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  1. chill here at hypography more often, ask questions and look for answers, go to khanacademy.org learn to play foosball just my ideas :)
  2. http://earthsky.org/space/close-pass-and-possible-asteroid-eclipse-tonight-of-2012-xe54 this one in the morning
  3. i saw i show in the science channel that estimated the amount of water there, if melted would form oceans in similar propotion to here on earth also, if its the lack of magnetic field that allows the atmoshere to escape, vs lack of gravity or just not released from the current ice and other materials that the gasses would be soluble in, then since we just found out the intensity of the magnetic field of the sun is much stronget than we thought, which, imho, means there are higher tier elements that can have a magnetic field much stronger than previously thought, we should be able to
  4. i saw the release date 2013, i went to go watch the one about the moon, it was alright, i guess its difficult to keep realism and make it exciting enough to watch ( good reviews? ) but the suspense was cool interesting
  5. http://www.space.com/18519-mars-caves-lava-tubes-photos.html potential area to explore
  6. i think the original problem could have been visually represented different, i thought the same thing as sanctus the original representation of (a) i should say
  7. http://www.universetoday.com/98439/enticing-trailer-for-new-movie-about-a-mission-to-europa/ interesting, i'll probably go to watch this
  8. and therefore, where does the magnetism come from, the SM phisics of star processes doesn't work to define this where higher tier elements potential do magnetic fields on the order of billions of miles
  9. kr/m - s + 1/2 = t 20k/m = s + t -1/2 20k=m( s+t-1/2) k= m(s+t-1/2) ...... ---------- ..........20
  10. you gotta speak to an animals using energy mainly , in my opinion people say a dog senses fear because of a scent that you make when you are scared but they sense it from all animals, therefore, the scence the energy, while you could say that specfic chemical compositions are interpreted by the dog's highly developed sense of smell, i would say that it is not only the complex chemicals that we sweat when we have fear, but a sense of enegy that they are tuned to interprit as the right time to strike, probably through evolution, furthermore, i think that all beings sence the same thi
  11. mabe you 2 together could make a lowrider that transforms :D , drive it up to a convention, transform walk into your parking place, and transform back into a car, lots of programming needed, and engeneering, huge bolts, hydrolics, gyroscope, fly-by-wire , speaking of that, we need a transforming smiley :steering: anyway, welcome
  12. there has been so much going on, that nothing can top
  13. more like more usable light staying inside the greenhouse, think about the level of a verticle farm skyscraper the more light that gets used for photosynthesis the better, so maximizing the usable light is the goal, i was thinking like a 2way mirror, where light gets in, but doesn't get out but without the reflective nature of the mirror say for instance this buildig material in midday, would appear black, but inside, would be like midday outside, plus ( reflectivity of light ) or mabe there is a room that collects light for each floor, and the intensity that is best for each plant is
  14. i wonder, would it be worth it to add a similar anti-reflective coating to greenhouse windows, to keep more light in the greenhouse, ( the anti-reflective coating that is applied to solar pannels is what i'm thinking of)
  15. http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/A_Multi_Wavelength_View_of_Radio_Galaxy_Hercules_A_999.html interesting view of this galaxy, i wonder what video of this along with the x-ray data would reviel
  16. http://www.space-travel.com/reports/NASA_Voyager_1_Encounters_New_Region_in_Deep_Space_999.html another article
  17. Kenneth Julio Moilanen shared Nyeng Gyang's status. SaturdayThere is a sentiment, an inspiration, that I have resolutely determined to shun ABSOLUTELY, The feeling of “us against them,” The spirit that both drives/motivates and is at the core of the practice by humans of organizing themselves into one (national, tribal, ethnic, racial, religious, gender, ideological, socio-economic class or age) group or the other, of regarding themselves as superior to others (in one respect or the other) and of uniting and establishing themselves in antagonizing others! ------------------------------
  18. that is really cool , just shows the relativity of the megnetoshephere from planetary core, to star, down to a simple earth magnet, nice who would have imagined the lines go all the way to the outer realms of our solar system i guess its similar to the lines of our planet in that respect amazing B)
  19. http://www.space.com/18741-mars-rover-curiosity-discovery.html nice video here
  20. yeah, thats why i was trying to get people to work on making carbon fibre building materials from the exhaust gasses from a coal power plant, while in isreal, they are pumping the exhaust gasses into a algae fuel production facility, to improve the growth of the algae, i would still like to see the carbon fibre material production done, while co2 is at its lowest energy state, i would like to find a catalyst that would allow for breaking of the bond in a fashon that would be usable to make carbon fibre materials
  21. interesting article, from this article, it looks to me like the nuclei joined, but the conjunction was non-harmonious, so based on my model, it potentially decayed to the gamma ray source, the form of matter at the instant, would have been an atom that was not stable at stp, and the resulting energy was a bridge between matter and energy similar to the release of energy that defines detection of the nutrino
  22. craigd, whil;e that view point is the perception of western phylosophy, eastern phylosophy is a bit different, while i have my own point of view, i , according to the knowledge that i possess, assert that conciusness it the perception of the while being, interpreted by the brain, and the awareness that the individual has this can be along many lines, as all species have it, even your pet cat, makes decisions based on its life time of knowledge
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