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What are you listening to right now?


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At this moment I am listening to Dreamboat Annie by Heart. I have been in love with Ann Wilson's voice for about 35 years. She seems to touch me in a place no one else even knows about. I have been a rock and roll fan since I first started listening to the radio and thought the artists were at the radio station singing and playing. I can remember wondering how all those people managed to be at the radio station at once! Soul music is also a big hit with me and southern rock. At the heart of it is simply a love of music, everything from classical, opera, jazz, even a little bit of country music. A world with out music would be a much more drab world. One of my strange favorites is Frog chorus's. Frogs are a very soothing sound to me. When I was a child I lived in the mountains of West Virginia, far from the city and any other people. The river was close by and at night I would listen to the frogs through my open window. I could hear the bull frogs and green frogs as they challenged each back and forth up and down the river. Accompanied by tree frogs and chirping toads it was like my own private concert every night in warm weather. Even now I often go to sleep while listening to a CD of Frogs singing, I think if I was stranded on a island I would have to take a CD of frogs if I couldn't have anything else.



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