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What are you listening to right now?


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Tonight, I plugged my ipod's output into my DJ mixer and started tweaking with the sounds.


Just a couple minutes ago, I was layering some crazy effects over Jaga Jazzist songs-






"Animal Chin"



Fun and stimulating.


Another day always harmonized with my soul.


Listening to my fans spin . .


Can't sleep without some kind of pinwheel twirling.


Can't sleep period.

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bob marley - no woman no cry


I get such an overwhelming emotion every time I hear him sing:


" 'Cause - 'cause - 'cause I remember when a we used to sit

In a government yard in Trenchtown,

Oba - obaserving the 'ypocrites - yeah! -

Mingle with the good people we meet, yeah!

Good friends we have, oh, good friends we have lost

Along the way, yeah!

In this great future, you can't forget your past;

So dry your tears, I seh. Yeah!"


His intent behind those verses melts the stone meditator.

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I'm listening to the sounds of farmlife entering my left ear. In the right, I'm listening to nothing at all. Except when I turn my head. Then I hear a tsunami rolling up and down my right ear in successive waves of what my doctor call 'mucus'. I call it snot. It's behind the eardrum, because of a blocked throat-ear passage (damned if I know the medical name). I'm gulping like a goldfish to clear it every few minutes, but it's a lost cause. And its been going on now for damn near three weeks. :)

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I recommend the albums "Millions now living will never die" and "TnT".

I haven't even listened to their last two albums yet so I'm off to listen to snippets of those now (though I wasn't impressed with their 2001 release as it seemed they were headed in a different direction).

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