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  1. Do you use these noise modifiers at home or at work? Some people love them and swear by their effectiveness and others seem actually irritated by them. My partner just gets aggravated when he hears white noise and yet it puts me to sleep. Does anyone have a good background in this to explain why they seems to have such different effects on people?
  2. So you don't think that something is worth concern until it happens? At the point something happens is a bit late to start thinking about the possibility of it occurring, no? ;) I think that so many techie things in our world have the capacity to be used for "good" or "evil" as it were. This is just one of the things on the list.
  3. Agreed. It seems pretty clear that "adult" by definition is what each state/country defines as not being the age of minority anymore. 16 or 18 or what have you. And the definition of maturity seems like it would be a rather subjective issue, no? I also believe that maturity would be predefined by the culture you live in, whether it is the ability to live independently, make "good" choices, or if you are able to be a good hunter and provide for a family (which takes place at much different ages around the world).
  4. The diversity here is great!! I speak English, Spanish, Dutch and Serbian/Croatian. English and Spanish are my mother tongues (what sanctus said...) and I am thinking to pick up Italian or Portuguese and maybe Russian. I have been an ESL teacher for many years and find languages and how they work to be fascinating.
  5. Great comparison! When you speak more than one language, it seems that the thoughts just form on their own and find the words after. I wonder if it is the same for people who only speak one language? Maybe a stupid question...but it must be the same...
  6. Doesn't this imply self awareness? I don't believe there is currently any Artificial Intelligence that is self aware. I think, therefore I am and all that jazz. Back to the original question, do you think in a way that only you would understand? For example, not using words found in your spoken language?
  7. Elisa


    Thanks everyone for the input. I hadn't thought about facial recognition as a function, but it makes complete sense. I had been thinking of purely bodily and survival functions, but the point about expressing emotion is also a good one.
  8. Elisa


    Okay, so there are many parts of the human body that we can understand their purpose evolutionarily. But I have what might be a silly question...what evolutionary purpose do eyebrows serve?
  9. The visualization aspect of this is one that I find super interesting because while it seems pretty hocus-pocus, even the military and sports teams are using in depth visualization training. The same parts of the brain are stimulated when we visualize as when we perform the action, so how can this not affect our daily lives?
  10. Wow, it would be such a helpful thing. I actually do not know a lot about bio-printing and what is or is not available. I imagine those advances are quite a few years off to happen though. Interesting, makes me want to go and see where we currently are with that.
  11. Ahhh yes. I have had the same experience. Although there is Skype and the telephone (as a last resort), it just doesn't seem the same as sitting with someone, glass of wine in hand, talking about the meaning of life now does it? One of my closest friends is on the other side of the planet and we do the Skype thing and it's "almost" like the real thing, but not quite.
  12. It seems as though the experience of my son who is just out of high school now was severely different than mine when I was in school. It seems as though back in "the day" ( :eek: ) as though the teachers wanted to be teachers and did have the patience required to do the job. I'm not saying that all the teachers now just do it as a job, but I know quite a few teachers currently who are teaching because it seemed like a decent career choice, not because they love the work (or the children) or are passionate about education.
  13. Does anyone think this is odd? A newly found water mite was just named after Jennifer Lopez and after some reading I have realized this isn't the first time. Bob Marley, Mick Jagger and Bono all have creatures named after them. What's up with that?
  14. I tend to go against superstitions. I had a solid black cat for years and the full moon and Friday the 13th has always been lucky for me. I don't walk under ladders for the logical reason that there would be work going on above, dripping paint or falling objects, etc. I believe in many of the "good"superstitious omens, but not the bad. Is there a name for that?
  15. As a living language, it will grow and likely go off in some directions that purists may feel it shouldn't. I too struggle sometimes with slang words being included in the "official" dictionaries. But I sure don't envy the job of the dictionary editors, having to try and judge which words will stick around (have or add value) and which ones won't.
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