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  1. You know, I've watched and loved so many cartoons, and my aunt used to own a comic book store (she sold it a couple of years ago), but even with all of that input, nothing beats sitting on the couch with my dad on Saturday mornings and watching old episodes of Johnny Quest. I think they aired on Boomerang even back then, too. That's definitely one of the best childhood memories I have. I also love Ren & Stimpy, if you couldn't tell from my avatar.
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    Naked Music

    This is an interesting topic, but, as stated above, music is very subjective in this regard. I personally believe that the human voice is not necessary to produce music that is fully satisfying. It may add depth or meaning to a piece that said piece wouldn't have had without it, but this depth can be achieved just as well with no vocalists present. Lyrics are a great, easy way to inject depth into a song, and also makes it easier for the majority of people to understand the tone of the piece as a whole. While it may be harder for an audience to catch onto this meaning without lyrics, it i
  3. Hello all, I am Nick, but I prefer to go by "Shrug" on many sites. I am currently a student at Cal Poly Pomona studying computer engineering. I have a great interest in the whole of science, philosophy, and politics, and was directed here by a friend who shares that interest. I look forward to intelligent conversation with you all.
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