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Why do we cry? What is the function of crying?


I cry when I'm sad or very angry. I also sometimes cry with laughter. I especially cry when I'm upset at something unfair. What makes you cry?


And how do you stop crying? I've been crying monster tears for over an hour now, and I can't seem to stop. I got upset at my boss for reprimanding me unfairly, and I started crying - these huge heaves and sobs you just can't control. (I felt like such an idiot.) Anyway, drinking water seems to take away the tears for a while, but I still feel them simmering just below the surface, ready to break free.

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drinking water along with distracting myself from whatever is bothering me seemed to always be a good temporary solution.


My mom has always told me that sometimes you just need to cry. It's probably not healthy to not cry.


if you're having trouble cheering up.... maybe a nice book will help you get your mind off of things? Of maybe it would help to pick up a pen and a piece of paper and just draw or write.


I like to write angry letters when I'm sad/mad. I usually don't send them or let anyone read them.... once it's all out there in front of me... organized and ready to go.... I no longer feel angry enough to actually give the letter to anyone.


however you will, cheer up, ok?

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Thanks Drip Curl Magic! Thanks Racoon! Now your kindness has made me cry again... but at least this is a happier sort of crying!


I'm drinking some herbal tea, which also seems to help. And Hypography is the best distraction. I think I might just write that angry letter now...


I wonder if different parts of the brain control different types of crying. ;)

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I believe that most people cry due to some sort of stressor... not necessarily bad stess though. You also cry when you laugh... which I end up doing a lot :thumbs_up

Anyway, one explanation for "tears" is that when your body is under stressful/emotional conditions, excess sodium ions in your body can lead to more stress/strain on your body. By crying, your body starts to get rid of some of its extra sodium... thus making you feel better.

That's just one explanation, but I'm sure there are many more reasons... most likely ones that we have yet to discover.

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After I posted my last entry, I decided to see what wikipedia had to say.:thumbs_up

Here is is:

Types of tears


There are three basic types of tears:


1. Basal tears: In healthy mammalian eyes, the cornea is continually kept wet and nourished by basal tears. They lubricate the eye and help to keep it clear of dust. Tear fluid contains water, mucin, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, immunoglobulins, glucose, urea, sodium, and potassium. Some of the substances in lacrimal fluid fight against bacterial infection as a part of the immune system.

2. Reflex tears: The second type of tears results from irritation to the eye by foreign particles, or substances such as onion vapors or tear gas or pepper spray. These reflex tears attempt to wash out irritants that may have gotten into the eye.

3. Crying or weeping: The third category, also referred to as crying or weeping, is increased lacrimation due to strong emotional stress or pain. This practice is not restricted to negative emotions; many people have been known to cry when extremely happy. In humans, emotional tears can be accompanied by reddening of the face and sobbing — cough-like, convulsive breathing, sometimes involving spasms of the whole upper body. Tears brought about by emotions have a different chemical make up than those for lubrication.


Note that emotional tears "have a different chemical make up than those for lubrication."



Gotta love Wikipedia.

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Today I have a "crying hangover". You know the feeling - when you should have had a decent bawl with snot and tears all over the place, but you supressed it. And now I'm stuck with a dull headache that reminds me of having sinusitis. Which isn't surprising, because there are probably still loads off fluids that want to come out! I just should have made an absolute scene yesterday, kicking and screaming and crying, and I probably would have felt much better today.

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Well, sometimes crying makes one feel a lot better.


Next time you feel like crying, hold back the tears as long a possible telling yourself 'I wont cry!'. Then after about 15 mins, let all the crying burst out.


You'll feel a lot better!


This is living proof of how crying is a mechanism of stress reduction.

Also, crying is the most complete form of human expression of serious negativeness. Maybe that has implications in the evolutionary origin of crying...


PS: Yeah even I know it's difficult to remember in an emotional moment.

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Next time you feel like crying, hold back the tears as long a possible telling yourself 'I
cry!'. Then after about 15 mins, let all the crying burst out.


You'll feel a lot better!

I wouldn't suggest this. If you push back an authentic response, your body will generate stress hormone and also you will likely suffer from more neuroses. You wanna cry? Do it when you feel it. You wanna get sick and die young? Hold back your emotions and be inauthentic with what you are feeling.

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My Grandma just died....


Its all I'm doing... :hihi: :)


I hope theres a God, and that she's in heaven



Dearest Racoon, I'm so sorry about your loss. I was away for a few days, so I didn't read your post until now.


I hope the crying helped to alleviate your grief in the short term. As for the long term, you'll always have the wonderful memories of your gran, and the support of your friends here at Hypo. :confused:

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Crying is a part of our emotions and that is necessary.. as after crying we feel better than before.. This is really bad to be in situation like crying but as it comes we can't control and the thing is that.. Women are more emotional than men.. they cry but men..they dont show their emotions and keep their eyes dry.. but they feel that shock in the heart and hence the number of male heart patients are more than women...


I dont know that this is real or not.. but i have heard this from my friend..

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