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  1. I appreciate all of the responses, everyone. I think I'm going to get in contact with the water operations division in my area to inquire about whether or not chlorine or chloramine is in my tap. Either way, I think I'm going to try my first batch with the water after sitting out for two days and see how that works out. Since I'm planning on making compost tea a lot this year, I may invest in a filter, like the ones you posted, Rade, if I feel it's necessary. Those things look really neat. I planted lots of tomatoes, some bell pepper, butternut squash and some potted basil. I've got some
  2. Hi all! I've just started planting seeds in our big backyard garden. I decided that this year, I'd like to brew some compost tea. I know tap water has enough chlorine to kill the beneficial microorganisms in my compost. I have been researching ways to neutralize the chlorine and it seems that the easiest and cheapest way is to simply let the water sit in the sun for an entire day or two. I've got a big bucket of tap water sitting in the sun today, but I've continued researching and found that a lot of areas now use chloramine instead of chlorine, which is supposed to be a much more stable c
  3. Ableton live, Yerba Mate or a sugary drink, a ton of VST plugins, a few solid hours to just tinker with sound design until I get some sounds that I like. Then, I usually hammer away on my midi keyboard for another couple hours if I'm still feeling inspired enough. I've spent so much time over the past couple of years focusing on sound design. I've been trying, lately, to catch up with my song writing workflow. It's a little sad to think about, but I hardly ever pick up my guitar anymore. I hope to someday get back to it and combine what I now know about electronic music production with live in
  4. I've been lacerated and fed by your sharp piercing eyes edge. Now let me bleed out. Let the sun come out.
  5. Hey, wait a minute... :hyper: :):hihi:
  6. Intrument polish was a no go, and rubbing alcohol didn't do it either. which is when I decided to cover up the ugly sharpie with a solid black layer of prisma color marker ink all over the body of my guitar. upon applying a bit of prisma color ink over one of the sharpie marks, I decided it was a bad idea, and quickly rubbed off the fresh ink with a wet washcloth, only to be astonished by the fact that the ink I had just applied to the guitar seemed to break down the old dry sharpie marks, making it easier to rub off. but even then, there was still a bunch of half broken down sharpie and
  7. I'm actually using citric acid to clean some ink off of my classical guitar. (after some experimentation, I found that citric acid in combination with prisma color markers are really good for getting rid of sharpie stains) But it's rather tedious to sit there and rub orange peels all over the back of my guitar.
  8. ello, ello. hypographers! long time no see. (how's it goin'?) anyways, I've come with a question. Is there any sort of easy do-it-yourself way of extracting cirtric acid from an orange? Someone told me to just sqeeze the orange, but that would give me orange juice. :confused: And I'm looking for a more acidic substance, like the tiny amount of bitter juice that you can squeeze out of an orange peel if you squeeze reeeally really hard. anyone got any ideas?
  9. I see an indifferent alienoid with it's dead fetus sibling attatched to it's side. struttin' cool.
  10. I'm currently working on another acrylic painting. Got some black and white sketches in progress as well. I might post some more pictures soon. But first, how do I create thumbnails using this forum?
  11. Never seen a turtle so quick...
  12. are you downloading torrents with good health? I'm on a pc and I usually don't get more than 15-20 kb/s per torrent. I find that torrents tend to fluctuate a lot. It'll be downloading at 1 kb/s for a while, then it'll go up to 20 kb/s for a half an hour or so before dying back down. And then those are those rare moments where my download speed skyrockets to 100-200 kb/s. It all depends on the peers that you connect to. sometimes there are no peers, sometimes there are many peers with limited to no connectivity. Also, if you have a router, you need to forward the ports that you want t
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