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  1. I think it would be best to define love before ANYTHING else is discussed. So. What exactly is love? Any answers? I'd like to hear from someone else first.
  2. I still say you are reading far too much into this. And the statement I requested to be changed was that love is an instinct. I cannot agree. The desire for love may be an instinct, but that is not ACTUALLY love. Take for example my situation. I love grapes. I could eat them all day long. But the fact of the matter is that I derive pleasure from eating grapes in some way. Therefore the love of grapes is a learned behaviour. Correct? However that does not take into account human relations. That is something else entirely. Now I just so happen to be in love with a very wonderful girl.
  3. I would actually have to disagree on this point. I think you are mixing up two different emotions. Filial Respect seems to be more prominent than love. Take for example my situation. I hate my mother. With a fiery passion. Perhaps my case is slightly dysfunctional? However, I would think not given the sheer animosity that my friends and I display for our parents. In an earlier age we all had respect for our parents, but love? Nay, I think not. Even now my respect is waning for my parents. Maybe I am being cynical but I don't believe true love exists between parent and child. Rather I b
  4. It looks ridiculous. I'll stick with my Nano.
  5. The project is a High School Engineering Tech. Class project. We are trying to design a super-efficient one person car. I encountered the term Micro-Riblet Film after I found out 3M was testing such a product. And I could've sworn the article mentioned passive Aerodynamics through grooves. Ah well. In any case the tiny suction holes is not a bad idea considering active may be more effective than passive. And I've never heard of those shark suits. I'll have to look into that. ...and TBG, do you know where I could aquire such a material as the boat laminates? :hihi:
  6. I just wish there was more information available on this subject. Unlike almost everything else I discover (in life) this topic seems relatively new. Which is surprising because I'm one of those people that is always behind the times.:note: So far I think I can break this down into 4 search queries: 1. Laminar/Turbulent Flow 2. Micro-Riblets 3. Aerodynamic "gloves" 4. Fluid Flow Control All 4 of which I have googled, dogpiled, allthewebbed, askjeevesed, and Hypographyed and found Diddly/Squat. I found one article and I'm going to contact the Military Division that ran this project and
  7. Vulnerable - Secondhand Serenade (GREAT SONG) and Before I forget - Slipknot (ANOTHER GREAT SONG)
  8. Wait so you made longitudinal riblets? Because The theory supports latitudinal riblets. Although I'll bet the reason longitudinal worked on your car was because It straightened airflow which meant you car would go straight down with less wobble (hence u went faster didnt ya:D?) Idk. I contacted the company that produced MRF but they are still in a research/developmental stage with it. So I can't acquire any from them... that and "We don't sponsor schools that are not in our area." :hyper: It's 3M for god's sake... They should be in every freaking area of the U.S. But yeah. I'm thinkin
  9. I looked at Reynolds number and it said that turbulent flow occurs at a higher number which means (according to the formula) the faster you go the less effect it has. B) I need to figure out that equation because it gave me some VERY important numbers, namely 2100- is laminar which is what I want... and 2300+ is turbulent which im trying to avoid. Now when u said parallel grooves do u mean like this?: front ____ ____ ____ back or like this: front | | | | | | | | | back basically did your lines run front to back or side to side? Because I believe how these grooves work is they create
  10. Hey guys it's been a while since I've last posted here. I was wondering If anyone has heard of Micro-riblet film or its applications? I was doing research for my High School Engineering Class and I came upon this idea while searching for a way to make our project more aerodynamically efficient. The idea is that a slightly grooved surface creates a smoother airflow than a flat surface. I have heard of V-grooves and U-grooves and bar grooves... It's slightly sparse. The information on the Internet is limited and I can't find much. Groovy, IMAMONKEY!
  11. one tiny problem there... my.. disk drive is broken... :D my god im beggining to think the thing is a lost cause.. How do I change my FQDN? no one has mentioned that.. it said if I shorten my FQDN It will start working again... :shrug:
  12. ok. that didnt work. most recent config and safe mode, neither one worked... I just need to know how to change my FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)... whatever that is. ;) I still need a lil help.. anyone on here a techie? :lol:
  13. I am going to give you as much information as I can, but I dont know anything about this problem so... i came here. I turned on my laptop recently and than later hit Shut down. while it did this It was also downloading Windows updates. I left to go to swim practice and came back to find the entire thing unresponsive and jsut blank. I turned it off manually (held in the power button) and then turned it back on... that is where my troubles began... It started up normally.. Windows XP logo and everything... then a blue screen came up saying: Error c000021a {Fatal System Error} and it froz
  14. I feel a rant coming on... :D You are right in that it is about oil... but I think it's useless. We're not going to get any of it. I'm reading a book right now and so I would like to use it as a source in my rant. This is the VERY FIRST TIME I have ever used a source for a post on Hypography! :eek2: The book was published in 1945, although I believe was written near the end of World War II by Leslie D. Weatherhead (funny name :hihi:) The ends justify the means. Saddam was killed because he was our enemy and created new enemies. To show good will to the majority and "love" our enem
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