to play and slobber on each other with no realization until much later that something had gone wrong. The disease is still active in unstable parts of the world. If we do not continue to immunize as if it were everywhere in the world, it will be everywhere in the world soon enough. Another problem, as I've mentioned here befor
  6. Thanks. I forgot to mention Dr. Richard Bruno(Richard Louis Bruno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). It seems that everything he has written is perfectly on-target and extremely useful. I printed a couple of his articles and gave them to my doctor, who was very grateful, and who immediately started using them in planning treatment strategies. I think that says a lot. My goal in this thread is to educate both myself and other people. All of you who can't read my mind, please feel free to provide references. Those of you who can read my mind already knew about Dr. Bruno (and oher thing
  7. I'm re-opening this thread because I need input. I need heart surgery, mitral valve repair for a torn chordae tendinae (Chordae tendineae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The surgery (and surgeon) are described at: Heart Valve or Port Valve Surgery and Boulder Community Hospital. However, the surgeon shown there wants to do a sternotomy (Median sternotomy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) on me, saying the Port Access surgery will compromise my lungs more than a sternotomy will. Lungs are a problem for those of us with post-polio. For that reason, my physical therapist and postpo
  8. Bingo! At least I got the first four letters right. But why discuss a discomfort with language when you can just demonstrate it? Welcome to the social sciences. You'll probably have to wend your way through the murky swamp of the humanities to the realm of the nonverbal before you understand what I'm trying to explain. Be sure to take lots of string. --lemit
  9. I hadn't noticed this thread before. Thank you for putting it here. People discount the intelligence of both non-humans and their fellow humans seemingly because we are only interested in the measurement of intelligence, not in its acquisition and application. My cat has been teaching me how to hunt. I'm not a very good pupil and get bitten very often. She, however, is a very good pupil. I show her videos of lions hunting. She purrs all the way through them and immediately puts into practice the lessons she learns. (This causes problems because after she pushes over a squirrel in the
  10. To reinforce what Buffy's saying, the worst crash in aviation history, the KLM-Pan Am crash on the ground at Tenerife, was caused apparently by KLM's senior, most decorated pilot wanting to get out of the air before a limit of continuous time on duty would have forced him to stay overnight. 583 people died because a very safety-conscious pilot simply wanted to go home. People do stupid things. People say stupid things. The BP people I've seen testifying both in Congress and in the joint Coast Guard-MMS hearings have been saying a lot of stupid things. They may not be guilty, but they're
  11. Sorry. I see a lot of consistency in the animation that's supposed to be inconsistent and inconsistency in the animation that's supposed to be consistent. Of course, I only looked at the flag and the astronaut. Was I supposed to look at something else? I'm not very good at following misdirection. --lemit p.s. I think looking at that animation has worsened my heart condition.
  12. I think that, as in a marriage that fails after a number of years, philosophy and the sciences have drifted apart in the last few centuries. I have chosen the philosophy (maternal?) side of the family. You suggest you believe your construct is most likely philosophy. I have a question for which I have no preconceived answer: which branch of philosophy do you think your construct best fits? Thanks. --lemit
  13. I just looked at the introduction to your rich evidence and found inconsistencies in the placement of rocks on the lunar surface. You claim these are identical photos in which the only difference is the one you intend to show. In other words, your photographic evidence is fake. Next time try photoshopping. Any other "proofs?" --lemit
  14. In Voodoo histories: the role of the conspiracy theory in shaping modern history, David Aaronovitch describes a conspiracy theory as "the unnecessary assumption of conspiracy where other explanations are more probable. It is, for example, far more likely that men did actually land on the moon in 1969 than that thousands of people were enlisted to fabricate a deception that they did." Is Apollo 11 the problem? Do the moon landings of Apollo 12 in 1969 through Apollo 17 in 1972 (the one I wrote up) seem real? If all of them were fake, then all the additional data, all those pictures and vi
  15. I have a confession. I was part of the conspiracy in the press coverage of the Apollo Program. I transcribed and edited telephone dispatches from reporters claiming they were covering the Apollo program. I heard editors to whom I handed those dispatches bitching about the cost of having so many reporters and photographers a couple thousand miles away in Florida. I watched televised moon landings in the newsroom with my co-conspirators. We didn't breathe a word about our conspiracy even to each other. In fact, I have never said anything to anyone about my complicity in that conspiracy.
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