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  1. The governent needs to re-institute reasonable price controls and protection on the countries industries, which, by the standards of Sub-Saharan Africa are quite diverse because of sanctions in the 1970's. The mining industry should also be able to rebound being as there are a fair number of metallic and non-metallic ores. The ludicrous inflation figures could also be brought down quite significantly if the black market exchange could be stopped. As for the food problems, one thing that would temporarily help whilst the land reform damage is undone, would be for the UNWFP to reintroduce s
  2. I don't think I need to say anything - Boerseun is simply showing his inability to read again. . and... At least my grammar is accurate. Besides, I've always liked drama. :cup: As for believing that slavery is better than extreme poverty, I'll allow you the opportunity to reconsider your words. Doubtless, you will choose to repeat the asinine belief that slavery is better than poverty. Go for it. Oh - and something which interests me more. Something which I have heard far worse things about from Red Cross and Amnesty International workers. I'll give you a little hint. Genocid
  3. Anwser-yes. I might not live next door to Zimbabwe like you do, but I know a group of people of Zimbabwean origin who are in regular contact with the country. They work as part of an aid organisation there. Take a look at Amnesty international and their work abroad...Tell me...as far as dictatorships go, is Zimbabwe that bad? You seem to think it can't get any worse. Bull**it. Do they have slave labour camps in Zimbabwe as they do in North Korea? Take off your rose tinted glasses, mate. Oh, and thanks for your neg rep in return.
  4. and... You asked what our impressions were of this issue and I am giving them to you right now. Got it? Tone it down, mate. A few days ago a journalist I knew returned from Zimbabwe and said pretty much everything that has already been said about Zimbabwe in all the threads.... P.S. Does anyone know if the government is making any progress in reducing oil shortages?
  5. Michaelangelica....what does "Bump" mean in this context....you've got me confused....
  6. I use Internet explorer.... Also, when you click on a subscribed thread, it'd be great if one was taken to the place of one's last post, rather than several pages away...:eek: ;) Furthermore, when you send pm's, it's possible on some forums to edit them before the recipient has opened them...especially useful for someone like me who says something a bit careless and then wishes they hadn't...:cheer: Could that be made as an improvement? Thanks...:)
  7. One thing we DESPERATELY need is for this site to be quicker....it take me about 20 seconds to get this reply box when i click on "new repky" and otherthreads can take literlly minutes to load up....computerkick:
  8. Can I just say that the author's to that article, the supposed "myth-buster", have missed several absolutely crucial points. They point tot examples o certain ethnic groups who consume large quantites of animal fats in their diets, such as the Yemeni Jews, the Masai, the inhabitants of Crete, the Eskimos and people of northern India etc. The Masai have large quantities of Saponins in their diet, which bind to Cholestorol and prevent it from being absorbed in the blood. The Japanese and Chinese mentioned in the article have high levels of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, (also called Jiaogulan)
  9. Erm....I meant the bit I posted about Interesterified fats...:xparty: I'm only joking, mate...:) :D (but you do make this all sound ever so mystical:D ;) ) :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:
  10. You make this all sound so ridiculously vague! I have no idea what you're asking or what you want to know. We've already established that Trans fats, Interesterified fats, and Saturated fats are bad, whereas as Mono-Unsaturates/Polyunsaturates are good, so what do you want to know?:P I'll assume that you want to know specifically what proportions of your diet each fat should contribute. :) Saturated fats should not take up more than 10% of total calories. For someone of your age, Jay, consuming around 4000 calories per day (ideally), that would equate to 44 grams of saturated fats. Can
  11. Oh yeah? Well I'll show you some real mosh! :( Nickelback (I love those guys, their my favorite band!) - "Because of You" Crazy Town- "Take it to the Bridge" (WE'LL TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE AND JUMP THE **** OFF!) :( :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. I have this brilliant idea, but I'm not sure that it will be allowed: can I take two photo's that I've taken and merge them together using imaging software to artificially create a scene showing severe pollution?:)
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