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What are you listening to right now?


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<Buffy Edit>Orb had this note with some fantastic ideas about the nature of music and why pop music is so sucky, and I didn't want it to get lost so it got its 10647.


But he closed on topic with: </Buffy Edit>


p.s. I'm listening to my stomache growl which sounds like a futuristic and organic alien door on a spaceship opening for unfathomable sentients because I've been listening to psytrance all day.

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All this Pop, though . .


4/4 with an intro, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, (Insert either verse, outro, or verse, outro, Here OK)


The same pattern I've heard a billion times. It rarely differs from that structure.


Then, arrange some cute keys that are known to work well together.


Pick your synths, and go.


Bang out something new to chew for all of you.


I agree with ya there man thats why im 'trying' to get something different out there, for me its like creating perfect math formula while i sequence my stuff, i love it! Although the real talent is being able to play live with several people and working as a whole while improv.


And there is the classical which is truely amazing like Chopin and Mozart those guys dedicated their whole lives to the persuit in creating masterpieces, people dont have that sort of inspiration and serenity these days to replicate this sort of talent.

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all you say you listen to is contemporary pop music


What utter bullshit you are throwing around. First of all, people can listen to whatever they want, and second, this topic is posted in our "off-topic" section and is about what people listen to "now" - ie, when they post.


Get off your high horse and go do something useful.

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I'm listening to my boss yap in the background and there is also the sound of me getting my coat off my chair as I prepare to leave work! YIPPEE!!


Have a good one, freezy.


Btw, thanks Tormod (you nasty man you :wave2:)


Baby, hit me one more time. :rolleyes: :)

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