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What are you listening to right now?


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The emptiness in my mind.


You guys know the ringing in your ears?


Go somewhere silent and focus on the ring in your RIGHT ear. (Not Left!)


You can actually move this ringing to the very top of your head (which is really strange)

and imagine a beam of white light connecting you to the stars, flowing inthru your head thru your brain down your brainstem alll the way down thru your spine.


This visualization is like a key.


Some people can't even see the door, though, so, give it a shot, if you want to. (Experimental meditation):lol:


If not, I'm listening to Bob Dylan ramble about Ramona. You?

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Last night, I played Santana Abraxis. The vinyl album I bought back in grad school. On my new turntable. Ahhhh... Black Magic Woman :lol:


got a black magic woman . .


YEAH she's a black magic woman, stop messin' 'round with your tricks...


I NEED YOU SO BAD!!!! Magic woman O I forgot the rest of the lyrics.


I just love when Santana busts out with insane latin percussion, and he's got his spanish boys in the background repeating mantras, and he's just TEARING UP SPACE


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